And the South Side Idol winner is ...

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Bogan High School student Jeremy "Jovan" Bavginear with his six backup dancers, Infinite.
They took home the $100 prize. (92 bucks after teh $8 entry fee.
That's $13.14 each.

Congrats Jovan.

Gospel singer Sheila Tate came in second, and crooner Freddy Atkins took third place.

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Loved your article this morning. Loved your "Simon Cowell look-a-like picture" even more! They should invite you to judge the next event. I think that would be right up your alley!!! Keep up the good work!

Hi Mark, your column was hilarious. The Dean Martin songs that I performed were three times older than the contest winner. Thanks for saying that I was funny, (I happen to be a comedian), and that I'm not ugly, (thanks to my parents), You can't beat fun on the South Side. Keep up the good work, Freddy Atkins, some Dean Martin song. P.S. By the way, I hung out at A local bar after the contest, and I didn't get beat up, say pallie, they even bought me a drink!

I agree with your article about the judges not telling it like it is. I thought that kid who sang after intermission was better than all of them - they should have let him compete.

Yo Dawg! That's hot yo! My dawg Simon is workin it for the Suntimes, Man that's tight!!!

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