What are you up against?

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Got a neighborhood beef?

We all know that sometimes living in Chicago is a contact sport.

And when you're getting pushed around there's nothing wrong with shoving back.

If there's an issue in your neighborhood that needs more attentiondrop me a note.

I want to know.

Or tell me the touching story about the lady next door. I want to know about that, as well.

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There are a couple dog owners in my Hyde Park neighborhood who don't curb their dogs in front of my condo. People, including fellow condo owners, step in the doo-doo and then track it all up and down the sidewalk. Calls to the 4th Ward Streets & San office have been made, but nothing has happened. Our building has even requested the City post "Curb Your Pet" signs on the street, which would allow Chicago Police to ticket any pet owners who are breaking the rule. Granted, CPD has other more important duties than patrolling the sidewalks for dog poop. However, the sad thing is, this isn't an isolated incident in Hyde Park as many sidewalks and parkways suffer from fecal land mines. The other problem is, we all know rats love to eat dog poop, so Hyde Park is never going to mitigate its rat problem if we keep allowing pets to poop all over the sidewalks and public walkways.

Although I don't live in Hyde park, and actually pick up after my dog, I continue to advocate for dog parks in the Hyde Park/Kenwood area. There are simply too many dogs running around, leaving presents. People will take their dogs to a dog park, and will be forced to pick up after the dog when inside the dog park, as the fines are steeper and there are many other dog owners around.
I have been asking the park district for quite some time if they have any plans for a dog park in this area, but have yet to hear back. The north side has 10, to the south sides' 0. There is one on 14th and Wabash, but that is not exactly south side either.

Constant seismic thundering from kickerboxes, ceaseless horn beeping in front of nearby apartment buildings instead of ringing the doorbell or calling via cell, trash, trash, everywhere, trash.

--Logan Square

I have a few gripes and it is better to vent here!!

Who invented bar-b-quing in the front of their house, you know people who do this on the front porch or the sidewalk? Who bright A$$ idea was this? Understand knuckleheads, when having a backyard this would be one LOVELY time to use it!!! (I have seen people do this on frame houses with a wooden porch -- talk about 911!!)

Why in the hell is it so hard to use the garbage cans to dispose of trash whether it be on the corner, in the alley, or a nearby restaurant (all fast food resturants will not get angry if you dump YOUR TRASH in the receptacle out back of the place?...*sheesh**... The damn curb and side walk is not where you throw out your filth!

Women regardless of your age, why do you, flirt, talk, giggle with some nutcase who has stop in the middle of the street and holding up traffic? Do you realize it seem as though someone is propositioning you? Make the clown get out of the car if you are going to give a man some rhythm.

Forget Hyde Park that Yuppie neighborhood, what about Steger Illinois. We have to put up w/ horse poop!!!! On numerous occasions when I was running I would accidently run through crap. There needs to be some law regarding this poop issue.

I don't poop on your porch so don't leave your horses poop on the street!!!!

"I don't poop on your porch so don't leave your horses poop on the street!!!!"

Do I smell a revenge scheme brewing?

People in Steger better be careful when walking out of their front doors!!!!

Put a diaper on your horse for pete's sake!!!!

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