Towed away: One guy's story

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Syed Hassan of Rogers Park called me to complain that his van was removed by a private towing company from a parking lot behind his place of business, Midwest Diagnostic Inc., for no reason. The towing company (who I won't name here because it's unclear if this was a mistake) has a contract to tow cars from the parking lot next door. But Hassan says they plucked his van from the wrong lot, and towed it to the South Side.
"They illegally took my car away, and they did it to my friends car too," Hassan says.

Hassan said he had to pay $150 to get his car back, and was told by police he could not file a report claiming his car was stolen by the towing company.
"There's nothing I can do, and no one can question the company," he said. "I know I am only one person, but maybe there are so many people that this happens too. And if I tell someone, maybe this problem gets uncovered."
So, tell us, has something like this ever happened to you?

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You mean to tell me it wasn't one of the good ole Lincoln Park Pirates this time? Do you know about them Mark?

Check out the link people: or Google Lincoln Park Pirates

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