The last of the TV fix-it guys

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Even in a disposable society, guys like Mitch Lewczuk stay in the TV fix-it business out of sheer will.

I don't know how these guys do it. When was the last time you even considered taking your TV in to get fixed?

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This article brought back fond childhood memories. We had a man like Mitch visit our house on occassion to fix our TV. I was always intrigued as I watched him take the back off the TV and see all the tubes and wires. He made it a game when he tested the tubes on this special gadget he had. I think it's sad that people like Mitch are a dying breed. People today don't have items "fixed" anymore because it's almost cheaper to buy a new one. That says alot about our "throw-away" world today! Ahhh for the simpler days!!!

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