Neighborhoods takes a day off

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Sorry I was out today. But tell me, did you miss the neighborhoods pages in the paper today?

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Yes, there have been some good stories about things and people that usually don't get their day in the sun and I'd like to see more of them.

Yes, where did it go??? I look forward to reading it!

I thought it was just me that I could not find your article. I look forward to reading them every week.

I look forward to reading others interesting views and facts about the city. Keep it coming Konke!

WTF? I was just about to call to get another copy of the paper, thinking they had left something out.

Where did it go?

Mark, it was different, therefore I liked it. Bring it back if for nothing more for people to read the perspectives of others.

Really like the Neighborhood pages and the quizzes! It is good to see something other than the "media hype" blather that is too, too commmon!

Hope it is not gone for good!

What gives? Has the Sun-Times editor already given up on exploring different neighborhoods? Sunnuva....

It's one of the more interesting and fun-to-read sections of the paper. It's a perfect Friday feature, and I missed not having the pleasure today.

The Neighborhood feature is interesting and fun. Don't be taking days off without leaving us something to read!

I always look forward to reading them on Fridays. So much better to read about Chicago Neighborhoods than that Paris Hilton girl! Seriously!

Hey what happened I got my paper on Friday and your column was not there. I enjoy reading about the neighborhoods. Some stories brought back so fond memories. Bring Mark Konkol Back. Yes our house missed his writing

I just wanted to say I missed the Friday column. I read the neighborhoods column religiously and it's great for a non-Chicagoan such as myself to learn a little about the city.

Missed your article today! Nancy

Missed your article on Friday - hope it doesn't happen again this week.

I always look forward into reading the articles. What happen???? Make sure its back on Friday!

What happened? I really missed reading it!

What happen to the Friday article? I missed reading it with my toast and jam breakfast! Please don't do that!!! You were absolutely missed!!

Hope this is not like TV where the good shows are discontinued and the junk remains. I hope this was just a "vacation day" and not permanent! Charlene

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