King of Kindness: Kevin Healy

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Kevin Healy says he's just a beer-drinking foreman who manhandles a jackhammer for Peoples Energy.

But folks who know the unassuming Irish guy from West Lawn describe him a different way. They call him a "saint." "An angel." "The greatest guy I've ever met."

Burn victims, cops with cancer, kids with horrible diseases, families struggling with monumental medical bills -- Healy has helped them all.

The guy has organized nearly 100 fund-raisers that have put millions of dollars into the pockets of families and charities who need it most.

Tell me about someone from your neighborhood who always seems to lend a hand to people in need?

Healy says: "People ask why I do it. Well, inspiration makes ordinary people like us do extraordinary things."

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I just wanted to thank you for doing a wonderful article on Kevin Healy. He is the king of kindness as well as an angel put on this earth to enrich and encourage others with his knowledge and his go get`m attitude as well as his generosity and kindness. What he did for our family can never be repayed. "Mission for Meghan" was a huge success in a large part because Kevin was the "Angel" guiding us. If anyone really wants to know what Kevin does or who he is go to one of his benefits at Bourbon Street. He is very unassuming and stays in the backround making sure everything is running smoothly. Check out The Bucks for Burn camp benefit on Sunday June 10th.
Mary Carroll

If anyone deserves koodoos and thank you its definitely Keven Healy. The man helps with any worth while cause and stays at it (tutoring along the way) to make sure it is a success. Most times Kevin dosn't even know the person or the family he is putting so many hours of his time in for. Most people thought there had to be a catch, somewhere along the way, people say, he must benefit somehow. The only way he benefits is the lifelong friends he makes and then moves on to the next worth while cause. There are not many people I know who when you mention their name, does the term "Angel" even come to mind but Kevin is about as close as an "ordinary guy" (as Kevin calls himself) can get. All of us that have been involved with Kevin in one way or another can truely consider ourselves blessed.
Jack Henry

Great story ... I"ll have to read your Neighborhoods more often! But back to the article .. thank you, in our society it is really great to point out people that make you glad to be a part of the human race. It is much more often that we are reading about someone who does not. If Kevin ever finds himself in need of a date ... or ever has time for a date, send him my email. (I'm not really serious about the dating) ... I'm recovering from my 4th battle from cancer so I know how people can find themselves in need of help. But truly if there is anything I can do to help him help others let him know I'd be glad to. Thanks again for a truly inspirational article.

Amy Royer :)

During the last twenty years we have developed interesting fund raising events
at Maple Leaf Park. I would like to offer them to Kevin Healy, without charge,
for his consideration. We admire all of his efforts and fully realize that
fund raising is not easy. My personal favorite is the Duck Race, numbered
plastic ducks floating down Big Indian Creek.
I also appreciate upbeat news articles. Thanks!
Marilyn Urso

Mr Konkol--
I am writing in reference to "The King of Kindness" article.

I am in the process of setting up a fundraiser for Caitlyn Churak. A 5 years Palatine girl diagnosed with pontine brain stem glioma. The family is participating in a experimental study throught Children's Memorial Hospital and they are still waiting to see what if any thing will be covered by insurance.

I am trying to get information and advice about organizing a benefit; and would appreciate it you have contact info for Mr Healy.

If you can't pass the info along; would you consider passing along my email.

Many Thanks,
Margaret Donahue

Hello Sir MY name is Andre Hunter and i read the story you wrote on Kevin Healy and it is touching and should inspire us all to want to do better and ALSO do for others in need. I MY self have a inspirational clothing line called IN DIVINE TIME and one of my missions on earth is to inspire people to live and do better for themselves. IN the times we live in we need a Kevin Healy.IF YOU HAPPEN to have MR.Healy contact Information please give him mine my web sit address is I ALSO will also be Doing Fundrasing in the future for cancer and kidney awareness my mother passed away in march of this year and i fill that is is my duty to help people who suffer from those Di ease's

Hi everyone,

I actually am in contact with Kevin on a daily basis and he has asked me to post this message on his behalf. Unfortunatley, he is a little old school and does not have an email address. :)

If you would like to contact Kevin please email me with your contact information and I will get the information to Kevin and he will contact you.

No one deserves the recognition more than Kevin - he has helped so many people for so many years and continues to do so tirelessly. He truly is an angel on earth and one of the best people I know. Thank you so much for writing this article. He is still as modest as ever and keeps saying "it's not a big deal - it's not about me - I'm just an ordinary guy". But, it's about time it is a little about him and his wonderful work.

For those of you looking to get in touch with him, you can email me at

Thank you,

MY name is Andre Hunter and i love the piece that was done on Kevin Healy it should inspire us all to live better lives I TOO have a inspirational clothing line designed for all people all races to do better for them sleves and live through whatever they are going through sickeness death of a love one ETC... WE NEED more stories like this GOD BLESS my PS I ACUTUALLY got in CONTACT with kevin my way of the Article so to you Mark Konkol my HAT IS off to you my man

Kevin now has a web site:

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