Hoods Quiz: June 1

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What is the oldest bar in Chicago?

Last week's winner was Carol Humble. She knew Cornell Drive was named after Paul Cornell (1822-1904), a real estate developer who is considered the founder of Hyde Park.

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I have to say that the oldest bar in chicago is '' SCHALLERS PUMP" located at 3714 S. Halsted st.,Chicago, Il. 773-376 6332

With the closing of the Berghoff, Schaller's Pump is now the oldest bar in Chicago. It has been in operation since the 1880s.

Schaller's Pump is the oldest bar.

Schaller's Pump

Schuba's Bar is the oldest Bar in Chicago

I thought the Bergoff was the first bar in cHICAGOR TO LEAGELY sell liquor

My father's saloon is the oldest bar in the city of Chicago. It opened in 1881 under the ownership of George "Harvey" Schaller and was subsequently operated by his son George "Pap" Schaller. In 1962, my father Jack Schaller became its owner and still owns it to this day.

John J. Schaller

The Berghoff is "still" the oldest bar in Chicago.
They still retain their liquor license.

Actually, I believe that kasey's on dearborn holds Chicago liquir license #2, although it has been through many owners since then.

It is Tuman's Lounge on West Chicago Ave in Ukranian Village. It was also known as the "Alcohol Treament Center" or the "Alcohol Abuse Center".

Shaller's Pump is the oldest bar currently operating in Chicago

I did more research, and according to my source, the first three taverns were: Caldwell's tavern (built by James Kinzie), the Miller House, and Mark Beaubien's tavern later known as the Sauganash Hotel in 1830.

In 1827 Chicago's retail liquor trade began. Samuel Miller and Archibald Clyborne established the Miller House.


Source: The Encyclopedia of Chicago.

Schallers Pump at 3714 So. Halsted is the oldest bar in Chicago. The Berghoff never was the oldest bar in Chicago, and the license number does not matter, that was not the question. Your own columnist Mark Brown can confirm this.

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