Graffiti in the hood

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The city says there will be170,000 graffiti incidents (including those acid etchings on store windows and cta bus shelters) in 2007, and Mayor Daley wants to crack down on the parents of vandals with fines as high as $3,000 for restitution.

The City Council police and fire committee put the brakes on the mayor's proposal. Some aldermen said the fines are just too steep a fine for poor families.

Tell that to mom-and-pop business owners who either have to shell out the cash to replace an entire picture window some punk ruined by using acid to carve his initials (or gang affiliations) in it, or they just live with the graffiti.

I guess we all do.

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I think it's a great idea. What punk kid is going to stop putting graffiti all over if he may or may not got caught for a $20 fine? Plus, I don't think the street urchins who paint grafiti really care if they get a $20 fine. They know there is no way the city can actually make them pay that fine, they have no permanent address, license, etc... If however, their parents or gaurdians get slapped with a $3,000 fine, it will wake for sure wake up some families to the scum they have raised.
Of course, getting them to pay that will never happen either. I'm sure just the opposite would occur when the family hires a lawyer and skins the city for millions in emotional damage and for taking away the freedom of expression of their scumbag kids.
But I do think it's a great idea.

Yeah, I have to say, I agree w/ the mayor on this one. The view of Vandalism as a victimless petty crime needs to change. The fact that my windows are ruined forever (acid ething), and will cost me $2000 to replace is evidence that stricter penalties are the only way to change behavior, especially when the city is forecasting a steep increase in defacement. If the alderman were the victims, maybe they'd think differently.....

Graffiti is only possible with spray paint. The manufacturers who sell paint in the inner city make a lot of money supplying the material. We should tax it heavily or restrict the sale e.g. in liquor stores to limit the accessabilty. A $2 can of spray paint can result in hundreds of dollars in damage.

Spray paint is banned in Chicago.

Ed Cameron, the city does not allow the sale of spray paint. It's the suburbs. You'll have a very difficult time convincing the suburban Mayors to impose taxes on the big businesses that sell the stuff.

I want to kill these little sh-ts who do it, by the way. I think the mayor is right. If mam and pap get slapped with a fine due to the fact that their son or daughter is out DESTROYING OTHER PEOPLE'S PROPERTY, they will finally take note of the fact that they need to keep their eye on the kiddies more. That's of course when they care. Maybe what should happen is we take the kids home to tag mom and dad's house, then charge them for the grafitti blasters to come out and remove their own kids markings?

The four taggers on my hitlist: Torment of Wicker Park and the East Village, Mr. Fingers, of the lower West Side, and the countless gangbangers lighting up the two buildings I own near Midway. I will get them one of these days. Little scumbags.

Just like anything else, short of martial law there will really be no effective way of stopping grafitti. Fining the parents/guardian assumes that those people actually exist or, if they do, that they actually give a crap. What it might lead to is more domestic violence because I know if my kid got caught tagging and I was fined $3K, I would beat that kid senseless! This is a noble effort by the City, but gangbangers and/or taggers will always find ways around the rules, which probably won't be highly enforced anyway. On the scale of important law enforcement matters and budgetary concerns, tagging probably isn't one of the highest. Of course, I don't know that for sure.

As one who regards gangbangers as vermin, I fully support holding parents responsible for their kids' actions, be it graffiti,theft, or any other illegal activity. Hit the parents where it hurts the most: the pocketbook!

This one of the few times I agree with Daley.
Would like to clear up a misuse of the word "gangbanger" in the Webster dictionary it is a
slang word for "rape, of one women by several men in rapid succession". These are gang members, who pay dues for membership to a illegal organzation; that for the most part do this graffiti. I also know and have reported people from well off families that do this sort of thing. I have talked to people who have seen 20/30 year old men do this act. They should make it a felon + fines for anyone over 16 years of age caught graffiting.

i believe u chicago'ians are very angry people

It should be legal to cut off these little sh*ts fingers!

These ghetto people need to be stopped!

Cut their fingers off? I live in Brooklyn, NYC and I there still is a lot of graffiti around here (much less when I finished high school back in '77) and the subways are finally clean and all but I think $3,000 is way too much a fine for a kid caught tagging once. What if this kid comes from a very poor family and was influenced into doing it once by his friends? Also I think that banning spray paint completely won't do much good. They should simply make an 18 law for it and require it be locked up. Adult graffiti writers can purchase spray paint online so I think it really only makes it inconvenient for people who actually need it. I would agree to a $500 fine for a first time offender and then have it double every time. Imprisoning graffiti writers isn't a good idea because it only fills jails up with people not doing very serious offenses.

keep tagin good job boys

how to write my name in graffite

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