Gay Pride parades through Chicago

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I've never attended the Gay Pride Parade, but that's only because leather and feathers, freaky flamboyance and guys in underwear walking the street really isn't my idea of a party.

But if you're going to the Pride Parade Sunday — at noon between Belmont and Broadway on Halsted in Boystown — I've included below what to expect from people who know these things.

If you have a Pride Parade story of your own — share it here.

The parade Grand Marshal is John Amaechi, a former NBA player who recently went public that he is gay.

And here's some tips from veteran Pride Parade-goers, posted on

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I think this is an abomination before GOD!! Homosexuals, lesbians, whoremongers, liars, and doers of iniquity shall not inherit the earth!!

I am sorry about the previous comment. I have typing tourette's and I actually love Homosexuals, lesbians, whoremongers, liars, and doers of iniquity & they shall inherit the earth!!
If it's good enough for Ted Haggard it's good enough for me.

Charrie: According to Leviticus (the bible) those who eat of beasts with "cloven hoof" (pigs) are also an abomination. So think of that the next time you have your bacon or eat your Easter Ham :)

Charrie: I think that your way of thinking will actually send you straight to hell. Your kind of discriminating behaivor is what is wrong with our country.

I find the writer's need to state the fact that he has never been to a pride parade totally unnecassary. Why can't he just state the information and leave it at that? There is no need to editorialise here. Who cares about your opinions.

My daughter is heading downtown for the parade ... all I care about is that she is safe.

Don't worry Nancy - Lakeview/Halsted/Boystown has to be the most safe neighborhood in Chicago. It has lush green streets, and the people (gay or not) are very friendly. I wouldn't worry. I am going myself and staying out late, and the thought of pepper spray has not even entered my mind...I'm so excited to see the march!

All should know that what you do will not send you to Heaven or Hell.

The gay pride parade has always been a tradition with my sister and her nephew.

Why on earth she exposed him to this, oh that's right...she is mentally ill. No kidding. She has been clinically diagnosed as "nuts".

Mayor Daley's dad, the late Honorable Richard J. Daley, must be doing somersaults in his grave after witnessing his son, Richard M. Daley, cater to the gays so much.

I guess the color of money is more important than values and faith for young Richie.

Tsk, tsk.

I don't know who is impersonating me out there. I just signed on and saw these comments that I did not author. I need to clarify this confusion. My ONLY comment concerning this parade is on July 21, 2007. The comments made after that ARE NOT MINE!!! For the person who decided to apologize for me, you had no right to tamper with my statement and if I knew who you were I would report you to the community for fraud!! I adamantly state here and now that it is not the person I hate, it is the sin! Everyone has made mistakes and are forgiven by God if they truly repent and ask forgiveness. Again, to the one who tampered with my statement, I will find you and report you to the newspaper as a fraud.
Thank you,

As with everyone else here, we want, nay, demand more! more of your thoughts, more history and more speed and are you going to allow us to see into the future with you?

I went to the parade a couple years ago and, it was exceptional. Everyone there is extremely friendly and outrageous. The amount of love and acceptance that everyone shares is great to be around. There are of course people there who are against it, but for the most part I would recommend anyone who visits or lives in chicago to experience it. Just as a warning watch for signs for parking... they trick you. I was towed.

gays and lesbians.are an abomination unto jesus christ...if you are one then you will not make it into the kingdom of heaven..!..thts all i have to say


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