Dog's life a bummer in South Side 'hoods

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When Stella the black lab lived in Ravenswood with the brunette, we'd take her to the Hamlin Park dog park to play. She'd fetch slobber-covered tennis balls and chase random mutts in circles until she was too tired to take another step. And on a whim, we could stop at any of the other eight North Side dog parks for a change of venue, or stop in the South Loop at a tiny dog run.
On special days, Ol' Stella would go for a swim at Montrose dog beach. It's a special place. Dogs frollick in the shallow water, battle rolling waves and race after other dogs' toys.
But now that we've relocated to the South Side, there's no place for Stella to legally run unleashed with other puppies or take a dip in Lake Michigan, even though we live only a few miles from the nearest beach.
What's up with that?

Here's a list of city dog parks. The only South Side dog park is at 14th Street, and, no, Grant Park doesn't count as the South Side in my book.
Do any of you fellow dog owners think this is just plain wrong?

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Funny you wrote an article about this. I have been thinking the exact same thing for a while. I relocated from the north to south side, and you're right. There is an extreme lack of dog friendly places. The dog park on 14th street is a mini 'park' and is more like a glorified kennel's run; and it's really not on the 'south side' in the traditional sense. There are several places where people have converted parks into dog parks due to sheer numbers of people 'informally' meeting to take over the park; kind of like critical mass for a dog park. But other than that, the city really needs to put in some dog parks on the south side.
Spread the love!!!
Maybe we should forward this article to Jesse Jackson and get some racial issues thrown in the mix and reiterate how the city 'treats the southside differently'. Hey, if it works, it works right??

What is worse is that there are just as many dogs down here as up there and there is also a lot more room down here. There could be about 15 dog parks down here and it wouldn't make any difference because there is so much room. I would settle for one dog beach. 12th street beach is illegal to bring your dog, but when the beach is closed in the fall and spring winter, I have never had any problems.

I have been searching and googling to find a dog park to walk my 5 pound toy poodle, Diamond, or Lil' D, as her 15 pit bull friends call her. There is no huge outcry re dog parks b/c there are mostly black people on the south side and we are nowhere near as dog friendly, in general as the north side. Beyond that, most of the dogs out this way are either pitbulls or rottweilers, and people are training them to guard/attack, as opposed to be pets and go to dog friendly locales...We need an outcry!!!!

yeah, this is absolutely ridiculous. these "dog parks" down here are only for dogs who are good off-leash-- definitely not puppy friendly!
I agree-- we should say something to jesse jackson, jr. or make a petition to the park district or something. there are way too many vacant lots down here not to have at least a FEW of them be dog parks. throw a couple in woodlawn or south shore...I'm sure we could have a dog beach too!

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