City cam helps solve murder (Well, it's about time)

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Intrepid cop reporter Frank "Frankie Streets" Main reports Chicago police use video from a blue-light surveillance camera to solve a murder.

There are about 470 cameras filming high-crime corners. The first cameras were installed in 2003.

Finally, the cameras are more than just annoying flashing lights that scare away bad guys.

Because in 2005, it wasn't clear if the cameras were effective at all.

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They need to put cameras up everywhere not just in the city, all parking lots especially. My husband got his bank card stolen from his truck and they spent over 1500 dollars w/ in hours. People are sick and twisted. They put everything back they way it was, locked the truck before they left...How nice.
Here's a good question, should the bank charge us the overdrawn fees if it was stolen? Well they don't see a problem w/ it. That's 33 dollars a pop. It's just wrong. Not our fault people w/out a conscience go out and rob innocent people.

That's 33 dollars a pop. It's just wrong. Not our fault people w/out a conscience go out and rob innocent people.

Posted by: Fred | June 26, 2007 11:20 AM
Not to be harsh or unfeeling but Fred be happy it was only money. There is only one life.

Good luck in trying to fight the financial institution where you bank.

I absolutely agree..It's just money. BUT, my point (maybe I wasn't clear) is that people have no conscience. They don't care, and they will keep doing it till they get caught. thats why they need to have cameras up everywhere. It's probably too expensive to have a Police Officer to sit in a parking lot to watch everything that is going on. I could care less about the money. so I guess I should have worded it differently.

In time those people will come to the light and realize what they are doing.

Fred, lets think outside the box on this one. Not that you have not did it, but cameras every where is the beginning of a police state. I agree we can not afford to have police every where. But I still like my chances as an American to move about freely. (Did I just say that?)

It is a horrible experience to work hard and have your items stolen. I agree there are many people who are basically low-lifes. But a camera every where? Do you really want your every move chronicled. Even though you are not the person up to no good, your every move will be watched. Are you comfortable with that?

I do not like this new National ID CARD that Americans are supposed to acquire in 2008.

Check out the link:

Is this still a free country or are we hovering in corners afraid. It is a mean world we live in, but I do not need cameras watching everything I do.

Just look at Marquette Park 2007.

Amateur Chicago filmmakers Tom Palazollo and Mark Rance bravely and wisely, took it upon themselves to film the "Illinois Nazi" shenanigans between 1975 and 1978 in their excellent film 'Chicago Nazis', about the American Nazi Party leading pro-white rallies in Chicago's Marquette Park in the city's southwest side. The ANP were determined to declare the danger of integration diminishing the all-around value of the neighborhood their (and their les hateful brethren) Lithuanian-born parents and grandparents fought so hard to build.

Palazollo and Rance, I believe, meant to document the hateful diatribe of the Chicago American Nazi Party (ANP), but in my opinion, they actually helped confirm what ANP leader Frank Collins (which later had many questionable under-takings),predicted and the fears white people had regarding the integration and the pre-politically correct era efforts that ushered in forced integration, to the obvious detriment of many Chicago neighborhoods and surrounding suburbs.

At the time, Marquette Park was a southwest side enclave of Lithuanian immigrants and their American born children. It was a very clean, safe and prideful neighborhood that boasted half a dozen architecturally ornate Catholic churches. The “loogies” were neighbors with the Southside Irish of Beverly, Evergreen Park and Wrightwood, the Lithuanians identified with their Catholic parishes more so than with geographical location. The one thing in common was that they were all white.

If you visit the same neighborhood today, you will find that it is no longer a safe neighborhood. By that, I mean that there are now at least two police surveillance cameras with flashing blue lights between Western (2400 west) and Kedzie (3200 west) Avenues down Marquette Avenue (6700 south) and you certainly would think twice about taking a late evening stroll down the once beautiful Marquette Park. Liquor stores, liquor bottles and fast food trash have replaced ice cream vendors and the occasional empty “dime bag” that once was familiar to the area.

What Collins and the ANP, despite their hateful and racist purposes, were trying to prevent was what happened to Englewood.

How many times do we have to re-visit this argument?

The obvious is right in front of us.

Its not that black people make neighborhoods worse. Its just that many Americans - regardelss of race and ethnicity - feel almost obligated to live up to certain stereotypes, and sometimes they just add to the stereotyping that exists. Eventually it leads to the violence and mayhem that usually permeates certain neighborhoods and cultures.

As a Hispanic conservative, I have been labeled as a traitor, a lighter version of an Oreo cookie, if you will...

I have had black co-workers give me crap just because I moved out of the city. Why? They give me s#!t for actually asking my neighbor (regardless of color/ethnicity) their day was or if they cut their grass!

The recent shootings in a Logan Square children's park help confirm that Chicago sucks as a place to raise children safely. The "diversity" and politically correct lessons they may learn by living in such a p.c. neighborhood may be their last.

I grew up in what is now known as "Bucktown". Though the yuppies and developers may have taken over, when I grew up and lived there between 1967 and 1980...I am certainly blessed by God Himslef that I was not shot down by some b.s. bullet between an Insane Unknown and Latin King fight. Even the white "Jouster" gang was still around at that time.

One last observation in this post...

Gentrification seems to be such a "scourge" for hispanics and blacks that are being displaced by white yuppies for certain Chicago neighborhoods (i.e. Cabrini Green/Logan Square). Again...Why?

Because "whitey" saw value & worth in the very same neighborhoods we have crapped and pissed on for so long? WE TOOK THESE NEIGHBORHOODS FOR GRANTED!!!

If blacks and hispanics quit blaming "whitey" for our own b.s. problems and took some aggressive initiative to succeed, we wouldn't be crying and bitching so much.

Mr. Flores, I had written another response to your post. It is not worth the venomous diatribe which would have been release, this one will serve better. I simply want you and others WHO DID NOT GROW UP or DO NOT LIVE in the ENGLEWOOD AREA to QUIT SPOTLIGHTING it as a hell hole. I know nothing about Buck Town because I have no family, friends or associates from this area of the city. I have visited the North Side many times and still do, but I do not go to Buck Town. Why? Not for any particular reason. Just don’t! But if need be, I will go.

Mr. Flores, you do not know Englewood except for what you read in the media and one-sided news report. What you take as crap from colleagues could be your sensitivity of moving to the ‘burbs, and now can't take a friendly ribbing. It is your right to live where you please. If you flee the area you grew up because of serious gang violence that is understandable. But if you ran off to the burbs because you think it is safer there this could be the reasons for teasing you. (Is it childish? Yes! But things could be worse).

It is quite apparent that you see color because of your usage of the word 'whitey'. Only you know why you decided to use the term, I do not need an answer. I point it out because you did not use derogatory names to describe others, but down-graded them because of their great communities. Though you state Blacks do not make neighborhoods worse, you use Marquette Park as a glowing example – which was a bastion of white racial prejudice and hatred during the same period Bridgeport is/was”. In contrast you hit Englewood up side the head with a bat because she do/did not have the same amenities as Marquette Park once had. (At least this is your thinking, I presume)

At the time, Marquette Park was a southwest side enclave of Lithuanian immigrants and their American born children. It was a very clean, safe and prideful neighborhood that boasted half a dozen architecturally ornate Catholic churches.

Do you really think Englewood was more terrible during the time Marquette Park, as your post gives it a pristine cleansing than the former?

Mr. Flores, I can tell you some things about Englewood or any surrounding community which is predominantly Black, and you will scratch your head, and say DAMN, where have all the community base jobs gone, the local merchants who were plentiful before the onslaught of the mini/strip mall? If one is open the only stores is hair care, fast food, and a laundry mat open there. What happen to opening something as simple as an ice cream parlor or fruit market to buy fresh vegetables? Sure we can use a dollar store, but what happen to fresh fruits and vegetables markets? There were a plethora of grocery stores within walking distance. Not corner stores which sell rotten meat and loose cigars to our children! Do kids in the suburbs buy loose cigars or cigarettes?

What your rose colored lenses will not allow you to see, but you not by yourself, is what I speak of which your colleagues are ribbing you about.

(ps) We do NOT PISS on our communities, ethno-centic powers simply cannot herd poor people into areas without resources, life choices and educational opportunities to keep plugging at life when it knocks a person down. This is NOT about PULL yourself up by the bootstrap. A mulitude of resources must ALWAYS BE AVAILABLE to assist a person. Do they not have them in the 'burbs? (Also, THIS IS NOT A HANDOUT!)

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