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My sister "Fred" is a cicada 'fraidy cat, who's hobbling on crutches (which become cicada killing machings) after knee surgery. This is her cicada story.

Got a cicada story of your own.? Post it here.

Wanted to share my traumatic cicada story w/ you.

I had a dr appt at 8am yesterday and as I walked outside the little ugly beasts rejoiced and leaped for joy at my arrival to their domain.

Thank God I had my crutches! So I am attempting to walk through the gate and there sits a cicada right were I have to open the gate.

I am horrified!

There's another one and another one, leaping at me! So I use my crutch to open the gate.

I obviously can't run, so I try to hobble briskly to the car.

They are surrounding me. Kids are going to school and here I am screaming swinging my crutches at these beasts, it was a sight to see.

I get close to the car and there is one sitting, waiting for me to get closer. I stand there in fear knowing he is going to attack.

I get my weapon and starting poking and he is moving closer. Another one comes out underneath the car, I scream. I'm going to be late for my appointment so I flung my weapon of mass destruction and success I killed him.

I jump into the car injuring my leg once again, but not caring. I had to sit in the car for a few minutes to get my composure. I was so scared.

I asked God, "WHY cicadas!!!???!!!" He is probably laughing at me by now. So I drive off go to the doctor., who I'm tell my story cicada story. He laughs at me. I said, "this is not a laughing matter! I can't go home!"

Instead, I hide out from the cicadas at the health clubfor 2 hours. Oh…This is not the end of the story.

When I get home, the cicadas are all over the driveway, on the fence the garage. I was in my car in the driveway for 10 minutes! Trying to find a way to not get attacked. T

here were two right outside my door, not kidding, pacing back and forth! God has a sense of humor! So I was about to drive to my mom's and stay there!

But I didn't, So I ended up parking on the street and walking to the front of the house because the cicadas don't know that I can go that way!

They are all over, one right by the door. I go to unlock the door and I only have the key for the bottom lock! @#$@#$@# I have to go to the back way. I prayed on the way to the back door…God please send a big gush of wind to open the gate!

The wind blew, the gate opened, the cicada saw me and I hobbled into the house. I didn't leave the house all day! I kept looking out surveying the yard for any that were trying to get inside.

They were knocking at the door I didn't answer!

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Fred is a big wuss. I'll send my 3-year old son over to escort her to her car every day. He loves the "cadas!"

where are all the cicadas in the Village of Barrington???

I had a field trip to brock field zoo. My class fond many cacadas. I almost stepet on one. A cacada fell on my hand.

have a story for the papers a matter of national security well let me start from the begging i was looking for an online job work from home applied to many were scams wanted money up from but one said work from wallmart distributor i got hired after filling out a brief story about my self they said package would be coming in the next week nothing came i accepted them to send me something saying they wanted money then a week later a package showed up so i found the email emailed them back did u send me a package dont go anywheres this gets much more intense so then they said to hold it there would be more coming so that night i lay awake trying to figure out just what the scam was the labels said care of wallmart finally i said to my husband lets check the fbi site and there it was the top 5 latest criminal email scams what has i gotten my self into this one involving nigera then that next morning tons of packages started showing up all the labels covered up they had been several places before they made it to me i was at the end of the line and he email labels said walmart on them wanted me to send to benin out of the country in nigeria what lol so i went to the post office tried to get in touch with postal inspectors got the run around why because this was involving another country i call fbi they said call secrete service he seemed busy lol told me to send them back but then he said keep them he would call me back i waited an waited i went the police station they first seen could the arrest me for anything and then said get rid of the packages its out of are joristiction then while i was there secrete service calls me back i tell them what i know they basically say that they have been trying to get him they cant track him and they donut believe i got scammed like how could i be that dumb so any i did my reaserch called every one ftc fraud all the dhl fed ex post office i was receiving thousand of dollars in packages by now they just kept dropping them off so i returned to the actual company s that has packing slips that made sense now keep in mind most fake packing slips #s there even was a telephone for me i called it next day was discounted ok now somewhere along the lines someone was listing case the post office came to pick up his packages he called them told them to come pick them up after i told him i wasn't sending and told me they had packages in the truck for me but were not to deliver matter of national security any ways he kept calling me # restricted of coarse saying send his packages he legit but i called walmart head courters in ark. the investigator there said no and hes using there name illegally thats why i called him he said tell him i have his packages an to call me so i did well i forgot to tell fed x of what was happening me an my hubby went to pick up kids from day care guess what was here a huge box said 5 pounds lol no was hundreds of dollars in merchant dice in this one too but this time only came from one location a suposive company in Vegas there was a # was this one discounted no i called it was some guys cell i left him a nice message now theres a new # on there for wallmart on the label for me i call that one a girl answerers she says shes never herd of a Christina was she lieing is she part of this scam 2 and ways i decided to open this box im now curios its had a bunch of septate envelopes with whose name on them the suposive company on the box but his real name an address an # he got them sent to him turned around stuck each label on sent it to me anyways i had them come back get that one i explained everything a wrote fraud on the box now i have 3 items left he always mentioned these when he calls 3 projector tvs from in foucus was label on that box pealed it off under neth was a jeff i called him he was really in focus he said not really his problem he sold them to a distributer company and its there property but he said he would try mean while mr lee Scott walmarts in china lol with distributors all over the world obousily as he says wheres my packages i told him tony # investager for wallmart told him hes a telemarketer again he says his still ligit secrete service says no an ftc if hes is that could be a problem but if he is why couldn't he ship every thing to him directly he claims his answer for that is some company's wont ship internationally now comes the good part today a package cam how snail mail from a direct address written in pen from ny lol what next and it gets better mr lee scott must have been drunk today he called me from his home # he usually blocks it but still cant get any one to listen he will disconnect it soon im sure my husband hrs kept getting cut back i just had a baby ab we have a 17 mon girls and finally his boss fired him like week an half before Christmas are rent is month behind and elec we don't even wanto take about that and we have nothing for Christmas but we would rather be here in the predicament then never see are family again no matter how much money he offers if its criminal its criminal all the money in the world woundnt help

i was at the beach water park and my sister says there is a cicaida on you. i said that is not funny. so my friend says she isn't liying. so i felt threw my hair and there was a cicaida stuck in my hair so i was running around tring to get it out. finialy it flew away. i was so freeked out. i hate cicaidas so mutch.

There is a cicada INSIDE my house... in the basement! we have found the corner where it's hiding, but unable to get rid of it.

It makes its annoying sounds EVERY night, and I haven't slept well in two nights already!

Does anyone know how to get it to leave my house?! I'm not talking about all the cicadas out there on trees and in your lawn. I'm just talking ONE cicada from my house, where there is no lawn or trees! Will it ever go away? Sigh.

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