South Shore: What not to wear, Tamara Hill Garner

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Intrepid lifestyles reporter Leslie Baldacci writes today that Tamara Hill Garner, a social worker from South Shore, is such a bad dresser that her husband turned her into the fashion police — TLC's "What not to Wear."

This isn't the show's first time in Chicago. Back in Season 2, Kimberly H., a fashion-challenged graphic designer who I once took on a date, was featured on the show. They tossed out her awful sweaters and cut her hair.
She was my only brush with a "Reality TV" star, thank goodness.

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Okay Mark, now maybe Kimberly H. and her sweaters were a bit too many, but when on a budget you buy what is cheap and durable. I only saw a problem with her hair, but she is your friend and you know the entire scoop.

Tamara do not look that bad, but then again I do not know of social workers who have time to dress up to be divas considering the career they have chosen.

If the two ladies are in management and do not have to do any field work I could see a complaint. Personally, I dress up to go to church and social functions. I do not feel compel to be suit and tie everyday, or dress causal either. I like jeans, they like me and saves a lot on dry cleaning.

where did tamara get the blue dress she wore at the end of show?

There seems to be a lot of building in the South Shore area. Can anyone tell me why this area is picking up in selling condos and homes when so many other areas are not?

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