Pill Hill: Soul Queen on Stony Island

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Chicago's Soul Queen, Helen Maybell Anglin, was influential in the civil rights movement here in Chicago by providing free meals to marchers and equal rights leaders — MLK and Jesse Jackson — when not many people would.
Her South Side restaurants — including her current establishment, Soul Queen Restaurant — are her culinary legacy.

You can check out the Soul Food buffet at 9031 S. Stony Island.

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Can somebody help me resolve a problem with a tree that is very dangerously drying out and half dead, it sits in front of my house at 3621 S. Union Ave. several large branches have fallen off damaging a parked car, hitting a pedestrian and almost hitting me.
I contacted the City of Chicago, they gave me a Service Request Number as follows 07-00719164 upon receiving this number I inquired about the status, they said the tree will not be removed and they were not sure when someone will be out to trim some of the dried branches. I was really surprised at their response after I explained that the tree is very dangerous and somebody will get hurt. Are they waiting for a tragedy as all Government agencies do or can someone help me to convince them that the tree needs to be removed. please help, many children live and play on this block.

Mike - no one can help you with your tree. Invest in a saw. Great idea requesting help here.

Soul Queen Buffet has had more Chicago Department of Public Health write ups then I have parking tickets. Trust me, thats a ton.

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