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Improv Comedy was born in Chicago. But in what neighborhood did the comedy of Second City get its start?

The first person to post the correct answer at blogs.suntimes.com/neighborhoods wins a Sun-Times T-shirt.

There was no winner last week, but here's the answer: John Lewis Cochran is credited with developing the land now known as Edgewater.

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I guess Hyde Park. I believe it was the Compass Players that originated the Second City format. Completely unrelated, or maybe not, my daughter Faith Soloway was a musician with one of Second City's troups.

Would that be Old Town?

Chicago's Old Town Neighborhood.

You're right, Elaine. In fact, many of the original members of the Compass/ Second City, were students at the University of Chicago.

More than 25 yrs ago, I was a member of one of their companies at the Chateau Louise in Dundee, IL. I was also an understudy for the Resident Co. on Wells St.

Old Town, North Avenue & Wells. I love that place and it is connected to the old Pipers Alley

In 1959, the first Second City revue show premiered at 1842 North Wells Street and moved to 1616 North Wells in 1967.

Isn't Google great? I have to admit when easy questions are asked sometimes the obvious answer does not seem correct.

Konkol note: Thanks for the useful information.

I believe that would be Printer's Row.

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