Hood quiz: May 25

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Who is Cornell Drive in Hyde Park named after?

The first person to post the correct answer here wins a Sun-Times T-shirt.

Last week's winner was Elaine Soloway. She knew improv comedy was created by the Compass Players at a bar in Hyde Park.

(Sorry for the late blog post. After oral surgery yesterday, I'm moving rather slow. Mark_ PS> I posted your answers on this blog entry in the order I received them.)

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cornell drive was named after paul cornell.thank you for your nice article of may 25,2007.

Pending Cornell Drive in Hyde Park was named after a Lawyer Paul Cornell who was also into real es... Carolyn Johnson

The answer to your question about Cornell Drive is Paul Cornell, the founding father of Hyde Park.

Paul Cornell, real estate speculator and urban planner was the person Cornell Dr. was named after.

Hello. I just posted the answer of today's quiz. I didn't see it on the blog because I have to wait for approval but the answer is Paul Cornell who was a lawyer and a Chicago real estate speculator who founded the Hyde Park neighborhood on the south side.

Cornell Drive is named after Hyde Park founder Paul Cornell. I also attended Paul Cornell Elementary School from 1977-1979 and have the funny looking class pictures to prove it. Sadly it was torn down to make room for a retirement home.

I'm glad that so many of us have the correct answer; Paul Cornell who founded the whole neighborhood of the Hyde Park Neighborhood. I grew up in Hyde Park Neighborhood, love and miss it dearly. I just saw the question today on the internet.

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