Hey 32nd Warders. You(Tube) gotta see this!

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As a former Roscoe Villager, I had a front row seat when modest homes started being replaced by McMansions and giant condos that block out the sun. Just check out my old block, 3300 North Hoyne (just down the street from Village Tap.) and you'll have a good idea of what I'm talking about.
I just never wrote a song or made a video about it.
That's why you've gotta see ....

the YouTube video made by supporters of 32nd Ward aldermanic challenger Scott Waguespack.
Waguespack (prounounced Wag-es-Pak) is in the April 17 runoff election against long time ward boss Ted Matlak, protege' of ward committeeman Terry Gabinski.
I'm not too sure Matlak should take all the blame for rich folks building fortresses where crumbling stick-built houses once stood. I tend to blame rich people with poor architectural taste.
Still, I got a laugh out of the video, and the folk song. Bravo to the producers. Check it out.

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Hi--thanks for bringing this to my attention--i moved out of that area in 1991 precisely for that reason--i saw it coming in wrigleyville. very sad for all those air cleaning plants!! we all lose...

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