Sparki's cocktail of the week

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Sparki the Bartender (photo by Erica Dufour)

Sometimes, Ol' Sparki is a cowboy, other times he's pure sophistication. This week's cocktail is fancy, well sort of.

Harvey Wallbanger

In a short glass, mix 2 oz. Galliano and 1 oz of vodka. Fill to top with orange juice and garnish with an orange or lemon.

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Here's a summertime drink that is sure to put you on your ass.

Take out that old Sun Tea pitcher. You know the one with the spicket at the bottom. Then buy a pinapple and a big ol bottle of vodka.

You will need to remove the core of the pinapple and cut it into 1-inch wedges. Stack these wedges of juicy pinapple within the pitcher, leaving large gaps between. Then fill the pitcher with vodka and a splash of amaretto. Let this concotion sit in the fridge for about a week.

Then, tap the spicket and fill martini glasses. Use the vodka-soaked pinapple wedges to garnish the glass.

Good stuff.

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