Opening day blues in Bridgeport

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Our White Sox are getting hammered by Cleveland but there's still some sunshine in Bridgeport.
Jimbo's Lounge, 3258 S. Princeton, is serving cold ones for another opening day — it's 23rd opening day — while its eviction case is still be decided in court.

Of course city inspectors slapped Jimbo and Joyce Levato with a $250 ticket for having their outdoor patio too close to the street. Here's what Joyce Levato had to say about that today ....

"We have a great crowd and everyone is having a good time, but we got another citation for having chairs too close to some stupid poll ... They nail us every year ... The way I see it is if you don't appreciate a good bar, and we are a good bar, then it's your problem. I'll give (the city) its $250."

As for the bar, it will remain open at least until next Monday when a judge is expected to rule on the eviction.

"That could the last day," Joyce said. "It's all up to the judge."

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I've a Sox fan as long as I can remember and I'm 55 yeaqrs old. I was very disappointed with what the Sox braintrust did with the pitching staff getting rid of Freddie Garcia and Brandon McCarthy, along with not adding more veteran pitching. The spring didn't alieviate my fears either. Boy, seeing Contraras give up 9 runs in the 1st 2 was crazy today on opening day.

Pitching is the name of the game, what was Kenny Williams thinking? You can't boast of unproven rookies in your pitching staff. I hope it won't be a long season but all signs point to trouble unless Kenny pulls off a miracle turn-around.

Can he do that?

I still don't understand why everyone is so concerned about Jimbo's. Is it because it's a neighborhood bar? Is it because it's the closest bar to Comiskey (I still refuse to call the park US Cellular)?

Jimbo's was fine as a "Sox bar" when the Sox were perennial losers and nobody cared about Bridgeport. But consider that the Sox are now a hot ticket and have been attracting a different, more corporate clientele, i.e., the type of clientele that won't commiserate in a bar like Jimbo's. Of course, the South Sider in me says, "Good riddance! We don't need those cake eaters patronizing the local establishments!" But the realist in me says those local business owners are smarter than that and want to maximize their revenues and, hence, their profits. I understand the insular nature of Bridgeporters/11th Warders, but give me a break! God forbid a bar near Comiskey tries to cater itself to "outsiders" in an attempt to attract more revenue and visitors to Sox games and Bridgeport in general. Isn't the point of a business to attract as many paying customers as possible?

Could it be that the owner wants to put a new & improved bar/restaurant in Jimbo's place? After all, anyone who knows anything about Bridgeport knows that Jimbo's historically has been considered a bar where the clientele has been known to offend verbally, physically, and sensory. It's the place that fans of the pitiful Scrubbies refer to whenever they talk about the trash and crassness of South Siders. But perhaps the building's landlord wants to change that image. As long as the Sox keep winning and Bridgeport keeps gentrifying, the businesses around Comiskey have a fiscal responsibility to adapt with the changes, much like it seems Jimbo's landlord may be attempting to do.

I've never been to Jimbo's, but if Jimbo's gets evicted--which is their landlord's right to do since the landlord OWNS the property!--I have a sneaking suspicion that more (and better) bars will take its place in Bridgeport.

Sox ain't going to be a hot ticket much longer and when Ray DeGrazia evicts Jimbo and opens a bar, he is going to watch with gritted teeth what Jimbo weathered for 21 seasons: a crowd full of regulars. It's ashame that the DeGrazia's got bite the hand that fed them for the last fifty years. Boycott their pies boys, they may as well be the Starbuck mother-brothers.

I like Jimbo's. I love Bridgeport! Open more bars near Comiskey!!!!

A little late but get rid of Jimbo's its not a neighborhood bar their nothing but a clique and they are the most unfriendliest people in the whole neighborhood,felt very uncomfortable,especially not being Italian.Who are they to tell the owner after all these years of being able to make money off of his property he can't do the same.Kick them out there the one's greedy...But if you open a bar elseware you won't make it your not friendly just phony.Ray Degrazia has a good reputation always has!!!!

Jimbo needs to closed down. The landlord has the rights not to re-new its lease when the old lease is up. It is not up to the owners of Jimbos.
I can still remember when I was trying to teach my wife how to drive back 22 years ago. We were just going aroung the park. But as we got to the corner of 33rd and Princeton Ave. a vehicle was double parked in the middle of the street with 2 guys haning on each side of the vehicle talking to the driver and passenger. I patiently waited for almost 5 minutes behind this vehicle, then I used the horn, beeping only twice lightly. The driver and the passenger got out and along with the two friends of theirs that they were talking to was walking toward my vehicle, one opens the trunk and got a bat out. If it was
not for my training in the US Army. I would have been dead. But instead, I took all 4 of them out. And my wife refused to drive ever since. I cannot get her behind the wheel because of this. The 4 Italians wanted to killed me and smashed my car up, the langauges that they used are too abusive for me to list here. they had called me every name they could think of. Being a chinese american in Bridgeport can be hazardous to our health back then. Because if they are a Roti, Caruso, Spalla. they can do anything to you. I am glad all of their so called 26th street wrecking crew has been busted by the federal and local police. So just let Jimbo closed down, and never let them open there again, they condoned all of these gangster
activities then and now.

a bridgeport story about chinese drivers and bridgeport and Jimbos. parts of it sound true.

What's wrong with the justice system why haven't they booted the Levato's out of Jimbo's.........They only had rented that property this is a slap in the face for landlords...EVICT THEM!!!!

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