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Go ahead, contribute to our neighborhood coverage.

Do you know something about your corner of Chicago that you think not many other people know?
Send me you're suggestions for our weekly, Know your 'hood feature.

Same goes for What is it? Send pictures and a description, and it might make the paper.

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These words are about corners and streets, that many of us are way too familiar with.
Here is a poem I wrote about 'da Hood" in 2000 and it still current:


So much Dying...dying in vain
Senseless slaughters, causing so much pain.

Brotherly Love, is this an emotion of the past?
So much violence and anger, how much longer will it last?

Territories not really yours, garnered to sell your wares
Purchased by Zombies with glazed and anxious stares.

Substances ingested, which steal away ones mind
Love should be your portion and spread to all Mankind

Our governments engrossed with elections and wars across the seas
Choose not to see our neighborhoods, being brought slowly to its knees.

Children never to grow up
A Mother's heart crushed with pain… .
All this dying….., this damn dying in vain.

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