Do you dare to defend Starbucks?

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I'm as guilty as anyone of frequenting Starbucks, especially since there are 67 of them on my way to work. But I'm not proud of it, same as I hate admitting to hitting the McDonald's drive-thru.

Still, I believe Starbucks is evil....

Forget about their invasion of every corner of the city's yuppie landscape, (and a couple corners on the South Side) they are stealing souls by attempting to influencing our taste in music, books and culture when all I want is caffeine so I can make it through the morning. You don't get that at Cafe Luna in Beverly or MoJoe's in Roscoe Village or the other 50 or so coffee joints owned by local folks.

So, I dare you to defend Starbucks' invasion of neighborhood corners ...

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I jsut don't get the starbucks backlash. Sure it's cool to love the indies vs. the "evil" large corporations, but would most of these little coffee shops - outside of the arty hoods maybe - be around if not for starbucks? Not likely. I doubt any of the indies provide the perks or up-ward job movement potential.

as for the link as proof to evel,That was pretty weak stuff backed up by a pretty random source. I avoid stabucks becasue I think the coffee is too strong - and all tings equal, I'll support the little guy with a dream. Big, successful, over-exposed, imperfect,? sure. but evel? come on, get a life!

They probably have Cafe Luna in the crosshairs, the dirty SOBs. They are stealing our soul.

In regards to Starbucks I find them to be the greediest CorP. on the market.They were just in the headlines over the free cup of coffee for the police officer. But I've disliked them for a long time. I was ever so happy when they closed there stores up at least some of them. I have one on my block and one at my grocery store and one at Target and one at the book store etc. And there prices are ridiculous even at the grocery store to make your own. I have to stop I get to upset over these people.

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