Dear Mopes, Here's how to stay out of jail -- be nice.

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Mary Mitchell suggests today in her column that black and Hispanic men read the new book "Arrest-Proof Yourself" to keep out of jail on minor crimes.
This goes double for "mopes." And not just minority mopes, but mopes of all colors.
Author Dale, C. Carson, a former Miami cop and FBI agent says ...

that when you're confronted by the cops, it's best to follow the same advice good parents teach their children:
Stand up straight, make eye contact, tell the truth, ignore idiotic comments (read racial slurs), be respectful and so on.
As you've seen on YouTube, (you know you want to watch it again) you don't want to provoke BAD cops for any reason.
As a matter of fact, you don't want to rub any police officers the wrong way. Just ask State Sen. James Meeks.

Ah, memories. Lessons worth remembering.

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