Chicago Cubs opening day -- from Woo Woo to the "Warrior

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It's no secret that I am not a Cubs fan. .
But here's a view of yesterday's pre-game festivities at the Ol' Beer Garden anyway.
Take a look at ...

the starting lineup of your — not mine — Chicago Scrubies.

Even though It's impossible for me to root for the Cubs, I must admit that I do wish one of those North Siders well.
That's Cliff "The Warrior" Floyd. And that's only because he's from Markham, and graduated Thornwood High School with me in 1991. Cliff, if I remember correctly, is a good guy.

He doesn't have to worry about me asking him for Cubs tickets, except for maybe three games at Sox Park. But those are games when I'll be hoping he strikes out on a high-inside fastball, (hint to Garland).
Know what I'm saying, Sox fans?

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Although I, too, am a Cliff Floyd fan seeing as how I grew up near Thornwood and my cousin played ball with him, that Cliff "The Warrior" Floyd YouTube video is probably one of the lamest things I've ever seen or heard. Granted, a Met fan made that video, but the video's style fits right in to the Cubs motto of doing everything half-as*ed. That video's Lameness Factor ranks right up there with the Scrubs' "Go! Cubs, Go!" song (that when played usually is accompanied by extremely uncoordinated & pastey Cubs fans dancing and acting like fools) and the annual pitiful excuses made by Scrubie fans. I know if Konkol didn't need readership numbers he'd be bashing the Cubs more like he did when he wrote columns for the defunct Red Streak. Here's to the Cubs...(blanking) my (blank)! Go Sox!!

IT'S SNOWING. I'm sorry was i yelling. As the last Pro-basketball fan in Chicago may I remind everyone that the Bull have a legitimate chance at the number two seed in the east. That they have a talented core of basketball players and it looks as though the light has gone on for their two rookies. Did I mention that Ben Wallace will be here just long enough to mentor these guys and they should have New York's Lottery pick. I guess I'm thinking stretch run and playoffs. That's right i said PLAYOFFS (thank you coach Mora). Who cares about cold, soggy, or snowy bunting ivy or whatever else? The only thing interesting about baseball at this point is keeping A.J. watch to see who he's going to outfox next.

One more thing since we are a community forum here is there anything that can be done to improve the quality of our broadcast media. I’d given up on broadcast news years ago, and am always very satisfied when I tune in CNN to see a special investigative report on killer dog food, but when did sports radio go completely in the toilet? I give up.

Yes, the Bulls are in the playoffs and it is actualy exciting this year. It will be more exciting if they finally make it out of the 1st round. Then, I think, more people will pay attention. But, alas, there are too many of those who are blinded by the pathetic "lovable" losers known as the Cubs. You see, Cubs fans treat playoff teams from any sport like a pariah. It is foriegn to them, so they don't understand it. Thus, they ignore a contender like a red-headed stepchild.

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