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Capitalism, Socialism or Dictatorship? You Decide

I sit here in the Country that I love and can’t help but scratch my head and wonder what has happened to the Country I knew as a kid. And what kind of country are we slowly becoming.
Our State and Federal lawmakers and politicians are controlling more and more of all aspects of our lives. They dictate everything from how to raise our children to placing smoke/CO detectors in our houses. Yet they refuse to initiate legislation to control wasteful spending.
Allow me to touch on a few issues:
It is unlawful to purchase cigarettes in another state unless you pay Illinois tax on them. If Illinois would not control and restrict competition then perhaps we would not have to go out of state to purchase them. They have basically told all public places they don’t have the intelligence, integrity or the common sense to regulate smoking policy in buildings they own, pay taxes on, and conduct business in. Do you know that it is unlawful for minors to purchase cigarettes but not unlawful for them to smoke cigarettes. Illinois has some of the highest taxes around imposed on cigarettes and alcohol. If we continue to allow them to regulate us will they also make illegal to smoke in your own house? By collecting such high taxes on cigarettes and then foolishly spending the revenue on any pet or pork project they want isn’t the state condoning cigarettes and yet cutting off their nose to spite their face
It is unlawful to operate a vehicle on public streets without safety restraints. From all I have heard and seen the survivor right is about 50/50. I feel that if a person is of sound mind and over 21 they should be allowed to make the decision to wear or not wear a seat belt. I fully agree that a minor should have an adult make that decision for them. I do not permit any minor to ride in my vehicle without being properly restrained as they are not old enough and educated enough to make the decision on their own.
Why have we never questioned the role of a Public Defender? This position receives a salary from the same revenue that pays the State’s Attorney. Maybe I just ain’t educated proper, but I would think this would be the most blatant form of conflict of interest a person could have the misfortune to be faced with.
Every good parent knows the difference between spanking a child and beating a child. Our legislators have effectively taken away one of the most valuable tools a good parent had. It is not easy to spank your child, but occasionally it is a necessary evil. If done properly it leaves a solid impression on a child. Our children our now taught that if their parents touch them in a disciplinary manner that they can call 911. Admittedly it is not always the only option and hopefully only used sparingly to reach out and touch the child to get their attention. I, in no way, condone beating children, but I do believe that ‘Spanking’ a child does work.
Here are some of the things I endured as a child and some how survived:
We didn’t wear seatbelts!
We rode in the back of pickup trucks!
We didn’t have auto insurance!
We rode our bicycles in the street and on the sidewalks!
I was severely disciplined as a child and the police we not called to save my butt!
We went to the store as children to get groceries for our parents, barefooted (And shirtless for us guys)
We received ‘swats’ in school for acting up!
All this and more and yet look, WE SURVIVED!!!!!
I know that change is inevitable and to survive you must adapt. It ain’t easy but we manage to do it. But is it necessary that this change include handing over control of our government that insist we live by their morals and standards because they feel our morals and standards are too low to fit in with their plans.
We need to step back and look at not only our history, but in fact the history of every present or former world power. Whenever the government starts over-controlling the people they represent the world power was crippled. We have a very diverse society with every nationality proudly represented. Some of these nationalist we endeavor to protect and preserve their heritage and yet here we sit giving up our own. My ancestors came here from England trying to escape the ever increasing control of King George and then fought his rule in our new country and succeeded. We shouldn’t be too hasty to depart from what inspired our ancestors. No politician or government entity should ever be stronger or more important than the citizens it represents. We must stand together as one voice and reclaim the rights and lives our forefathers intended for us in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
I am not speaking for or against any politician or political party only for our rights and our lives and allowed to live as though we are intelligent enough to make choices for ourselves and not have it shoved down our throats by those that feel they are better, wiser and richer.
Here are some basic definitions that I find interesting:
Capitalism: An economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods and by prices, production, and distribution mainly by competition in a free market.
Go to the Illinois State Fair and buy a Pepsi product or for that matter a large number of theme parks. They are all controlled by Coke. There is no competition if the competitor is not allowed to compete.
Socialism: Any of various social systems based on shared or government ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods. (Sounding familiar)
Dictatorship: Government or country in which absolute power is held by a dictator or a small clique. (Wow, that sounds startling familiar too. A small clique?
I do not have all the answers, but it is obvious that those in charge have even less answers.
You decide!!!

Submitted by: Phil French, citizen, voter, USMC (1975-1979)

College Safety Must Be A Priority and Planned For Before Getting To The Campus!!!!

Choosing a college institution is a major decision for students and their families. Along with academic, financial, and geographical considerations, multiple high-profile incidents of campus violence have also made campus safety and security a vital concern.

It is the responsibility of colleges and universities to protect the lives of their students, faculty, staff, and visitors to their campuses and to create a safe environment. Campus safety departments and campus administrators are forced to examine their policies and procedures and find ways to prevent or avert acts of violence and crime on their campuses.

That being said, it is imperative that you and your family also take responsibility for providing for your personal safety, home safety or campus safety.

This can effectively be accomplished using Non-Lethal Safety Products. A Big Jammer Door Brace, Personal Alarms and Home Protection products are excellent choices for use on college campuses. Wireless Hidden Cameras / Nanny Cams provide an excellent way to keep an eye on what is yours while you area away.

We provide Free Safety Tips for College Students. Make sure your loved ones are safe while they are away at college. Be prepared for the world away from home.

Diversion Safes are a valuable resource for a new dorm where you do not know anyone. You can hide your valuables in plain site and no one knows any differently.

I also recommend the use of Pepper Sprays and Mace Sprays for personal protection. Before buying these products, however, please check with your college institution to ensure they permit the carry of these items on campus. Stay Safe !!


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