Go ahead, ask Rat Man

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After reading today's column about Chicago's rat troubles, several people have emailed asking to contact "Rat Man" George Manning, who is Chicago's foremost expert on all things rats.

Some people will say Manning is just out to stir up trouble, but that's the farthest thing from the truth. He knows his stuff and wants the city to do more to curb the rat problem They don't call him Rat Man for nothing.

You can find Rat Man at American Eagle Pest Elimination. He's the president. You can even send him questions via email.

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My condo association in Hyde Park has a neighboring apartment building that has a rat infestation. They seem to come from under a porch behind the building. Plus, the building does not keep it's trash pad very sanitary, i.e., trash often is everywhere around the dumpsters and not actually IN the dumpsters. My association has called the City & Ward offices numerous times. We've also written nasty letters to the owner of the building. To the City's credit, they do come out and issue citations to the owner of the building and they may apply rat bait in some areas. However, the problem persists and in no uncertain terms the City says their hands are essentially tied because they can not force the owner to take action, they can only continue to fine the owner. Can you recommend any additional steps to eliminate this rat problem?

the rats is so bad on the north side because of the redeveloppment of the projects, and other buildings they are tearing down but do the bait the hood like they do bridge port I don't think so you had many abandoned building on halsted then as developers start bidding on the land to purchase the rats start catching the bus going from block by block the mayors is very aware of whats going up and being torn down the city needs to put something in place beside those large containers which are full aready behind dominicks and block busters then go down clybourn to north ave to bridge that just stir up a lot of unwanted rats.

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