Where's my mail?

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In-town, overnight mail delivery in Chicago is the worst in the nation. It's bad in almost every corner of the city. And a postal survey showed that only 77 percent of Chicago postal customers believe mail service is "excellent, very good or good." The national average for satisfied customers is 92 percent.

But which Chicago neighborhoods are suffering the most from the mail delivery?

Go ahead, post your mail "horror stories" here ...

And don't forget to add your name and neighborhood to your post.

Be sure to check back here in the future. I'll be doing more blogging about Chicago neighborhood life real soon.

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I am a subscriber to the German Weekly "Eintracht" which is sent Second Class Mail. There are frequent delays. The worst happened last week when the issue mailed on January 31, 2007 arrived on March 8. In the meantime I had received all the issues in between, albeit also delayed.

Can you beat that?

I have experienced extremely poor service with the USPS. Recently I placed an order at Amazon.com. I received an email that it was being shipped via USPS. I waited for one week (no notices of undelivered packages were left) before I got another email from Amazon saying that the item had been returned as damaged. I never even received the item, let along wanted to send it back. Apparently when the USPS couldn't deliver my package, they just returned it to the sender.

Another constant problem.. receiving Best Buy coupons for certain sale dates weeks after the sale ends!

I am constantly checking the postmarks on my mail. Most items reach me in 5 or more days after being mailed. Some mail reaches me 2 weeks after being postmarked.

A frustrated customer in Albany Park

I'm not making this up. I have not received a telephone bill through the mail for 3 years. I get my junk mail, but important things are not delivered. I have not received license plate renewal notices or city vehicle sticker renewal notices. Numerous times I've had to call credit card companies and ask that late fees be dropped simply because a bill did not come.
Packages have been stolen because they were left on the front porch. If I order something to be delivered by mail, I now have it sent to my place of work.
I called the post office, went to the post office, wrote my congressman, all to no avail.
During this past election season, I only received one piece of campaign literature. For that I am grateful.
A resident of 60647

We took the time to complain which involves filling out a form for each late or lost piece of mail. Just as expected with a Federal Agency, the process to complain about service was so difficult that it likely causes many people to give up trying. Finally, we found a number to email the local postal officials because we were experiencing days on end without any mail, not even junkmail. We received a reply and mail improved almost immediately. That was about two weeks ago. We are still getting other people's mail but at least we're also getting our own mail even if it is late.

You would be suprised at how long some of the mail sits around in the plants. Management has been cutting staffing in all plants. Having to move the mail with less bodies causes the delays.

The guys's picture in the article is showing two parcels. When you send a parcel or package it goes to either the Busse Surface Hub or the Irving Park plant. This mail is sorted by either the APPS or SPBS machine so if the parcel is a bit flimsy it has a tendency to flip into the next bin when sorted. If the employees's on the sweep side of the machine don't look for missent's in the bin then it gets sent wrong. It will be sent back to the same plant.. and most likely will get missorted again and again until someone spots it and manually sends it to the right place.

I've already lodged 4 formal complaints with the USPS in the 3 years I've lived in my neighborhood. The record so far is a check a client sent at the beginning of November showed up just a couple of weeks ago. THe previous record holder was my school teacher wife's summer paycheck arriving 3 months late.

I have to leave a mis-delivered piece of mail in my box at least once per week, sometimes for several days before the carrier decides to actually take it. Makes me wonder how's getting my checks?

I will be getting a PO Box in a different Zip code soon just to put all this crapola behind me.

Beat that.


Mail late(sometimes 8:30 p.m.)- Misdelivered to other addresses. Sometimes opened & partial resealed mail. Mail sent back to sender stating that "no such person at this address" tho have been living same addresses 30+ years. Sale ads that were suppose to be delivered..come 2 weeks after the sale is over with. On top of this the blue mail boxes (recepticles -corner blue boxes) were removed prior to Thanksgiving. Post office said to leave out going mail in house mail box so that the mail carrier can take to post office. We don't get mail but a few days a week (only when our regular mail carrier is on)..if there is a floater (extra mail person)- sometimes they just walk by with a handful of mail down the street & don't even go to houses. If by chance and deliver some mail they do not take the out going mail....they also sometimes leave the mail in a rubberband on the porch (very few stairs) or leave it stuck in the fence...anyone can come along and remove it. If you ask the floater why so late...their comment is "it's a big route". So why don't the Post Office make other arrangements to even out the routes and give better service. Then they say the stamps are going to be raised to 2 cents addition soon.......If enough of us complaint hopefully something can be done.
An irate Brighton Park Customer

I can believe we have the worst mail in the nation. I live in the 50th ward (West Rogers Park) and I recently had a problem with mail delivery. I came home to find all of my neighbor's mail in my mailbox, and my mail was in ANOTHER neighbor's mailbox. I sent in a complaint to the US Post Office's website and was told I'd be getting a phone call from someone, but I never did.

I frequently get other people's mail (although not usually as bad as that one incident) and I also frequently get one of my magazines a week or more late as well.

Very annoying. If you can't do a job well, don't even bother.

I live in Berwyn... and the mail is awful!!! There is an elderly woman with a similar address and last name. Our mail is frequently mixed up, despite the fact that I have complained for the past 5 years. In addition- I mailed holiday cards for my niece, from the post office, and they never arrived at their destination. ALL 20 of them disappeared! My favorite is that on dry days, magazines frequently arrive damp and torn. I recently had two packages that arrived at the post office (I know thanks to the tracking info!) before 7am on a Wednesday, I finally received them two days later, Friday evening. The packages took less time to get from NJ to Berwyn, than they did to get from the post office to my apartment (about 1000 feet!).

I live on one of the condos on West 23rd PLACE, in Unit B. How many times have I been receiving mail from Unit A! Worst yet, a bunch of mail from West 23rd STREET, Units 1, 2 3 and 4 were all dumped into my box. For every letter that was missent to me, I could have lost one of them myself. I returned one of those mail once, with the correction 23rd STREET marked in huge letters on the enevelope. Yes, it was re-sent back to me 2 more times!
At least I always return them to the post office.

I had a box my mom had sent me priorty mail not arrive after almost 3 weeks. I had kept calling my post office and they never could help me. finally I got a 3rd and final attempt notice in my box. I had never recived any others before that.
I've also frequently had packages left on my doorstep when I've not been home and I know they arn't supose to do that.

I am perfectly "fed up" with the mail service here in our postal
area. Mail with wrong addresses are frequently ddropped off at our address. It would seem that postal workers do not know HOW to
READ much less write elsewise how could they consistently get mail
belonging to some other address into my mail box. Statments have
been lost and not delivered to me which has caused me to pay fines and financial fees for which I am not really responsible as I pay all my bills the day I receive them. Then I have had mail
with checks LOST again causing additional late fees and finance
charges because the checks were never received by the bank. I have complained to the Postmaster who wrote a niceletter telling me she had spoken with my postal station and they gave such
excuses and that postmaster believed them. Walk into that station
and see the postal workers that are NOT working but standing around and talking or laughing with some others. One day I went in the postal station tomail a simple package. I was 4th in line.
There was l person working but several walking around, stopping to
look at the ever growing line. By the time I actually was waited
on the line was out the door and into the street!!!! Then they
want ANOTHER POSTAL RAISE.....for what??????? I think the Pony
Express was a far superior postal service!!!!!

Well it's almost that bad down here in Central IL as well. I work for the USPS and it is embarrasing. Postal management will not hire anyone to replace retiring employees, injured employees, maternity leave etc. They gives us lights to strap to our heads and tell us to get it delivered. Most supervisors have zero expierence with Postal Service and it shows. It's really become a joke and I feel for all you up there.

They need a complete over haul. from top to bottom now. I sat on there postal council for six years at ashburn station asking for more help sugesting ways to change the old systens that go's back a hundreds years old, the very good contracts that postal workers get,The management that does nothing to inprove the service, the bids that postal employees can apply for permotion and if their not satisfied with there job they can bid there way out withen months.That's your big problem there has to be an investigation, they have to be held accountable from the postal manager to the carrier. this has been going on to long there has to be a change before asking for a big raise. again and again and again.

Is any surprise that the Post Office and CTA services are the worst since these groups want to hire based on diversity instead of most qualified?

The only mail that comes on time is the bills and political mailers. Come to think of it, that's all the mail I've been getting lately in Rogers Park.

we all know why public services have gone to hell but everyone is afraid to admit it


close the USPS and divide the work between UPS and FedEx. and start selling advertising on stamps to defray the costs.

I think the problem with the mail, especially in my area of the East Side, is that when a mailman is off a substitute is given his route.

Since he or she is filling in they only take a minimum amount because it would be way too much for them to bring all the mail and magazines that the other regular route mailman would do.

The mails is awful here.

No wonder there's so much identity theft. I reside in an apartment but we have a secured lobby area. The mailboxes are a nice size.

However several times I've come home and a stack of mail with a huge rubber band around it is laying on the floor. When I take a look at it, our names, addresses and apartment numbers are on the mail. In addition, the same are on the mailboxes. I know all my information is properly registered with the post office. This has happened several times, and each time, I registered a complaint online.

To make matters worse, a Chicago Cop recently sent me a very small parcel of 2 cd discs of the Gold Star Park Candlelight ceremony. He had his return address on it, but it never arrived, and he never got it back.

This time, he had to resend it certified. I was livid. So either it's missing in action OR stolen.

It's time for major change in Chicago concerning this horrific problem.

On 7 Feb. 2007 I recieved a certified Letter from my job as of this dated 11 March 2007 I do not have it and neither does my job.I called the same day for it tot be redelivered but had to call back the next day. That's when I found out they didn't have it ( 46th Cottage Grove ). I talk to two people who were suppose to be getting back to me and that has not happen. On e person gave me a cell phone number that is being check for trouble. I put in a complaint with the main post office and the man did call me back but he got no answer. They put him on hold and when I gave him the supervisor name and cell phone nuber he got no response from the number, now this is a supervisor with a nor working number that she claims is on 24- 7. This was an important piece of mail. I must state the regular mail person was not on this day. She's one of the best we've had.This post office is one of the worst.We can't keep a regular mail person. I've live here 11 years and there has only been two great mailperson ( both of them got moved ). I even had one mail woman who threw my mail in the rain and then went and start talking about me to the neighbors.You get out dated sales material. I'm a shopper and to get out dated material is unexceptable. You get other peoples mail and checks.Not just once in a while but all the time. There is one company we get there checks all the time.
The United States Post Office is the worse. I have mailed mail and the person that I mailed it to has never gotten it and I mailed it at the main post office ( the Old one when it was open ). Then they have the nerve to want to go up on the postage and the service is something from hell. People who claim the have great service of course are in the those neighborhoods where the post office knows that they bet not mess up their mail. People want there mail delivered at a reasonable time not at 5:00 p.m or 6:00 p.m.You go to the local post office to mail things or to pick up packages and they have two people working who want to hold conversation and take long times with customer, and it's not about giving great service it's about I'm at my job and you need me so I'll take as long as I wish or pure laziness at there job.
There needs to be a better way. You pay high prices for lousy service and it doesn't get better it get worse.
I live in the Bronzeville area.

60640 ZIP Code:
Last year I changed apartments in the same building. I sent in TWO change of address notifications, each a week apart.
I changed the name on the "new" mailbox and taped a note - which was there for over a month - on the "old" mailbox saying that the mail was to be put in the "new" mailbox.
Because I had to give up the key to the "old" mailbox I couldn't check it. I thought I was getting all of my mail.
I ran into the building super in the lobby one day and asked him to open the "old" box for me. There were bills, statements, and tax forms I needed for my federal refund filing.
All in all it cost me over $1000 to get the mess straightened out just because the (obviously) inept delivery man could not or would not put my mail in the correct box - just two boxes over from the "old" one!
I can only think that this was deliberate callousness on the part of the delivery man - no one can be **that** stupid - can they?
Now I use USPS only for Netflix... I do everything else on line because the internet appears to be vastly superior to USPS.

My mail is pathetic. I can beat Franz with his Eintracht - I get Crain's Chicago Business, on average, three weeks late. Yesterday I got a magazine from November.

I don't think it's diversity that's causing the problem - it's just lamebrained and arrogant management combined with lackadaisical workers.

I live in the 41st ward which reported no problems. The alderman must not live here. We do not get our mail until 7 or 8p.m. When we do get it, much of it belongs to someone else and is then hand delivered by a neighbor. Last month I hosted a party for over 100 people. The invitations went out 2 weeks prior to the event. Guests did not receive their invitations until 2 days prior to the party. Some called a week after the party to tell me that they had just received their invitiation. The strangest thing was that the stamps were not cancelled. I did make a formal complaint to the US Postal Department. A friend who is a realtor has mailed post cards announcing the sale of local property. It took 3 weeks for her post cards to be delivered in this same neighborhood. Everyone is concerned about our postal system in the 41st Ward. I think that if the Alderman took the time to ask the people, he might get a different view of our "no postal problem" community.


I never had a problem with the mail until I moved into the city limits. I live 4 miles from Rush University, where I am a student. They sent me my financial aide information and it was POSTMARKED November 7th. I did not receive it until December 12 (which was indeed after the reply deadline).

Over a month to go 4 miles! Thats impressive. According to the post office, my mother, who also lives in bridgeport, has an address that often "doesn't exist" yet she receives mail everyday. The important things just get sent back.

You know your mail is bad when it would be quicker to walk across the country and back to get a letter than it would be for it to be delivered by the postal service.

We live in Evergreen Park and our mail is also terrible still waiting for our airline tickets mailed 11/13/2006. Just received mail that should have been here Feb 26. Somedays no mail at all then a whole bunch the next day.

This is interesting that mail delivery hasn't improved since the 90's. I use to live at 2252 Waveland Ave 60618 (6 years ago)and the mail carrier continually delivered my mail to 2252 Grace. I talked to the carrier, the local post office, and the downtown post office. Most of my complaints fell on deaf ears. Most of the time they had people answering the phones that could barely speak English. The problem could never be rectified. I finally talked to the resident at 2252 Grace and we made an arrangement to get each others mail to each other. I called the alderman's office at the time and remember a sarcastic man giving his common answer of we have some of the best delievery in the city.

At one time, the door to our apartment building was not working correctly for the mailperson to "buzz in". At times, they would ring one of the apartments and we let them in, but that stopped. Finally that was stopped, and I ran into the mail person who siad it was all at the post office. We both went to the post office, and after waiting in a long, long line, with our proper I.D. that stated who wwe were and where we lived, but were refused when we requested our mail as it had to delivered.
There must be a better way!
This is the lakeview station on Irving Park.
In my previous apartment, it had a private entrance and mail slot. if the regular carrier was not on, I would have to chase the mail person down the street and show them, that right next to the main door, was another door with a mail slot.


I live in the 60645 area. I am shock according to your map. I have had several complaints over the years and even the past two weeks. I call the post office directly. I even go in to complain. We used to have an advisory council, but they post office disbanded us with the excuse that they have not appointed a new supervisor as yet and when an OFFICIAL one will be appointed we can come back.
I have been getting mail for people on the SOUTH side with matching numbers and street name. THe excuse is that the bar code put on 60645. YET the printed address has the correct zipcode. Machines read the address not people. Yet I thought people deliver the mail. --But they do not look at the number or which part of the city it should go to. I also had my mail delivered a month late. The other day we received 12 pieces of mail all marked respond before the 10th of the month. We even got a piece of mail that was dated JANUARY 5th mailing.
We have mail not put into the box and just laid on the floor. There are many other people in the 60645 area that have complaintes and have even been complaining to our Rep. Jan Schankowsky.
NO feedback. But people in 60645 have been complaining. We are part of the 50th ward. SO look further into your map and people.

Mail delivery @ zip 60618 is so bad that the word non existent comes close to the truth. Late/Non/Wrong-deliveries are the norm instead of the exeception. The whole thing is a joke, but with checks, bills being a part of it a very bad one. Congress man Danny Davis is on the Congressional committee overseeing the USPS. Call his office at 773-533-7520 and enxplain what is going on. The more people do this the quicker things will change. Make notes of your conversations with time/date and person you talk to. Stay on the "case" if you want it to improve. Accountability by the persons responsible would be a good start. Job security should be made an issue if performance is not improving starting with the Post Master General in DC

I have tried as hard as I can these past few years to insolate myself from the negative aspects and ramifications of poor postal service.

In this regard, I have consolodated as many of my bills as possible, pay almost every single one of them on-line, and have recently signed up for direct deposit with my employer so I no longer have to worry about whether or not I'll get my pay check.

I also use direct deposit for my IRS returns.

Having witnessed a hugh turnover in the delivery personel that serve my area, and having talked to more than a few of them, I've come to the conclusion that I don't want these semi-literate, lackadaisical employees to be responsible for my financial well being.

Their incompetence can be costly; damaging your credit, and causing needless frustration. The Internet is the solution.

This story is not surprising but it's great to see it in print! I've printed it out and will be citing it to the people who can't believe I don't get their mail.

My local post office Irving Park 60641 has to be one of the worst in the nation. Throughout the early to mid 90s we had a new station manager once or twice a year. As I recall, one of the letter carriers who was arrested for hording and not delivering mail was from my zipcode. Things have been getting bad again for the past 2 or 3 years.

In the past 9 months it's gotten extremely bad! I've had numerous bills (phone and insurance) simply vanish never to be delivered. I've had other bills arrive 2-3 weeks late. (Fortunately, I get most of my bills now electronically or this could be worse!) Then to add insult, I've had numerous pieces of mail properly addressed to me returned to the senders marked "adressee unknown".

Also, package delivery is abysmal. I've signed the re-delivery cards for packages that won't fit in my mailbox and had the packages returned to the sender or refused to be delivered by the carrier. Once I had to call the station and demand that the letter carrier deliver a package that was critically time sensitive after I had left the redelivery card authorizing for the package to be left 3 times and taped a note to the mailbox saying I was home please ring the bell! The carrier ignored the redelivery cards and note and left a card saying the package would be returned to the sender if I didn't fetch it from the post office in X days.

No less than once a week I have someone else's mail stuck in my mail box. Two weeks ago, 4 times I had the wrong mail and it's not like it's someone in the same building or down the block! These are people in different zip + 4 and whose names aren't remotely close to my own.

How does someone get onto these local advisory committees? I'd be glad to go and keep these things from being swept under the rug.

On November 15 I mailed a check from Vernon Hills to a doctor in Gurnee. They received it January 10. Also, my auto insurance company mailed my renewal (effective Feb. 1) on December 28 (from San Antonio) including the important proof-of-insurance cards. I've yet to receive it. Thank Goodness for e-mail.

I forgot to add, that going to the Irving Park 60641 station is as pleasant as having your teeth drilled without anesthesia.

Some observations about the 60641 station.
1. Doors are locked after posted opening hours, and when they do unlock them, the clerks aren't ready to conduct business, but are still "counting their drawers".
2. Doors are locked before the posted closing hours so you can't drop your mail inside instead of risking the outdoor boxes.
3. The outdoor boxes according to the posted times aren't emptied up to closing time - so even if you drop mail in the box at 4pm it won't get "picked up" until the next day!

For these reasons, and the fact that mail mailed from 60641 also doesn't get where it needs to go, I usually drop my mail at a different zip code.

I live in the Lincoln Square 60625 area. Delivery to my house is fine when my regular mail carrier is working, but our neighborhood post office at Lawrence & Western is a real Kafkaesque nightmare.

During busy periods the clerks abandon their posts for longer and longer periods of time, until a line of customers snakes out the door. I bought a P.O. Box but mail sent is always rejected and no one can explain why, much less fix it.

It's clear that there is no accountability whatsoever - the staff treats all of us with diffidence, if not outright disdain.

The only question is: what exactly should we do to raise hell and get this fixed? Who is accountable?

My wife and I moved from Wicker Park (60622) to Diversey and Western (60618). It took three trips to the old post office to get them to acknowledge the TWO change of address forms I filed. It took 8 weeks to see any forwarded mail. To this day, after four months, I have received SEVEN pieces of forwarded mail. To say our postal system is the worst doesn't give any scope to the enormity of the problem. If they were a "real" company I honestly would have sued them in court for breech of contract. So USPS where is my mail?!

On Feb 1st,2007 I sent a envelope Certified Mail to zip code 60660,package was attemped delivery twice,last time being Feb.12th,still not accepted,so then I started sending emails,calling because by this time this package should have been sent back to me or my Post Office,I called one evening & got the most uncoperative person with such a bad attitude who told me that it should be sent back to me on or about the 26th,still no envelope. Finally last week I went back to my Post office & the manger has tried to help me,but all they keep telling her is we can't find it,so where did it go. The envelope is a 8x12 how could you not locate it & it has a certified label on it. This envelope contained very very important papers that I will now have to try & get copies of from several places. So to say all of this,I know what the residents of Chicago are going thru it is a very poor mail system,like someone else said thank god for e-mail.

I live in a courtway building (60653) with a popluation are over a hundred apartments. I have been living in this apartment for almost five years. At least twice a month and some months more the entire building's residents don't receive any mail. It isn't logically that no one in this large building won't receive any mail for sometimes three days in a row not even bulk mail. Whenever we all decided to call our local post office, they seems lost for reasons. I have an account with book club who automatically mails me a book on the 28th of each month and should take up to ten working days. Within the last four months after twenty working days, I have had to call them(Book Club) to resend me a book because I haven't received the book that was mailed on the 28th of the past month. Twice I have ended up with two books of the same title because the lost book finally finds its way to me around the same time that the second shipped book arrives. Where is my mail?

We had a problem when the lock on our apartment building's mailboxes went bad, meaning that the carriers couldn't leave the mail in the boxes. So they just started dumping it all in a pile on the floor, unsorted. This went on for over a couple of weeks. Finally, our building manager caught the carrier and asked him if he'd turned in a request at the Post Office to have the lock fixed, as he was supposed to do. The carrier replied, "I don't feel like turning in those forms should be part of my job." The building manager eventually tracked down the person responsible for getting the lock fixed, with no help from the carrier.
The problem isn't staffing levels, etc. The problem is that too many Post Office employees just don't care. They have no fear of losing their jobs if they perform poorly because their supervisors don't care about that. They should all be audited for job performance and have to meet specific goals to keep their jobs. If they were graded the same way, for example, as FedEx or UPS drivers, we'd have decent service. Instead, we have a bloated, barely functioning jobs program for people who'd never make it in the real business world.

Our mail has arrived after dark since the start of the new year, if we get it at all. (Maybe daylight savings time will help.) The worst was when we were waiting for the all-important H.S. acceptance letters to arrive on Saturday, February 24th. Our mail came at 10:45pm, during that horrible ice storm. This was the all-time record. We watched the mailman from our front windows, and worried that he would give up before he got to us. Who could blame him?!

When I was a kid, we ALWAYS had our mail by 1:00 p.m. Now, it often doesn't come until 5 or 6 at night. There have been times when we didn't get any delivery on a day when there should have been a mail delivery. We get mail with addresses down the block, or on other streets all together. I won't even go into what goes in the box and what winds up in the milk bin we placed under the box so the mail isn't left on the floor. And then I see in the Sun-Times map of the city that there are no problems with postal delivery in the 50th ward!!!!! I wish someone had told me that as all these problems are occuring at my home in the 50th ward!!

I see some postal employees have posted excuses here. Stop your complaining and do your job. No excuses are acceptable. If you cannot handles the work load go find another job.

zIP CODE 60616
Hey, Bed,Bath and Beyond, Macy's, Avenues Womans Stores - the reason I did not make it to the huge sales you were having is that the coupons or adds arrived well after the date of sale. Hmmmm, who is to blame? I was very frustrated with this, so I walked my frustration off by delivering the mail in my mailbox that didn't belong to me!


I recently moved to 60644. Mail forwarding has been mixed. Cards with checks, Netflix shipments, packages from businesses, all missing - unfound and unreturned to sender. I get my neighbors' mail often- I just walk it over. Like other people on this blog I have started checking bills and paying them online and when I have a choice - I ship Fed Ex as even UPS doesn't seem to serve my new neighborhood as well as they did in 60626. I will never, ever think of using the USPS for Amazon orders again. I waited a month for that package...

We live in the Logan Square area. Besides the problems numerated by others, what really upsets me is the irregularity with which mail is being delivered. For example, last week the delivery times varied between 5:00PM and 9:30PM, with no delivery at all one day. This has been going on for a year or so. Our complaints to the local 'carrier supervisor' were either being put on Hold for up to 10 minutes at a time or promises that this was only a temporary problem.
An increase in postal rates is ridiculous.
Our alderman said he would meet with postal authorities.

I live in Dolton 60419. I and my husband are both retired. Some of our children live out of state so we go to visit them often. My horror story is that although I went to the post office and filled out the form to have my mail stopped while I am away, once it was not done. I have a mail slot but imagine my surprise when I got home to see my mail all over my porch! A haven for home invaders! Now I don't trust them anymore and have someone looking out just in case. Also, mail is delivered late a lot.

60649. What a station, late deliverys, no deliveries, and the station is something not to be desired. To pick up packages one must wait at the window until someone arrives to retrieve your package. I have had to call the main office [station] to request that someone give service to the patrons. It would help if a bell were installed to get attention. I have been waited on by window clerks who had food in their hands while trying to wait on the patron not to mention the clerk not knowing the current date. This should be known by all workers in the Postal system, it would probably assist them in doing a better job.

It's not just the city that is having trouble with the mail, I live in Markham and our mail service is terrible, I did not get my bills and other important mail that should come once a month, another thing I missed a suprise party because the invitation never showed up the USPS stinks

23 days for mail from downtown to Garfield Ridge? 32 days from
Naples Florida. 19 days from Lombard Il. Rarely is mail delivered before 8PM, never before 6PM. Raise the rates and I
will use UPS. The Post Office on Archer Ave is an administrative

One thing I cannot figure out is that every entrance to the courtyard building in which I reside has its own ZIP+4, which would lead one to believe that automated sorting is in play. Nonetheless, I routinely have to exchange misdelivered mail with a neighbor who has a different ZIP+4 yet shares the same first two letters of my surname. However, she is of Armenian extraction, and her last name is fully three times the length of mine--there's simply no room for confusion. This seems to suggest either very poor automation or simple illiteracy among the USPS staff.

(Fifth ward.)

Woodridge mail carriers are too lazy to bring packages from their mail truck with them when delivering. Always leaving a pink slip for pickup at the Post Office (where the ignorant workers, who think they are some kind of authority figures, need 5 minutes or more to take care of each customer)- even lying that the buzzer was broken if questioned. No complaint can be made as they have some kind of fraternity mindset going. Terrible service.


I thought the Wicker Park Post Office was the worst. Last time I went in to complain I was 15th in a line of angry people while the 1 person working behind the counter (in the middle of the day on a weekday) explained there was no manager on duty then to an elderly man who was complaining that though he'd tried calling for a week, he could never be put in touch with a manager about his mail delivery.
My complaints that day were :
1. for a week no mail...while I got NO mail the other three apartments in our building had ALL their mail shoved in a box meant for our rent checks.

2. My packages are always left sitting out on the porch of our building, no notice is ever left (complaining for five years about that still has not changed that fact which means sometimes my packages are opened and or stolen after being delivered. Is it so hard to ring a buzzer or leave a notice like they are supposed to for items that don't fit in a box?

I guess the good news is my boyfriend finally last week(on march 8th) got his valentine that I mailed from the post office a block from our house a week before Valentine's Day.

Hi blog community. 1st, I want to apologize for the unfortunate, half-hearted service of the Chicago Postal Service, as I work for the main location on Harrison. I am a mail processor, and I have to agree, things should, and COULD be better. I myself received my W-2's over a MONTH later than expected, probably due to the fact I moved from one NW Indiana neighborhood to another...but in the same city!
Here's the main problems from my experience:
A: Cowardly supervisors/managers in personel. There have been times where I've heard a supervisor threaten to take corrective action to remedy a problem with late mail, only to back down afterwards. Also, too many 'follow the heard' and look for scapegoats to blame, versus holding EVERYONE accountable, even themselves and co-worker friends.
B: Maintenance supervision. I process mail for one of the zip codes mentioned here, last night in fact (Saturday March 10th). The automation machine I use ran horribly for the past week, although five different technicians inspected it. Today, it ran so bad, I had to move to a different machine to process the mail. My supervisor informed me that the technician had repaired the machine, so I returned. However, when I tried to 'start up', the monitor generated the same error message I'd seen all week. I'm thinking, CAN ANYONE HERE FIX THE DAMN MACHINE??
C: Poor communication within. We are just now taking steps to communicate better via signs posted within the mailroom floor, a move that should have been done long time ago.

Its allways the mail service. Do you shovel your steps when its snow? Block mounted mail boxes? let your mail sit for days when you pick it up? Maybe everyone needs to take a chill pill.
Carriers take vacations , call in sick and have a life. We dont enjoy being late on the route, you should be lucky that people get on the Overtime list to cover for those on vacation.
I had people talk smack to me when i carry mail for ot on another route. So what if the mail is late, you will get it. on time or late but you will. people mistake delivery times with the way people ship the items, Bulk and media will take days thats how medicine is sent anyways. You get what you pay for.

I live across from the main 60638 Post office We have plenty of problems Carriers with "Miners Hats" on Delivering mail in the dark. Not getting Government Checks on time and being told when we call the "800" number that it not their problem Bet they get their Government Paycheck on time. And being treated rudley when you go in to ask questions about delivery One of my neighbors was told the reason they don"t get the "food ads" every Tuesday is because the Tribune Company takes your name of the list and then puts it back on. Imagine that.

I am "serviced" by the Rogers Park Post Office at Devon & Hermitage. Service from there is horrible. I've seen a former nun preaching, yelling, and hassling customers standing in-line at the post office. The person is well known to the employees there, yet they would refuse to stop it. The station managed refused to stop it. Mail delivery from that post office to our address has been lousy since November 2006. We had good delivery service here before then, but some postal administrator changed the route structure and put our street on a different route. Since that happened, we've had substitute carriers and really awful delivery problems. Mail has been left at the wrong addresses. In one case it was thrown on the floor in the entry way of an adjacent 6-flat. Mail delivery has been chronically late. 6:30pm, 7pm, 8:45pm. We did not get any mail delivery at all on Sat., Feb. 17. Since Mon., Feb. 19 was a federal holiday, we didn't get our Saturday delivery until the following Tuesday. I filed a complaint with the US Postal Service. They promised a response within a couple of business days, but I got none. I had to file another complaint about the lack of response to my first complaint before I got a response. I also sent in a complaint via Congresswoman Shakowsky's office, which was faxed to the congressional liason at the USPS. I got no response to that at all. I have talked to administrators at the Rogers Park post office. They have been consistantly rude and have tried to b.s. their way around the problems -- particularly the station supervisor at Rogers Park. It's just horrible, horrible customer service there. I think the regular full time carriers generally due a good job. We had good mail delivery when we had a regular carrier. The post office managers at Rogers Park are another story altogether. Just horrible. They should all be fired immediately.

And then there's the post office on Broadway between Lawrence and Ainslie ... another nightmare.

I think your story was just the tip of the iceberg. It's much, much worse than that all over the city. I can't tell you how many people I've talked to about my problems with the Rogers Park and Uptown post offices. I almost always hear back from them a story that is even worse than mine.

The postal service in Chicago IS bad! It's really, really bad.

I live in ZIP CODE 60622, Wicker Park Postal Station. The mail service has been terrible. Mail is delivered or I should say dumped some nights at 9 and 10 p.m. I say dumped because the mail carrier just puts everyone's mail in one person's door and expects that person to deliver mail...outside...to their neighbors. When I complained to the Supervisor at Wicker Park Postal Station I was told maybe the mailcarrier could not read the address. Why are they delivering mail at night if they cannot read the addresses? Who knows how much mail is sitting in someone's home. With identify theft it is very scary. When you go to the post office to try to find out what is going on they are either very rude or will not talk to the customers. What puzzles me is why the Sun Times is reporting that the Alderman of the 27th Ward, Burnett's office, reported having no mail problems.

I have, over the last two years, received mail belonging to people I dont know. The one thing we have in common is the first four digits of our address. Apparently, our mailman refuses to take the time to check the entire street address and lumps all the mail with the same 4 digits together. I started re-delivering the mail myself until I realized it wasn't my job. I took the stray mail to the Ashburn station supervisor, who kind of shrugged and called the mailman out. His reply? "Why don't you just stick it back in the mailbox?" Don't bother notifying the postal inspector, either. I did, and I still get the wrong mail.

I'm a letter carrier in Texas. I grew up in Chicago for the 1st 20 years of my life. I too am a postal customer, and feel your fustration on mail delivery. I just hope you don't blame all of your delivery problems on the letter carriers. Everyone seems to concentrate on the bad ones. There are thousands of good carriers across the country. Remember every profession had its share of bad/lazy people, we are no exception. The root of the problem is current postal management and the postal unions. All management cares about are computer generated reports. They don't care about the customers. As long as we make our predetermined numbers, that will keep managements bosses off their backs. They try to tell everybody to deliver their routes in 8 hours, when most routes take 10 to 12 hours a day to move all the mail for the day. That's why you get 2nd & 3rd class mail late after a sale has already ended. This class of mail is often curtailed so we can make their numbers. The lazy carriers we have often hide behind union/management contract agreements to do the absolute mimimum amount of work. So it's difficult to get rid of them. My suggestion is if possible, try to get to know your carrier on a personal level if at all possible (just a suggestion). Maybe this will help them to serve you better. The other solution would be to rid the postal service of all current management and bring in some fresh blood and ideas. Good luck Chicago.

I have been waiting for this! Here goes...
#1- I no longer can order from Amazon.com unless the package is delivered by UPS. The US Postal service STEALS all of my Amazon packages. I have had thefts from the 22nd & State Street P.O. as well as the suburban P.O.'s! I have to pay more money with UPS, but at least they don't STEAL my packages from Amazon!!
#2- It is impossible to report problems to the Postal Police. Go online and try! What a joke and farce!
#3- I have not had a regular mailman for years. My mail gets delivered at 5:30pm daily... when delivered.
#4- I paid off my car in January 10, 2007. The bank sent me the title on January 16, 2007 (postmark). I did not get my title until March 2007! In the meantime, I called the bank to get a duplicate, they invalidated the title, yet it arrived months later. I DO NOT EVEN KNOW IF MY TITLE IS VALID NOW! The P.O. really screwed me big time with that delayed delivery!
#5- The Cardiss Collins parking garage is a J-O-K-E! A mechanical gate was installed years ago, but never activated. So, instead of using and paying for parking in the EMPLOYEE lot, postal workers park for FREE in the Customers Lot! They boldly park their cars and walk through the employee gates to get to work. There have been times at 6am when the customer lot is packed! But, the customer service area will be empty!! ANYBODY IN THE CITY CAN PARK IN THE CARDISS COLLINS POST OFFICE LOT FOR FREE, JUST LIKE THE POSTAL WORKERS!!!
#6- I live in an apartment building and I am ALWAYS getting other people's mail who live down the street! I guess the mailman cannot read numbers. Its pathetic!!
#7- I have to maintain a P.O. box because my crucial professional mailings often do not come to me. So, I always have to call organizatoins and get duplicates.

awful mail delivery here-we moved to logan square from rogers park on jan. 1 and still haven't received mail sent from relatives before the move. we have mail being delivered after 9 pm and most of the time we don't get saturday mail at all....we constantly get our downstairs neighbor's mail even though our boxes are clearly marked! complaining has been a waste of time and futile as nothing gets done to rectify the situation.

I am in 60608 - over 25 years - great letter carriers - first Roy then Natasha - always come at 3 pm - 6 days a week. Guess we are lucky in this zip code.

I live by the 60622 Post Office in Wicker Park and last time there was a big snowfall here I didn't get mail for FOUR DAYS. I did however see mail in the snow all over my block which may have been because everyone else on my block was getting mail that did not belong to them.

When I called in to complain the phone seriously rang about 10 times before someone picked it up with a disgusted "Yeah". Since they didn't even say HELLO I wasn't sure it was the post office but oh yes, it was them and guess who was no where to be found? The manager. She said "I don't know when he'll be back" Where is here on a monday afternoon? Doesn't he have a job? How come I can never get him on the phone or complain to someone in charge in person? How come the lines are always 20 people long? Hire more people! Do your jobs right! I am a manager of a company and guess what? I find my job is done best by actually BEING at work to take care of problems.

My husband and I moved within Aurora last summer. After repeated calls to the Aurora Post Office (who repeatedly claimed no wrongdoing), we finally went to our old house - there was a grocery bag FULL of our mail that had not been delivered. This included bills, concert tickets, and of course lots of junk mail. My husband took the mail to the Aurora Post Office, who FINALLY admitted that a new letter carrier on the route for our old house was unaware of the address change, and gave us letters to send in with overdue bills to avoid any late charges. But still, it took about two months to rectify the situation - an across-town move utilizing the same post office should not cause that much headache.

Hi! I live in the zip code 60647. I am receiving mail posted one or two weeks behind the sales dates. I am waiting for my church
envelopes that are two weeks behind I still did not receive them and the church is 4 blocks away from my house.One time the mail person came banging on my door at 7:00 at night.

My mail is delivered from the postal station at Devon and Paulina in West Rogers Park. On February 2, 2007, Amazon.com shipped a DVD that I had ordered and, according to the retailer, the item should have arrived no later than February 13th came and went. I contacted Amazon.com who later informed me that the package ended up in the WRONG zip code area: 60607. I'm in the 60660 area. In addition, Amazon told me that the Chicago postal service had lost the package. A replacement DVD was shipped, via UPS 2-day deliver, and it arrived ON TIME.

I have also experienced late mail delivery. I'm lucky if my mail arrives by 6:00 P.M.

West Rogers Park

Although I've moved to the suburbs I still have problems with mail sent to me from the city. During the recent November 2006 elections I missed my chance to serve as an election judge in my voting precinct because a letter sent to me from the Cook County Board of Elections never arrived even though the Cook County office swears the letter was mailed to me. At present I'm awaiting a letter for the upcoming village board election. I can only hope and pray that the Chicago Post Office doesn't screw it up again.

1. In Nov. or Dec., 2005, the Chicago Post Office changed the pickup times at the drop boxes, so that mail would be picked up 2 hours earlier. There was no public announcement, as far as I know. Instead of having your mail picked up at the local boxes at noon, mail would be picked up at 10:00 a. m.

If you work out of your house, this can be a big problem. If you must get the mail out, and it's after 10:00, you can give your mail to a carrier (if you can find one), but he may forget to drop it off at the post office, or he may not get there prior to 5:00 p. m., when the mail is picked up there.

For weekdays, you can travel to another box with a later pickup time, but for Saturdays, there is only the single 10:00 pickup.

2. I complained about the above, and was told that this was necessary in order for the P. O. to meet its goal of next-day delivery.

I said that there should at least be a drop box within 1/2 mile of every residence (by putting such boxes along the main streets). The reply I got gave several addresses, and it said they were within 1/2 mile of my house, but any fool could easily see that they were a lot farther than 1/2 mile. It was also suggested that I take my mail to the PO, but I thought that the purpose of the drop boxes is to allow us to drop off our mail without having to go to the PO.

3. I noticed that there are several drop boxes (and probably many more that I have not noticed) along Milwaukee Ave. (and nearby), in 60618, between Diversey and Belmont, that did not get new stickers (that post the pickup times). I made numerous complaints, to my Alderman, Cong. Luis Gutierrez, and postal officials, but I got a pack of lies from the PO, including the (then) Chicago Postmaster. They told me, several times, that the new stickers had been, or would be in a few weeks, posted on the boxes. A supervisor from 60618 even tried to tell me that the south side of Milwaukee Ave. in that vicinity was under 60647, but this is incorrect. She also suggested to me that I had a lot of time on my hands (because we are not supposed to be able to take the time to hold them accountable!).

They told me, wrote to me, and told the local Customer Service Office that the stickers had been affixed, but they were lies. Eventually, stickers were posted on the boxes at Milwaukee/Central Park, the ones I kept using as a reference, but not on the others in that vicinity. (The ones posted were apparently done with one hand, as they were haphazardly slapped on with bubbles under the stickers. NOBODY CARES, and nobody makes them care.

I have my file of correspondence and will provide it to the Sun-Times upon request.

4. Prior to working with the Chicago Customer Service Office, I had tried to work with 800-ASKUSPS. I kept telling them that the problem with the lack of stickers was in 60618. When they asked for my address, I provided it, but I clearly told them that while I lived in 60647, that I was just south of the border between 60647 and 60618. I very clearly told them, several times, to take the inquiry to 60618, and not 60647, but they kept taking it to 60647. Are these employees on work release?

5. Sale papers frequently arrive over a week after the one-week sale has ended. The solution IS NOT for the PO to throw them away, but rather, to get on the stick and deliver them on time. For one particular sale paper, I am maintaining a log with the sale dates and the dates when the papers are received.

6. I received a piece of mail with the wrong postmark date. In other words, the mail was delivered prior the postmark date. That could cause a serious problem if someone had a deadline to meet, such as is the case with tax payments. I reported this, but never got a response.

7. I recently received a piece of mail that was very late in getting to me. It was properly addressed, including the 9 digit zip code, but the sorting facility added on the wrong bar code. I know it was incorrect, because it imprinted the incorrect zip code.

8. There have been instances where I get mail addressed to other people at other addresses. It's bad enough when it is for someone on my block, or a differnet block on the same street, but there are instances where the mail was addressed to a different street! Carriers can blame this on the sorting facility, but I feel that carriers should be required (and they probably are required) to look at each piece of mail, prior to delivering it, to insure that this does not happen.

9. I frequently see carriers delivering the mail while talking on their cell phones. Until the problems with mis-deliveries is solved, I feel that this should be prohibited, and that supervisors should occasionally drive around to enforce this. The penalty might involve docking that carrier's pay, but it should not involve a suspension, because the PO is short of carriers as it is.

i live in 60618, and we have filed numerous complaints about our mail service. sometimes it doesn't come for days at a time. and if does come it comes between 5 and 7 pm. often it is put in the wrong mailboxes. we have an unofficial inter-apartment mail system because residents will deliver other people's mail to them. our netflix has been found numerous times in the junk mail box underneath the regular mailboxes. when our mail does come it sometimes is all crinkled up from being shoved haphazardly into the box. there are moments in time were the mail will come at a regular time and by the same person, but that is usually short lived. i used to live in 60647, and we had awesome mail service. i wonder if that was due to a regular mailman and living so close to the post office in the area.

I work in 60660, and have few complaints.

I live in 60618 - holy crap! I've had mail returned to sender, and I was told it was because my last name wasn't spelled EXACTLY the same on the letter as it was on the mailbox. I have a 12-letter German last name, so it WILL get misspelled from time to time. So they return bills and such if the name isn't exact, yet I constantly get mail from tenants that moved out last April!

I complain all the time to the 800 number, and I'm told I'll get a call back from my local office. They call me maybe 25% of the time, and usually I'm either still sleeping (especially when they call at 7:41 on a Saturday morning) or at work. Forget trying to call them back - the line is either busy, the phone rings at least 20 times, or once someone does pick up, you're on hold for 40 minutes.

The way I see it is that it's an elaborate game of match in a city with variable weather. It pays at least $38,000 a year to start, with benefits and pension - if you can't handle mail delivery in Chicago, quit so that someone who is willing and able to do it right can get the job.

I live in 60620. In Dec. I mailed a bill at the Post office in 60805, two days later I received a phone call informing me that my bill for Home Depot had not been paid because it was delivered to a customers home. The man graciously called me, to inform me that he had my check. The reason I mailed the letter at the Evergreen Park Post Office was because they removed the mail boxes in the neighborhood and you can't find parking around the Auburn Park post office. I have a pretty good carrier (20), but we can tell when he's not on duty because those are the days we either don't receive mail or its delivered at night. For some reason we now never receive Joanne and Hancock flyers until the sale is over. Thanks for letting me vent, because at the post office you might as well be talking to your self.

zip code 60649 (charles Hayes Station) has got to be the absolute worst station in the city. The mail is delivered on time IF the regular carrier is on the case... If he's notaround...forget it!! Complain? to who?? HOWEVER it is not the delivery that is the real issue. It is the attitude (BAD) of the clerks in the station. One could visit the station at a busy time of day, or Saturday morning, are there is one window open, and three clerks standing around. There is always a line!! (And some of them act as if they are doing YOU a favor by helping you.) Not all the clerks..but a few for sure. Getting into the station is a problem because of the permanent "beggars" and pan handlers who position themselves right in the middle of the doorway...whew?

I live in Worth Il & have great mail service. I mailed a birthday invitation to my friend in Oakforest on 2/2/07 & received it back on 3/9/07. It said returned to sender no mail receptacle, unable to forward. the party was 3/03/07. She has lived there for years & does have a mail box. What is wrong with the mail service in Oakforest?

Wow, I thought my mail service in 60640 was the worst, but didn't realize its bad all over! In 60613 I used to get the neighbors mail all the time, occasionally received letters torn in half and taped back together. In 60640 its mostly mangled letters and postcards smashed into the box without any care by the letter carrier.
However, the 60601 post office downtown is very friendly and helpful, they do a great job.

I sent a package from California to Chicago last month with a USPS delivery confirmation receipt so that I can track it. The package arrived in Chicago about 2 days later, but it wasn't delivered until 3 to 4 days afterwards. It was only delivered after I called the local Chicago USPS to inquire about the package. The USPS worker was rude and didn't want to assist me until I told her that I have a delivery confirmation saying the package has been at that specific location about 3 to 4 days ago. That was when she placed me on hold and went searching for the package. She then told me that the package 'might be delivered by that day,' but it was not guaranteed. The package was delivered later that same day but only after I called the USPS 800 number and then Chicago's local USPS office for assistance.

Ha....want to hear a good one? Even after living at this location for 18 years, every time my regular mailperson goes on vacation, or is out for whatever reason I end up not getting my mail. My mother has gotten mail returned to her saying "addressee unknown". The worst was when a bill from a hospital was returned three times to the hospital because "addressee unknown" was marked. I was then sent to a collection agency! You can only imagine what I had to go through to keep my credit straight. I have called and called every time to ask about it and they apologize and say they will look for my mail. It gets worse each time. The last time, about a month ago, my neighbor had about one weeks worth of my mail. They had received it each day.


To all the people reading this blog the problem is the management.It is the powers that be ... they try and micro manage to make their numbers look good. Leaving the public to suffer late mail and bad service . To management it is not about customer service anymore it is about the new boat they can buy with their big bonus checks they get for crunching numbers.. So give the mailman a break it is not him or her It is the management not hiring people and working the crap out of the people they have.

that is a lie it is the mailman and ladys fault too, they are they lazy ones who put the mail in the wrong slot, they are are the ones with the attitude

If you really want to know why your mail is always late and mis deliveries occur, why would you ask anyone in upper management? Why wouldn't you ask someone who is in the field, actually doing the work?

I am a letter carrier in the Western suburbs, with 20+ years of delivering mail. I have never seen morale so bad, because of the way the carriers are treated. The post office came up with a new way of delivering YOUR mail. In the name of progress and automation, they have decided to make carriers handle three separate bundles of mail almost on a daily basis. Since I only have two hand, and every carrier I know has two hands, how is it possible to carry three bundles of mail in a timely and safe manner? It's proven that this "system" takes longer and is less efficient than the two-bundle system.

The post office has a hiring freeze in effect. That means they cannot hire people who are in it for the long run. When you interviewed the Chicago postmaster, she talked of hiring more workers, but unfortunately, these are not career employees. They are part-time workers, known as casuals, with no benefits and an 89-day lease. Most of these casuals last two weeks, and they quit.
When someone retires or quits, instead of assigning another carrier to that route, they take the deliveries from that route, and add them on to neighboring routes, thus making each routes longer, and over burdening the carriers on those routes.

Do you think we like to be out there until 8:00 and 9:00 every night? We understand people would like to have their all their mail in timely manner every day, but on a day to day basis we never know what "extras" we're going to have thrown at us.

You heard the standard answers from upper management. If you really want the truth, you need to talk to the carriers themselves.

60622 Wicker Park Post Office - worst post office ever. I never get out of there in under an hour. Always long lines, always employees in the back not working, always customers told "We don't know where your package is, sorry, if we find it we'll call you."

60647 Rec'd Valentines day card 1 month late. A Christmas card sent to me was returned to the sender overseas with Addressee Unknown. Always get neighbors mail mixed in with our own.

I just moved here from another part of the country, and the mail is not like this elsewhere. This is terrible, someone please fix it.

you mail people need to stop lying and start doing yout job because my point was proven again today

i ordered from amazon and i went to track my package today

so it stated that i missed the delivery but i was home all day and was on the porch when my mail was delivered

it also stated he tried to deliver it at 1200 am? you guys are all whiners who are only got the job because of the color of your skin or what does not hang between your legs

The Postal Service is full of good employees of all races and ages that work well together(some do not). The problem with the USPS is the managers and supervisors. If you trace the problems, you will find that they started when management began focusing on processing the mail fast as opposed to correctly. The last week of Feb., I found a credit card payment addressed to Palatine, Il that had a postmark of Dec. 16th. It had been missent to the Phillipines. Automation is going to run the USPS into the ground!

Who STEALS my Amazon packages from the Post Offices- Management or mail carriers?

Who places everyone's mail in my mailbox- Management or mail carries?

Who loses all of my important and crucial mail documents- Management, mail carriers or mail sorters?

Who is doing all the laughing and cackling behind the Postal Counters at 20th and State Street- Management or postal clerks?



Well the problem with the postal service is that they seem to always want to try & save money by not hiring full time employees. They want to always use temporary part-time people that no matter how hard they work or what a great job they may be doing the postal service will never hire them fulltime because they don't want to pay for medical benefits. But when you think of all the claims they must pay out it would cost them far less money to hire good people & pay benefits than it would to constantly keep paying out lost & or damage claims. Plus the employees know that it takes an act of Congress for them to get fired so they tend to do as they wish & the supervisors are just as bad as the employees. As with any job the employees will only do what the supervisors allow them to do, so if the supervisors allow them to constantly come to work late, mope around & drink coffee & talk about nothing to other employees all day then they will do just that. I think the employees need to be let known that if they don't perform they won't have a job.

you think you have it bad try living in shady oaks park in minooka. we don't get our mail until around 4pm if they feel like delivering it that day. i have had packsges stolen from my back door because they don't listen when you have gone to the post office and tell them what is going on. i have had no mail for days and than i get a ton of it. i have missed out on sales at the local stores and get mail from harrahs weeks after thier promotions. trying to say something to them at the local post office is like banging your head against the wall!

I live in the 12th Ward..Alderman George Cardenas's Ward---In Sunday's paper 3-11-07 it had a assessment of mail problems....it claimed that 12th Ward/Alderman Cardenas's Ward had shown that there was no response of having mail delivery problems...oh yes we do and plenty of them. Supposely when you call his office they claim to meet with Postal Official about problems in the area...then how come it showed " will meet" from wards where alderman or staff have met or will meet with postal officials. He was just re-elected for this ward....Alderman Cardenas knew about this problem for awhile and being a long time resident of the ward I am appalled that he has fibbed to all of us with his concern regarding.... getting involved for community sake and being a voice for our community. No matter when you stop into the Alderman's office or call they said they are on top of the matter as it is a city wide problem.....well...instead of working on opening shops in area etc.....how about getting something done about the mail delivery "so we can pay our bills to the shops you help get into our area". ALDERMAN CARDENAS STAND UP AND BE COUNTED AS A REPRESENTATIVE IN THE 12th WARD AND STAND FOR THE PEOPLE THAT RE-VOTED YOU BACK INTO OFFICE.....LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD IN REGARDS TO THE POOR DELIVERY OF MAIL IN YOUR WARD!!!!! Maybe you haven't heard it directly about the crappy mail delivery---but your staff surely has. All we hear from your staff is we are working on it. We need action not talk....take the time to sit and have meetings with local residents and take our concerns to the postal officals.....oops...you don't have a residence in Brighton Park only a office. Maybe in the neighborhood where you personally live they do have good mail service....but surely not here in Brighton Park. We always thought that the Alderman stands up for his residents in his ward..c'mon George Cardenas stand up and show all of us that you do represent Brighton Park and are willing to be our spokes person. OUR MAIL DELIVERY HERE IS THE PITS...Have you ever received mail at 9:00 p.m. from a person that resembles a miner that wears a hat with a light on it & scares the heck out of you? How can the mail carriers even see after dark to deliver mail? Most leave their porch lights on.....but it does no good...as only 1/2 the time does the mail carrier come down the street..then most times they just bundle the whole blocks mail and throws it rubberband on 1 or 2 porches and we end up having to go and delivery mail to the right neighbor....heck we don't get the Postal Delivery salary!!!!!

A couple years ago I got all my Christmas Catalogs in January. When I called to complain the Post Office said "we were more concerned with getting all the cards and packages there on time". My response "Should I call all these retailers and tell them that???"

Also my mailman is at my highrise ALL DAY LONG every day. From the morning to sometimes 5pm or 6pm (or later). He only does ONE BUILDING a day. He's very nice but I feel like my tax dollars are being wasted.

I was waiting on a paycheck but I can't get my mail until after 4pm or so. It is so frustrating.

I live in Lincoln Park and have had many problems. Recently, a check sent to me from southern Indiana showed up a month a and a half after its postmark. When I complained to my carrier, I was told, "That can't be possible." Um. Yeah.

I honestly don't even expect any mail at all, unless I "tip" generously. No matter how bad the service is, try to make a complaint no matter how polite, and you'll immediately see how much worse it can get.

I don't believe for a second that the mail burning of the 90's ever stopped, or even slowed down. I routinely miss bills, checks go missing, packages only arrive if I am around to "tip" for them.

I recently tried to retrieve a package from the station, the woman behind the counter took my delivery attempt slip, and "lost" it, so of course now the package is totally irretrievable, lost forever. Keepsakes from family overseas gone, never to be seen again. My family has had books and magazines go missing 3 times already this year. When I called about the magazines, the publisher's mail room person said "Oh you're in Chicago? Then they're not late, they're probably just gone. We'll mail them again." As in 'this happens all the time, we should just expect our mail to be stolen or destroyed.'

The supposedly satisfied customers must be delusional or postal workers themselves. I've lived here all my life and never, ever, have been even slightly satisfied with the postal service; it's never been anywhere near barely adequate, it's miserably bad. I love this city, but our Post Office is a pathetic joke. I would actually be happy if my mail was showing up at all hours of the night, or being stolen by neighborhood kids - mine doesn't show up at all half the time, and is being stolen by Postal employees.

Some of the smaller North side branches don't even open for days on end, on days they are scheduled to open no one shows up to even unlock the door so folks can reach their mailboxes. It's a joke.

I tried to call the complaint line half a dozen times recently, with ZERO results. I was supposed to recieve a call back, of course that never happened, and I don't expect it ever will. If I could switch all my mail to email & private carriers I would. Just shut the Post Office down, it's a total waste of money and a pit of incompetance and corruption.

I live near the Rockwell Brown Line station and I have every problem you can imagine with the post office. I recieve other people's mail, I receive late mail, I receive no mail for days at a time, I receive mail past 8:00 pm etc.

But what I also have seen are mail carrier's smoking while delivering the mail. This can not speed up things. I have also seen mail carriers still in uniform existing the Time Out bar. On several occasions, the carriers have stopped to ask me directions. I think the postmaster also needs to take a closer look at the inviduals that they are hiring.

I have lived in the Irving Park neighborhood for nearly 3 years. In that time, I have experienced the worst mail delivery in my entire adult life. Recently, I had a situation that was the last straw. A friend from out of state sent me two packages via Parcel Post on the same day from the same post office. One took 4-5 days to arrive. The other one took over 3 weeks! One Saturday morning I went to retrieve the Trib from my front door and the box was sitting in the vestibule. I think the postal employee was cleaning out their truck and found it and quietly put it in the foyer. Last week all of the resident's mail in my condo building (over 30 units) was dumped onto the floor (magazines, bills, checks all of it) as if it was trash. That is of course after the mail was delivered at 8 pm the previous evening!
I'm am overjoyed that this issue is getting the attention it deserves. This is a huge problem! I still do not receive mail that has been sent to me and others don't get the mail I send to them.

The bottom line is this: If the postal service is going to continue to raise rates annually then they MUST provide the service levels they promise in their mission statement. Period. If the service does not improve, then Congress should pass a resolution that allows open competition by other carriers to delivery 1st class mail like UPS, DHL and FedEx. I would gladly send my mail by one of those carriers because I know they care about customer satisfaction and know that if they don't service their customers someone else will.

I've been reading these blogs since Sunday. It's time to educate a few of the fustrated people who have written in to share thier mail experiences:
1) Postal salaries come from postage sold, not tax dollars.

2) Since this is a job under the federal government, stop complaining to your city officials. They have no power to influence the federal government. Complain to your congressman and senators instead. Send your letters to the Postmaster General himself. Let him see how you really feel.

3) If you are not happy with the service your are getting, at least be an adult, and attempt to bring it up to your carrier. And if you approach them with concern and not complaining anger, you might be able to correct the problem at that level.

4) If this doesn't work, refer to item 2 above. Don't waste your time talking to the supervisor, or local management. They are only puppets and fear those in positions above theirs.

5) Keep this issue in the media, don't let it die.

6) Remember, there really will be days where no one will send you any correspondence in the mail. So go overboard and say "I always get a ton of mail". You're not really telling the truth.

I'm done.....

I am happy with my mail delivery, which is always on time.

You people who are trying to make it a racial or Diversity issue are forgetting that racism is caused by fear and ignorance.There are all races of carriers and management and we have to work on these problems together instead of using this opportunity to improve services to bash other races.Maybe the services would be better if we didnt have a history of treating some neighborhoods better then others and realize the citizens of chicago deserve better, all the citizens.Sometimes people are their own worst enemy and dont even realize it!many people thought it was acceptable for other people in "certain" neighborhoods to get terrible services,but now when you get a taste of your own medicine you want to scream like babies,and blame a system that you put in place.The service in chicago has always been substandard especially in certain areas and there has to be something done about it,bottom line. All of the bottom feeders who claim its because of Diversity or peoples "races" can look at yourself in the mirror and realize you have been part of the problem not the solution .Not to let the U.S postal service off the hook they have have to improve service ,we have had good and bad carriers in chicago but as stated earlier the management has definitely got to take responsibililty and quit hiding behind the RED TAPE!

Our school (non-public) had to pick up three bins of mail late February from our nearby public school that were not delivered to us. Today, March 14, 2007 we received a letter returned to us that had been sent to a parent postmarked August 2, 2006. Many other complaints. We are in the Roberto Clemente area.

Our office is located downtown, across the street from the John C. Kluczynski Building. Because we can't get our mail everyday from the Loop Post Office, we are now paying close to a thousand dollars annually to do their job and pick up our own mail. The problem is, most times our mail isn't even ready. Whenever we question why our mail isn't ready, the postal workers are mean and aggressive while they sit there doing nothing. The topper is, in yesterday's Chicago Sun-Times, U.S. Deputy Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said that a new community advisory committee was being launched to address complaints, and a phone number (312-983-8392) was provided for interested parties to call and join during business hours. After three unanswered calls, we can only guess that the postal workers were to busy not delivering mail to answer the phone.

I've made complaints to my post office numerous times with the same response. The mailman has been warned and next time he is looking at a couple of days suspension. I get mail that is 3 or more weeks old, mail belonging on a different street or none at all. But to find out that you have cancer with the doctor saying he notified you by mail over a year ago is pretty scary. Thank heavens I'm still here and now know that I better make a phone call to find out what my test results are. Thanks 60656.

no doc racism comes from seeing what happens to anything when the race pimps touch it

look what has happened to the cta, all goverment jobs ie the post office, neighborhoods, schools

all of us could go on and on but the realists know why things are the way they are

For years after our very respected, competent take no nonsense Postmaster retired along with the oldtimers (retired mail carriers). I battled about Postal Service in zip 60406, they gave me hell, I gave them hell, right now everyone at the post office know my name, I got tired of my mail being delivered to the wrong address, late mail delivery after dark, no mail delivery, sale flyers not being delivered and a host of other horrors too numerous to name, the worst of all a mail carrier coming after dark with a flash light, and the preacher from the church on the next block bringing me a box of mail which belonged to me, after the postmaster telling me that I had no mail delivery that day. I receive mail everyday, bills, magazines, flyers, packages, you name it I get it. After years of complaints, we finally have a regular mailman, who seems to be doing a decent job, not hundreds of subs running up and down the block because the regular mail person can't carry the whole route. I use to sit on the Consumer Committee at the post office, they need to bring that Committee back, so some fire can be put up under these incompetent people, if you can't do your job, you should be replaced, to all customers, when there is a problem with your mail, COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN, it may take awhile, but you will win, it's a joke that the postal rates are going up, lastly the attitude of the postal management, I have talk to supervisors that gave ignorance a whole new meaning.

You people with valid complaints with the US Postal service still don't get it. If you really have a problem, complain to your Congressman, Senator, and the US Postmaster General. You're wasting your time complaining to your local post office. Do you really know why you receive mail at night or as you call it late? The person who delivered your mail late or at night already cased and carried a full route. This is already an eight hour plus job. Then when he returns to the post office, or many times before he leaves, he's given an extra hour or 2 from another route. All you see is a carrier coming down the street and it's late or dark. Were you with this carrier all day? Or do you think he was just laying around somewhere until it got dark, then decided to deliver your mail? Have any of you ever carried mail for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week year after year? Do you think any of them are human, and make mistakes in reading an address, or their eyes may get tired? So forgive us letter carriers for not being perfect and mistake free like some of you. Don't get me wrong, I think those of us who do this job should give at least 110% while we are performing our duties. We really get paid well. I'm just finding it a little hard to believe some of these horror stories I've been reading this week. I need to stop, I could be up on my soap box for a long time on this subject.

Look, here's the bottom line, if you who want your deliver problems fixed, complain to those at the Federal level. And don't forget, there are postal employees out there that really care about their jobs, and are committed to serving you. Just quit bashing us so bad.

Again, good luck Chicago, hope it gets better.

TO Odin Shleprock:we're not talking about race pimps ,the subject was poor mail service,that is exactly my point why do some people complain about poor city services that were acceptable as long as it was in "certain"area then are hypocritical when the problems "progress" to their areas .Im sure minorities(not race pimps)were complaining for years about inadequate services just to be accused of playing the race card when they pointed out those facts to the local post offices.After the postmasters general visit to chicago the other day and his weak promises to "fix"the problems we received our mail at 10pm the next day,day after that, no mail so on and so on,so to those who have thought in the past(and now)its okay as long as it doesnt happen in your area/community it look likes the jokes on you! have you ever heard of karma?.All areas of the city deserve good mail services even "morons"with bogus names like Odin shleprock?

TO Odin Shleprock:we're not talking about race pimps ,the subject was poor mail service,that is exactly my point why do some people complain about poor city services that were acceptable as long as it was in "certain"area then are hypocritical when the problems "progress" to their areas .Im sure minorities(not race pimps)were complaining for years about inadequate services just to be accused of playing the race card when they pointed out those facts to the local post offices.After the postmasters general visit to chicago the other day and his weak promises to "fix"the problems we received our mail at 10pm the next day,day after that, no mail so on and so on,so to those who have thought in the past(and now)its okay as long as it doesnt happen in your area/community it look likes the jokes on you! have you ever heard of karma?.All areas of the city deserve good mail services even "morons"with bogus names like Odin shleprock?

For their incompetence and lousy delivery service, the U.S. Postal Service is being rewarded with a postage increase. What a joke! Postal workers are the laziest and most useless animals on the planet. Cockroaches serve a purpose (they turn the soil and eat dead organisms); U.S. postal workers have no purpose on this earth.

I am pretty young but, i think that i don't have any other choices left anymore. I currently have a long distance relationship and I have sent him a letter before that didn't arrive but, then i didn't think that was such a big deal. But, this time he sent me a Valentine's Day gift, which was a necklace, and it was not there. Supposedly it didn't even arrive at my post office. I got it already opened and i wish there was just something that i could do.

I have worked for the postal service for 10 years and I will admit that if the subs worked on a certain the mail will be 95% wrong due to no training on the route.
We have a saying that all post offices sre indepently own and operated as our rules change everyday.Some times the subs are doing two routes due to poor management in scheluding.Management has forgotten about customer service.We used to be able to come to work @ 6am then it was change to 7am and now it is 8am so customer service has been forgotten and now it is all about the numbers. We have Thelma and Louise running our office

On 3-19-07, my mother mailed me a check in a 9 x 6 manilla envelope from Verona, NY. She printed my address on a label from a database she has used before, afixed her return address, and had the envelope weighed and postage applied at the local post office. We know because of these steps that the envelope left Verona correctly addressed with correct postage. It usually takes four days for mail to travel between Verona and my postal zip code, 60618. It is now an entire week without arrival. I called my local postal office and was informed that first class mail is delayed at the downtown distribution center, and that it could take six weeks to be delivered to my Avondale address. This is so outrageous!. At Christmas time, my kid's father mailed them both cards and checks - the youngest received his four days post, the eldest received his at the end of January, even though they were sent at the same time. Something needs to be done about this situation immediately. This is not acceptable.

I want to berate all the idiotic comments, but I don't have time to do it. You know why? I have mail to open, read and send off. I wonder is that because I know 95 percent of you are bascially a bunch of liars?

Some have made racist statements about diversity and not having male anatomy. These statements and others simply implies a bunch of spoiled, self-righteous, whiners who probably couldn't last two months in the harsh winters of Chicago delivering mail.

Cowards, sitting behind your computers, cell phones and too lazy to go to the post office and fill out the proper forms to get an address exchange. YOUR MAIL should not get delivered to you. Lazy bums!

I will be back to roast the rest of you properly, my mail is waiting on me? See ya num-kulls!

This is for Jackie who feels postal workers are lazy, incompetent, and useless. Well miss Jackie, I'm about to go "postal" on you, here it is. Are you talking about all postal workers, or just a few? I had the privilage to serve this country for 20 years as a member of the United States Air Force. Just a very small part, of a much bigger picture. I sacrificed my time and safety for you to have the right to live free in this country. I also served for you to have the right to complain. In some countries, people don't even have this right. If they complain, they could die or be put in prison, so in that respect consider yourself lucky. I don't know what you do for a living, my guess is that you're a cronic complainer. It's really immature to make a blanket statement like yours about the postal service. That's not fair to the thousands of postal worker accross this country who are dedicated to their jobs, and customers. If you are not happy with the service provided by the postal service, why don't you take the test and come show us how it should be done. You can pass the test can't you?

Susan,Dont knock the all mail carriers,they are doing a hard job that the average person wont do,as far as calling them names,what is that going to achieve?,Im sure your neighborhood carrier would like to know what you really think about him/her.It is the management that has to do better, for example in chicago the postmaster general came here and the service seemed to get worse.Is it the carriers fault?I dont think so ,be real,it is a reflection of a much deeper problem,dont use the carriers as scapegoats or blame diversity on every problem in the world.....DOC

My story is like one out of the "Twilight Zone"
Incredibly My post office the, " Roseland Station" 60628 in the 34th ward is so out of touch with the times, they have no knowledge of how to properly scan a electronic rate delivery confirmation label.
I sell on ebay and print my postage at home online. I have the option of dropping it into mail box or taking it to the window clerk.
After recieving some complaints about non delivery and late delivery I begin to track the progress of my delivery confirmation number.
I was shocked to find out that the Roseland post office was not scanning any of my labels into the system.
Every label I printed and mailed at the Roseland Post Office only said that:
The Post Office had been electronically notified a label had been generated. It also clarifies that it does not have posession of the mail at that time.
When the mail was delivered, I was able to see the delivered status.
When the mail was not delivered, I had no proof that, I ever took it to the post office.

I took 6 packages to the post office, I paid for postage on one package going to canada at the window. I also put a customs label on the package.
I asked the clerk to scan the label bar codes while I waited at the window.
She refused. She actually got angry and told me, "She wasn't going to let me come up in there and make more work for her", I tried to explain to her, it was delivery confirmation and it needed to be scanned to be accepted into the system. She cut me off and said " I did not pay her to scan the label and she wasn't going to scan it" she took my packages and threw them into a box behind her without asking if they were insured, or fragile.
I asked for the Supervisor.
Instead of the supervisor correcting the clerk, she directed me to speak with the Station manager Sherman Jones.
Sherman Jones had no idea what a computer generated label looked like and asked to see one of the 6 packages I had just dropped off.
After looking the label over he said my mail would be scanned and I left.
When I got home I looked at the receipt I got for the package I sent to Canada. I was shocked to see that the Clerk did not even scan the customs label.
I called consumer affairs and they contacted the Post Office. While on a three way I waited until the supervisor found my package and scanned it and gave me the customs label number.
She told me I would have to wait for them to download their information into system.
I would be able to see the online acceptance notice later that evening after 6.
I checked after 6 and the only ones showing were the ones the station manager and the supervisor scanned in. The other 4 packages were not scanned in. No one made the clerk do her job.
I called back the next day and the supervisor snaps at me and tells me, "I should have told her I wanted all of the scanned".
She said " anyway the mail was gone and there was nothing that could be done".
After some help from consumer affairs, the tellers were forced to scan the labels.
Now instead of scanning the labels as accepted they were scanning the labels as delivered terminating delivery confirmation on arrival to the post office.
I begin to ask for a receipt of service when I mailed my packages.
The Roseland Post Office refused.
The clerk who first refused to scan my label, now refused to give me a receipt.
I asked to speak to the station manager Sherman Jones.
This Idiot actually agreed with the clerk and refused to give me a receipt.
The story gets deeper than that.
So much more so, that I have dedicated 2 web pages of evidence of Roselands post offices incompetence.

Have lived in 60610 zip for 10 years. No one outside of Chicago believes me when I say I don't get all my mail. Invitations, bills, packages, etc., never received or returned to sender with "No such address". People think I've moved, or fibbing when I say I didn't get a letter or invite. My high-rise apt. building has one small room with all the mailboxes, so the carrier just drives up and goes into the side door. Though he/she only needs to put mail into boxes on one wall we have HORRIBLE delivery service. Carrier doesn't have to go out in the sleet, snow, rain to each individual residence......just one room for delivering to 375 tenants! YET, problems have abounded for years, without any response to complaints or improvement. Many days we only get 3rd-class brochures because those can be quickly put into every box, making it look like mail was delivered that day!
I was told they could not fire a carrier who did poor work, so they cut her work load from two apt. buildings to only one! How does that improve service? It only encourages U.S. Postal workers to be slower and less efficient when they see that type of "reward" for bad work!!
I am disgusted and hope this Chicago area will be a target for as long as it takes to get things to run smoothly. Rates are increasing in May, and we have WORSE P.O. service with each RATE INCREASE.
PS Lobby at Dearborn Station has stamp machine that doesn't work MONTHS AT A TIME, but employees there say they have nothing to do with it. Packages are not emptied from bin often enough, and then won't openm......so you use the "billion-dollar" self-service machines to post packages, but cannot put them anywhere to get shipped. Clerks are always very rude about these problems and do not offer any assistance.

Found this while checking if others in San Jose CA have as bad mail service. Well, I guess Chicago does too! Late-- or missing weekly newspapers--that I pay to get and are mailed FIRST class. Can you say Christmas issue in July? The P.O. delivers LIFO not FIFO. They admit once an item is late it blows their number score so there is no point to THEM in delivering the item --so it is WHENEVER....
Letters for our house going to others and us getting theirs. And then we got a P.O. box thinking that that would be better (for USPS--they get more $$) but then discovered that some neighbors in a home may return your mail to you but at the P.O. box you are just a number to the other box holder whom you may never see and they toss your stuff since it's in their box and they can't tell -like from a street name- where it should go.
I've had Postal workers tell me our neighborhood is "HARD TO DELIVER IN" because so many houses share the same numbers--they are weird combos-- but then I thought -hey--what about all the Number 100 and 200 in NYC . And the counter help must have trained at that s-l-o-w catsup company. If these guys ran the Pony Express the pony would have been traveling in a tour bus with NASCAR plastered on the side and the old nag would have been months late.....

Mail... some days it is delivered, other days it isn't. I live near Ashland and Archer, I've never had this type of problem with mail. I get magazines a week or month too late. I never receive monthly bills, doctor bills, credits or anything. I'm transferring all of my accounts on-line. It's the only way I can keep track of everything.

I live in S.t James, Mo and I have had a P.O. box for aobut two years. I depend on my mail being delivered to my P.O. Box heavily as i need my checks every week to buy groceries and other items for the week. I have not been getting any mail for the last two weeks because I just found out that someone has been sending ALL my mail back to sender with a note saying;" Return to sender, no such address" I have a P.O. box clearly printed on every envelope that I ever gotten. IT's a P.O. BOX not an address.... you would think someone would know this.....

I wish that this would get fixed! I live on the Albany Park/Ravenswood Manor border and in the last 2 months have had 5 magazine issues go MIA as well as other mail. Some days my building doesn't get mail and on other days we get mail intended for another building. It always amazes me how the junk mail still makes it safely though. This new postmaster, Gloria E. Tyson doesn't seem to be doing much to get the problem fixed. I wonder if she gets her mail on time? I don't know what else us citizens can do?!?!

Sounds like our mail in Berwyn Heights and College Park Maryland.Maybe we need a massive mail campaign to Postmaster General. View complete information at http://www.dennisabe.com
Attention University of Maryland off campus students and graduate students
During past 3 years the College Park Md Post Office has caused 1000+'s pieces of 1st class mail, DMV notices, end of year financial statements, Jury Duty Summonses, credit cards and "Final Notice" certified mail notices, mail from university departments that were mailed to University of Maryland students and student organizations at addresses other than mine in College Park, Md that were either forwarded to my winter home in Florida or delivered to my home of 50 years on Norwich Road in College Park, Md 20740. Discussions between me and employees at College Park Md Post Office addressing their delivery practices was akin to listening to Bud Abbott and Lou Costello go through a rendering of "Who’s On First."
Click here to see one of the credit cards that were sent to me in Venice, Florida that was meant for a College Park resident.
Who can help us?
Thank you,
Dennis Abe

You are probably aware that delivery problems can not be resolved at local level.
We are finally getting our mail delivery problems addressed after 7 years of delivery problems after contacting our Congressman and
Postmaster General Jack Potter
US Postal Service
475 Lenfant Place SW
Washington, DC 20260-0010
EMAIL: pmgceo@usps.gov
HIS DIRECT FAX: 202.268.5211

The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) waives sovereign immunity only for the acts or omissions of an “employee of the government while acting within the scope of his office or employment.
The postal exemption covers liability for lost or damaged mail. This exception has swallowed much of the liability the FTCA creates, leaving many deserving claimants without a remedy.
Mail carriers who throw mail down the drain and/or constantly delivering mail to wrong address should not be considered acting within the scope of their employment. Their actions cause substantial emotional distress and financial losses. Equity and tort principles justify an expansion of the USPS liability under the FTCA.

We are victims, and Congress needs to recognize us as such.
Get connected with other's in your neighborhood having USPS mail delivery problems at Google group USPS Postal Reform

Good luck,
Dennis Abe
College Park, Md 20740

Here's my recent bad experience dealing with a postal clerk in the Post office Uptown-station on North Broadway.

On 7/12/07, I went to the post office to mail one envelope, buy stamp and sent 2 packages of books. Everytime I go there, I always try to avoid this one clerk, usually the only male behind the counter, because he is so rude and unfriendly.

That day, however, it was window no.8 that was available for me. It’s far from where I was standing. I approached the window and see who would assist me, darn the bad luck, and it was him! And yes, once again, he was so hard to deal with.

First, it took so long for him to answer my simple question about the forever stamp I’d like to buy, so that I cancelled. Second, he refused to stamp an online e-label record, part of the merchandise return label I used for my package. When I told him, I did it many times here and never had I had problems with other clerks, he said, he didn't want to argue with me.

Since he insisted not to stamp the paper that supposed to be a proof I’ve sent the package, I decided to purchase the delivery confirmation. He looked annoyed, complained why I didn’t ask him that from the beginning, and asked me to wait him doing … text-messaging! Geez! And, the worst thing happened when he asked me to wait for a moment, left me, and never came back!!!

Angry, upset, and frustrated, I moved to another counter. Hence, I had to explain to the people in the line that I didn't cut the line, I just went to window no.8 and being ignored. To make things worse, one person in the line couldn’t hear me very well and misinterpreted my body language. He thought I’m a USPS employee who asked him to move to window 8. I was confused, he was too. However, the good thing is I didn’t find any difficulties dealing with the other clerk.

However, I found out I’m far from being alone in this case. All people here give bad reviews for the USPS Uptown-Station Chicago service. I wish, there's something we can do about it.

You are probably aware that delivery problems can not be resolved at local level.
We are finally getting our mail delivery problems ( http://www.dennisabe.com ) addressed after 7 years of delivery problems after contacting our Congressman and
Postmaster General Jack Potter
Here's Jack Potter's email and fax#
US Postal Service
475 Lenfant Place SW
Washington, DC 20260-0010
EMAIL: pmgceo@usps.gov
HIS DIRECT FAX: 202.268.5211

The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) waives sovereign immunity only for the acts or omissions of an “employee of the government while acting within the scope of his office or employment.
The postal exemption covers liability for lost or damaged mail. This exception has swallowed much of the liability the FTCA creates, leaving many deserving claimants without a remedy.
Mail carriers who throw mail down the drain and/or constantly delivering mail to wrong address should not be considered acting within the scope of their employment. Their actions cause substantial emotional distress and financial losses. Equity and tort principles justify an expansion of the USPS liability under the FTCA.

We are victims, and Congress needs to recognize us as such.
Get connected with other's in your neighborhood having USPS mail delivery problems at Google group USPS Postal Reform



Good luck,
Dennis Abe
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I also live in Berwyn, IL....I no longer take getting my mail for granted because it is TERRIBLE here, with no recourse. My landlord is trying to evict me right now because he claims he never got my rent, I have a copy of my money order, and mailed it from the post office. When I mentioned my problem to the building inspector, he bawled me out for mailing my rent from Berwyn...how did he know? lol...I'm block captian so my neighbors come to me with problems, the building next to me hasn't gotten their mail in over 3 weeks, I talked to the carrier and found the electrical box that gets him in has a short in it, no note letting the residents know, nothing, the mail just stopped. Last november I had packages stolen as did my neighbor. I was told that anything smaller than a loaf of bread is left because its considered "secure" because you can't see the mailboxes from the street...I have a pile of police reports that disagree. The manager of the post office suggested I post a note above my box.."please do not leave packages for box xxx on the ground, ring the bell, if no one answers, bring mail back to the post office, if something needs to be signed for ASK FOR AN ID!" the final straw came this last week, I had a customer send me a $95 money order for a deposit on a purchase, he spent $16.25 to have it express mailed to me, he sent it July 20th, my carrier signed his own name and left it at a building 5 buildings down, because he didn't know the difference between 2113 and 2103...there's not even a matching apt # at this other building or a name on a box that resembles mine. Today I came home to find 2 pcs of mail in my box neither one of them mine, and not even to the same apt! All this would be laughable if it wasn't costing me so much money and possibly my home.

I just found this thread while searching for what to do about my missing mail. Funny, but I have lived in Illinois my entire life, and in Chicago now for the past 7 years (Logan Square), and I have always had pretty good mail service in Chicago. Frankly, I have always been surprised about it... until now. I have not received ANY mail for a little over the past week - not even a junk sales flyer. It just completely stopped arriving all of a sudden. It coincided with my roommate moving out and changing his address. I figured my mail was getting forwarded to his new address as well, but I contacted him, and he was getting his mail fine, but he never saw anything of mine. I contacted USPS via their toll-free number (mind you they have more customers than most private companies, yet they do not have 24-hour phone support - that's another story) and I filed a complaint with them. They told me I would receive a call back by the end of the NEXT business day - that would be today. I had to call the 866 number again today at 4:00pm to see why I hadn't received a call. They read off the message they supposedly left for me (although I had no voicemails...). They told me they spoke to my mail carrier and he said he had "delivered mail as usual". That did me no good. They asked if I wanted to re-file the complaint - I said yes - why not? I then called 311, and told them I believe my mail is being stolen. The receptionist transfered me to an officer - I told him the same - he in turn transferred me to the "Postal Police". I told the Postal Police "officer" the same thing - but before I could tell him more, he transferred me to USPS!!!! Luckily, he screwed up and came back on the line, in which I proceeded to tell him I already filed a complaint with USPS. The only thing he could tell me is to speak directly to my mail carrier and to his supervisor - hooray. I am going to the Post Office tomorrow to meet with them. This is absolutely ridiculous. For a government-run monopoly in which my situation could turn out to be a federal offense, you think someone would act like this could potentially be a serious identity theft situation. Instead, no one seems to care at all. In this past week, I have lost a lot of respect for the USPS, the Chicago Police, and humanity in general.

This is the biggest joke in a life time, the pony express was quite faster, Today is Tuesday, Oct 9th, 2007 time 6:53PM and still no delivery. Oh, and just forget about going and complaint to the post office allocate in the 60647 area, 2137 N. California to complaint, they will look at you as if you were crazy and with the looks on their face, they are pretty much telling you to go to hell.

For those of us in 60618, 60622 and 60647 there's a small group trying to do something about this. Starting this past May (2007) we've been meeting face-to-face with the postmasters at those three branches, with someone from the 1st Ward Alderman's office and (usually) with a USPS supervisor from the new Chicago Area postmaster's office downtown. It's called the 1st Ward Customer Advisory Council and was put together by Alderman Manny Flores and the new Area Postmaster, Gloria Tyson.

Sometimes - not always - we get results. For instance, the 60647 postmaster has recently been put on "sick leave" and they brought in a troubleshooter-type to take over. At 60622 and 60618 we now have new postmasters (July 2007 and October 2007).

We have also noticed that these new postmasters ("Station Managers" in USPS lingo) will usually contact the customer whose complaints we bring in. Of course, it doesn't always resolve the issue, but it seems like a start.

Check out www.CustomerCouncil.org to see what's been happening and from that site you can also send us complaints that we will present to the managers at the next monthly meeting.

If you do send along a gripe to the CAC, please include specifics (e.g., address, when the problem happens/happened and a phone that the postmaster can use to contact you). They have told us that they will deal with current complaints but can't/won't dig into something that happened months ago.

- Bill Murray
1st Ward CAC Secretary

ive called this nr. 1 8882738876 a dozen times and put in my area code 60649 no one is ever at work no answers. i would like to pick up my parcel if you have and address. thank you larry stanford

What the Chicago USPS is doing (or rather NOT doing) with customer mail should be considered a federal crime. I have lived across this country and in other countries and I have NEVER had problems with my mail before until I moved here. The situation in this city is appalling and indicative of a complete system-wide failure in the Chicago USPS system.

In my zip code (60622) junk mail delivery is given priority over bills being delivered - we haven't received a cable bill in over six months but we get stupid flyers in the mail every day. Entire streets are finding their mail in their neighbors boxes all because the delivery person skipped one house and shifted all the deliveries for the entire street. When I called the post office to inquire, I was asked, "Oh are you looking for your mail like everyone else?" Yes I am, and none of us should have to call repeatedly to find out where it is going.

This situation is beyond bandaid repairs. It warrants a full investigation and overhaul to protect the secure and private information of Chicago residents.

In the meantime, I can't wait to move to someplace with normal mail delivery again, I appreciate it so much more now!!! I have the highest respect for the USPS EXCEPT those employees in the Chicago area.

We just moved to Elgin. One of my husband's paystubs never came and never was returned. It happened again, only it was late this time. It took 4 days to get to our home in Elgin from another address in Elgin. We had credit card bills that didn't come in. So, we had to pay late charges. I think someone within the USPS is trying to steal our ID.

The post office mail is in a rut,and it has been that way for years.I paid for PRIORITY Mail on March 20, 08 and they returned it to me because the zip code was incorrect. For the $6.90 I paid, plus the $12 to $20 an hour they are paid, you would think they would look up the darn zip. Even the clerk who was as nasty as could be should have done it. I'm not saying ALL the postal workers are bad but, there are so few good ones. I tried tracking this parcel but was told it was still on 71st street. Then I found out that it was in Tx. Even in Tx where it should have been they just crossed out the wrong zip code and sent it back to me saying "bad address". We should write our congressmen and complain thats the only way the station managers will do any thing. The letters are called Congressionals (because they have a time line on them and they have to reply back to the Congressman with a resolution) and if the managers get to many that are not resolved they are dealt with very severely.Most of the time it's the only way to go because they cover for each other, or they are related to each other. So hence the postal mess. The resolution,Write or call Congress or better yet there's a Board of Governors in Washington DC you can write to. The Postmaster General is picked by them. This Information can be looked up online. I've got to go So I can write to My congressman Who's office which is three doors down from the Post Office on 71st street,and always closed.

Yes!! IT IS ALWAYS THE MAIL SERVICE Late or no deliveries and Please don't live where they slot your mail, you will see them as late as ten or up to one o'clock in the morning delivering your mail. It's not the patrons responsibility to shovel if they don't want to. But it is the carriers responsibility to deliver the mail. I'm In 60649 I was in 60628,60617,60624,and 60640 not to mention 60614 it's like the managers are cloned. The clerks are nasty and they act as if they are doing you a favor. The lines are long the clerks are eating. They never have enough supplies there are no working pens. If you ask a question they treat you as if you asked for money. Where are the Managers? In the perpetual meetings hiding and ducking the complaints that they refuse to acknowledge. Oh lets not forget the Area Managers who call these meetings along with the Post masters who are also hiding out.

For our fellow long-suffering postal customers in 60618, 60622 & 60647 the post office Customer Advisory Council is looking for a few new members from these three Zip Codes. We meet once a month with the postmasters from those three stations along with managers from the USPS District office.

Check out our website at www.customercouncil.org and drop us a note at advisorycouncil@msn.com if you're interested in joining our merry band.

Here's one for you...

I regularly send out CDs for my band that I have released as a DIY venture. Getting the post office is bad enough (thank you, CTA)... but I've been having regular issues with my packages dropped off at the post office failing to ever arrive. The worst week was when all 17... ALL 17 of the orders I sent that day were "lost."

Based on the number of albums I've sent out and the number I've had to send out again because the people never got them... I've broken 10% lost after a year and a half. (11.78% to be exact)

People here are (rightfully so) complaining about mail failing to arrive. I've got a complaint about mail appearing to never even leave the city!

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