Old mail on Tuesday?

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Post office sources told the Sun-Times that loads of mail postmarked in mid-February was delivered to local post offices on Monday to be sorted and delivered.

Did you get any old mail on Tuesday?

Let us know what you found in your mail box....

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We have such poor mail service in our River North apartment building(for example USPS recently lost 2 pairs of shoes which they claim were delivered) that we actually fear using them as a carrier for any important items. We therefore propose a new word to be added to the dictionary:

POSTALPHIOBIA: fear of the United States Postal Service

Its about time that we get some answers to why mail is delayed..and not only that, but why do we get mail at odd hours some weeks...one week the mail delivery might be at noon and the next week it might be 5PM....and the USPS wants to raise the price of stamps again? I think NOT!!!!

I MAY be able to answer the question TOMORROW as my mail does not arrive until late today. HOWEVER, if the mail carrier decides NOT to deliver the mail to my building this evening, THEN I'll let you know on THURSDAY regarding the status of my TUESDAY mail.

The mail is so bad that we sent our Illinois taxes by certified mail (at a main post office). When we never received the confirmation back, we checked with them and they can't find it. They show it was given to the post office and no record of it since. Also, my cta transit card was mailed to me and finally arrived 16 days after it was mailed so I had to keep spending money on weekly passes even though I had already paid for the go-card that was active at that point but not received. We've received invitations to events where the event was held a full week before we received the invitation. This was all in the last month.

From today's Sun-Times:
"U.S. Postmaster General John Potter and his top deputy were in Chicago Monday to address mail "service issues" here."

Maybe they should have gone up to the Rogers Park post office and helped them deliver the mail, because we didn't get our mail delivered from that post office until 9:00pm last night -- the latest it's ever been delivered here. It doesn't look to me like the situation is improving, though I've heard that promise many times. I think it's getting worse

I can't tell you about the whether or not our mail for today has old mail from February or not because we haven't received any mail yet. It's still early in the day, but who knows if we'll get ANY mail delivery today. That's not something we can take for granted anymore here in the Edgewater/Rogers Park neighborhoods (nor in all of Chicago either it would seem).

The worse service by far has to be service from the Wicker Park station on Division/Ashland. Not only is mail delivery unpredictable (you may or may not get any mail on a given day), but when you call to complain, you are put on hold indefinitely (I tried several times) - there is no recourse, no accountability. I tried to complain to the US Post office only to be told that complaints are sent back to the neighborhood post office. They call that "addressing the problem"? No business should be run this way. And to make matters worse, they want postage stamp increase? For what?

Sorry - this is a hot issue with me lately.

I manage a 97 unit Senior Housing complex at 4444 W. Lawrence. My
problem with the Jefferson Pk. post office for the past 6 yrs, has
been concerning the previous tenants "The Bankers Life & Casualty Co. whose building was torn down at least 13yrs. ago are still allowed to use 4444 W. Lawrence as their address. The Jefferson Pk. station actually hand sort my mail from theirs each day. At times when the regular carrier is on vacation or just takes a day off my mail goes to Bankers. They open my mail which I think is a Federal offense , then realize it is not theirs ,tape it back up , send it back to Jefferson Pk. at which time now my mail is really late. I have written to Blagogevich , the Aldermans off. I had spoken with Emma Coaston, Mr. Delgado & others from the post office. This still has not been resolved. How can Bankers Life & Casualty Co. be allowed to keep this as their address for over 13 yrs. Is someone getting paid off?

I have lived in the same home for nearly 25 years. I can't think of a single major problem with the post office. I can't recall a single piece of missing mail. Once in a while the mail comes later than normal. I had a problem with a letter that I sent to New York city. Although my son had his name on the mail box, the carrier refused to deliver it for some technical reason. He knew that my son was living there and he refused to deliver the letter. What a stupid ass: he just lost his Christmas tip! In Chicago, not a single day goes by without getting some mail. Bravo to the Chicago letter carriers. The local politicians are using you as a scapegoat. Fire the alderman for waisting our tax payer money!

I live in the South Chicago area (60617), on our regular carrier's off day we may not receive mail, and when we call the station a female supervisor ( Ms. Eddings)on the early set has the nerve to be angry because we called to complain.

My mail was delivered early on Tuesday. In terms of today, I am still waiting for delivery.

Tuesday? No mail. Old or new.

Irving Park Station 60641

I received a mailing today(3/15/07) from Carson Pirie Scott for a sale that started on 3/12/07.
No wonder that awesome store had to close. My mail,in a lakefront highrise in 60613 is horrid.

I've had tons of financial docs missing as well as utllity bills. When I happened to look at my phone listing on the white pages online,my name and number were listed to a machine shop miles away..

I have had to put fraud alerts on my credit report every three months as well as report this to the Postmaster. They really don't give a rats ass and are like lippy bully gang members.

These morons would not last 5 minutes working in a real business. I say privitize this "Business"
and be accountable.I find it tragic that these have dazed letter schleppers can't be reprimanded or fired. No matter how bad they are.

Hey Mark Konkol, I'm a former Chicagoan, and current letter carrier just outside of Dallas Texas. I stumbled upon this subject of mail delivery while reading the Sun-Times online last Sunday. If all I read is really true, and not an over exaggeration of the problem, I really feel sorry for ya'll up there. From what I'm picking up, most people who have written on this blog are really fustrated. My suggestion to them is if they really want to fix this problem, they need to address the complaints to the right people. This problem can only be fixed at the federal level. Local and State officials have no say about the postal serivce. Complaining to the post office which services you zip code is a waste of time also. Flood the offices of the US Postmaster General, Congressman, Senators, and the Chicago Post Master, with your complaints. The lower level management and supervisors don't care about the customers. They don't even care about the carriers. I really wish I could tell you some of the things I see, but I would probably lose my job, and I have a family to feed. If your mail delivery is at different times every day, it's because some carriers have to cover more than one route somedays. There's not enough carriers to cover each route everyday, (vacation, sick, etc.). When mail is delivered, someone will be the first delivery, someone will be the last delivery, and everybody else will be in between. If you suspect your letter carrier is abusing your mail, then contact the US Postal Inspection Service.

And how do you contact the US Postal Inspection service ? When I tried, somehow my LONG list of complaints was handled by a customer service person who did the most usesless thing...She connected me to the Irving park postal station manager who promised(2 months ago) he'd get back to me. Well,still waiting...He can't say he called cause I have caller ID.

My mail is always on time! *wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

I'm a letter carrier from Milwaukee and we ahve been having the same problems you are experiencing in Chicago. Late and or no delivery, Christmas cataloges being delivered in January etc. The real and underlying problem here is staffing. The hiring of these casual employees is a detriment to the Postal Service. They are paid less than half of what a regular carrier makes and will be terminated in 89 days. They really do not care about service. The Postal saervice refuses to hore full time carriers. Milwaukee has not hired a regular city carrier since November of 05. We used to have up to 150 Part-time Flexible employees. Milwaukee now has 24. Complaints to city officials go nowhwere you must address complaints to your congress man or woman or Senator. It's staffing, staffing, staffing

On the previous blog entry I stated I have mail to open, read, and send out. Also, I let it be known that 95 percent of you are liars about mail delivery. I still stand by that statement!

We have people who simply will not make the mature effort of getting off their lazy butts, go to the post office and fill out the necessary forms for an address exchange. Oh, many will complain they did this while standing in a long line. Well guess what? SOME TIMES THE LINES ARE LONG WHERE EVER YOU LIVE!! Stop this childish whining about "I do not get my mail every day, or not at the same time every day, or even worst, "I get it at night."(WHAT THE HELL, YOU GOT IT DIDN'T YOU!)...Simpletons!"

These are human beings (doing the best they can), which you individuals speak ill of, who have a plethora of mail to deliver each and every day. HOW IN THE HELL DO you know the load(or bulk) of the mail each day to be delivered while sitting comfortably behind your computer screen complaining?

Cockroaches serve a purpose (they turn the soil and eat dead organisms); U.S. postal workers have no purpose on this earth.

Posted by: Jackie | March 20, 2007 10:53 AM

For this particular sub-species of humanity who used an analogy of a cockroach to a human being, this only intensify the statements I will make.

If the service is so terrible, apply for the job, and do a better job than all the mail carriers presently working for USPS. ARE YOU UP TO THE TASK, or simply a bunch of LOSERS who complain about every thing in life?

NOT ONE DAMN ADULT who PAY THEIR BILLS REGULARLY, DOES NOT know when they are DUE each day of every month. Do not give me that crap it changes, if it does it is a utility bill which moves back and forth only a couple of days of the month! Maybe a credit card bill, but knuckleheads you alread know to pay them a few days ahead of time.

With the advance technology we are BLESSED to have, any whiner can go online to pay all of their bills in this manner each and every month. If the privilege(whatever that means - or more racist attitudes) who seem to have such great jobs see this as a great inconvience, you can have it set up to take the funds out of your checking account each month with no hassle of the mail service. You have a great job, a home business, or simply a retired person(on a fixed income), and tired of the mail service get a checking account and have all your bills paid automatically. For those of you who like to send Christmas, Valentines and other types of cards, send it before the mail crunch knuckleheads. You people know the mail service is heavier & busiest during this time.

Next month people will be whining about their proccrastination about the INCOME TAX BILLS needing to be paid on time. WHO FAULT WILL THIS BE? AND THE USPS WILL NEED TO HAVE PEOPLE STANDING OUT IN THE ELEMENTS TO MAKE SURE YOUR LETTER IS POSTMARKED BY APRIL 15TH?? Are you going to give them a pat on the back for a job well done, or still bemoaning your own incompetence and putting it off on others.

I asked my parents have they had these problems and only issue was every ONCE IN A WHILE THE MAIL comes after 6:00 p.m. They have mail carriers who try and do their best and are good people. I can not say the same about you whiners here.

I have order books, and other items online and the mail carrier delivered it to my door with no problem, and NOT ONE PERSON STOLE THE ITEM. Some of you are simply lying to get some feeble attention. What a pathetic life some of you live! Recently, I ordered a battery for my cell phone, and it took less than five days to received it and the package was not open and retaped.

QUIT LYING ON THE MAIL CARRIERS and get your inept butts up, go to the post office and make proper changes to your addresses when moving.

STOP LYING on the service reps having a bad attitude. Yes, they are expected to deal with rude customers, BUT CONSIDERING THAT 95% OF YOU ARE COMPLAINING OVER THE PHONE, IN THEIR FACES, exactly how would you feel when encountering one of you knuckleheads? Probably not to please, now would you?

PLEASE, STOP LYING about getting mail after dark. HELL IT BECOMES DARK IN CHICAGO IN THE WINTER AFTER 4:00 p.m. anyway. Did you expect it to magically appear in your mail slot at eight(8) o'clock in the morning every day. THIS IS CHICAGO, were the weather is brutal!

HOW MANY OF YOU PEOPLE WILL SHOVEL THE SIDEWALKS, and get the snow OFF OF YOUR STAIRS to make it just a little easier for the mail carrier? And you expect mail to be there at the exact same time daily?...*sheesh*

So what really are some of you numb-skulls gripes anyway? The same trash you heap upon others can be reverted back into your own narrow minds. There are alternatives, but you don't want to seek them. I see why every individual who comes to this country think we are so damn spoiled. Do you?

Now find some nice things to say about the mail carriers; and give them a bottle of cold water on a hot summer day, asked them do they want a cup of hot chocolate, tea or cup of coffee in the winter time.

And stop whining! If you think I was whining that is okay, at least it was not about my Mail Carrier!!

Thank you (No Problems with Mail Delivery). I agree with everything you wrote. I think if that Jackie person would love humans as much as she loves cockroaches, her mail delivery might improve. I also noticed she doesn't have the guts to answer your comments or mine which were posted below her stupid blog a few days ago. Treat people with RESPECT, they will bend over backwards to help you. Threat them like insects, guess what you'll get. Somebody out there please give Jackie a hug today. Got to go deliver my mail now. Glad Jackie is not on my route, my customers appriciate me.

I hate to say this but the Northtown branch of the post office (Devon and McCormick) is the worst post office I have encountered. There is one man who is rude and obnoxious. I don't know why he still is there. It takes him forever to find anything and when he finally finds it, he takes forever and a day to get to you. Also, why are there only 2-3 people working at a time when the line has about 20-25 people waiting? What's their problem?

I say fire the lot of them and start with better hard working people. If they do that a couple of times, maybe some if these people will get the drift to work!

The easiest thing to do is put your names on your mailbox. If you receive mail late at night write your post office,the post office downtown, the postmaster, and your alderman and COMPLAIN and KEEP COMPLAING.

I'm surprised Ravenswood residents isn't on here, I think 60625 is the WORST station in the city. Who cares if you got mail at 9 p.m. those residents have gotten mail at 11p.m. That station has enough sub carriers for 3 post offices, yet the service is still terrible. Blame the carriers? Try blaming it on poor management, When you have a supervisor who doesn't know what she's doing run things and a manager who allows her to, yes mail service is going to be bad. Yes "big shots" form Michigan came to Ravenswood did they help? sure did, help clean up the poor mail delivery, HELL NO. They cleaned the inside of the station fully armed with all the cleaning supplies you need. Stayed a over a week checking to see about why carriers missed scan points, and when the last time the work areas had been cleaned.

So 60625 has your mail improved? The post office sure looks great, fresh painted walls, all the mail trucks sparkling clean inside and out, and the inside clean as well.

Our mail delivery in College Park, Md 20740 is as bad as yours.
Attention present and past University of Maryland students or anyone who has had a College Park or Berwyn Heights Md. mailing address since 2001.
Beginning 7 years ago, I've received 1000+'s pieces of 1st class mail, DMV notices, end of year financial statements, Jury Duty Summonses, actual credit cards, billing statements , "Final Notice" certified mail notices, mail from university departments that were mailed to University of Maryland students and student organizations at addresses other than mine in College Park, Md that were either forwarded to my winter home in Florida or delivered to my home of 50 years on Norwich Road in College Park, Md 20740
View pictures of students mail delivered to me at http://www.dennisabe.com

In past 3 years, The situation has been under close watch and the following documents will show over 400 pieces of my mail has been misdirected by the College Park Md Post Office. I have had the same address since 1957. This ongoing problem of me not receiving my mail during past 7 years has resulted in me paying many late charges, having my credit rating affected, having my water service at my home turned off, car insurance rate increased and spending 1000+ hours and much expense addressing the problem cause by the failure of the College Park Md Post Office to deliver the my mail correctly and not correcting the constant misdirecting of my mail.Recent examples since speaking via phone with College Park, MD Post Master Danny Bell's assistant Raynell on 1/17/07 are the 22 statements for 7 Bank of America accounts in addition to Sears, Home Depot, utility bills and others that are either missing or returned to sender marked as "undeliverable". or have vanished.
Whose wallet is your card in?
Click here to see one of the credit cards that were sent to me in Venice, Florida that was meant for a party in College Park .Bet his interest rate went through the roof. I just had Chase Bank go from 3.99% to 28.24% after College Park Post Office returned my billing statement as “undeliverable” I’ve lived at same address for 50 years

I ordered an item from ebay to be shipped to 60625. The tracking said undelivered and the item was shipped back to the seller which is only 15 miles away. I later on received the item after i asked the seller to put full zip code.

The postal service is unreliable. 60625 may be the worst. perhaps the politican can do something.. such as Senator Obama.. but he will reform DC first before can do something for his own state.

I ordered an item from ebay to be shipped to 60625. The tracking said undelivered and the item was shipped back to the seller which is only 15 miles away. I later on received the item after i asked the seller to put full zip code.

The postal service is unreliable. 60625 may be the worst. perhaps the politican can do something.. such as Senator Obama.. but he will reform DC first before can do something for his own state.

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