Mail blues continue?

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It's been two weeks since Chicago's mail delivery trouble made headlines as the worst in the nation. Has your mail delivery service improved since then?

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No-NET GETTING BETTER! Every single day I am realizing more business and personal mail never reached me from December-Feb. Magazine subscriptions even canceled me out when the PO returned my issues with "Undeliverable" on them. I am missing over a dozen tax froms with my SSN or EIN on them,bank statements,telphone bills,credit card statements. I had to put fraud alerts on my credit reports and I did contact the Postal inspector which proved to be as useless as telling it to a pigeon on the corner.. I'm in a lakefront highrise. All of my missing mail had my unit number-contrrary to the witch that delivery woman that started screaming at *me* that SHE would send ALL of my mail back if it didn't have my apartment number.. She's evil scum if I ever saw it..
The substitute Witchesare too lazy to read everyones names on the mailboxes or ask the front desk that has a directory of everyone.
My mail is from the Irving Park station--yeah,when i get it.

I hope EVERYONE starts payng their bills online and using UPS and Fed Ex..Hopefully these demonic entities will not have a pension to retire on.
Privitize this mess so our mail can be accountable !

here we go again. after getting better service after the headlines and apparently one day scrutiny by the big shots we are now back to getting mail for others and flyers to be delivered by a certain date, that are delivered four days after the sale. i guess the mail isn't that important in the 60638 area code to the clearing postal people. i believe the previous writer is correct in saying it should be privatized.

We have people over in Iraq and Afganistan who face death every single day. And all you people can do is complain about the mail service. If you complained about these wars as much as you complain about your mail delivery, maybe these people could come home. Quit complaining, your mail delivery is not a life or death situation. On the flip side you do deserve good service. I'm just saying that bashing the postal service won't solve any of your problems. And turning over mail delivery to a private company is not the answer.
You shouldn't make comments about aspects of the postal service that you don't know about. All you see is the delivery part. You don't know what a carrier has to do from the time he/she clocks on in the morning until he/she clocks off in the evening. So macdiva, give the evil, scum, witch substite a brake.

p.s. In between voicing your displeasure with the postal service, can you do me a small favor? Say a prayer for our troops in the war(s). They have plenty to complain about.....

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