Crumpled mail arrives at the Sun-Times

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Lake View resident Richard Eisenhardt sent me a letter to compliment his mail carrier and complain about the poor service at his neighborhood post office.
I had to laugh when the letter arrived crumpled, dirty and ripped inside a post office envelope that offered this apology, "Dear Valued Postal Customer ....

"I want to extend my sincere apology as your Plant Manager for the enclosed document that was inadvertently damaged in handling by your Postal Service ..."
It goes on to say how much mail the post office handles every year — 202 billion pieces of mail, in case you were wondering.
Richard's mailed the letter March 14 from Lake View, and arrived on my desk about a week later.

It was a rather weak apology and sent to the wrong guy. They should have offered regrets to Richard — he's the guy who paid the 39 cents.

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