Beat Abbate with a bat?

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Chicago Police Superintendent Phil Cline said what any neighborhood tavern regular worth their salt was thinking after seeing video of that big sissy, disgraced officer Anthony Abbate, beat the snot of the petite, tough-as-nails bartender at Jesse's Shortstop Inn on the Northwest Side: "If I could hit him with a baseball bat, I would."

As a former bartender and bouncer, I agree with the sentiment -- punch a lady bartender, get the Louisville Slugger.
Of course, Cline's spokeswoman Monique Bond insists her boss was speaking "figuratively."
I figure that means a friendly prison cell mate is a better punishment.
Tavern bar mavens, what do you figure?

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The dude was almost 3 times her size. Of course he should be beaten with a bat, or better yet a sledgehammer. That guy not only disgraced the CPD but also his entire family and everybody who knows him. The two knuckleheads who watched Abbate pummel the bartender should be beaten, too. They stood there and did NOTHING! Real men, those guys. I'm glad the old lady who came from the back of the bar had enough sense to try to stop Abbate from hitting the bartender.

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