Bad news for Wicker Park hipsters

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Filter, that urban hipster coffee joint, at Six Corners along with hot dog stand Swank Franks are on their death bed, set to be replaced by a Bank of America branch. Could this mean ...

a certain death to the edgy artist-friendly feel of Wicker Park? Gentrification hurts.

So please share your pain with the rest of us, and tell me, where will you Wicker Parkers get your coffee fix when Filter is gone?

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It's too bad Filter and Swank Franks will be gone to be replaced by a corporate megamonster. But such is life. Something else will open up in the area to replace Filter/Swank, I'm sure. That 'hood is too trendy for that not to happen.

It will be good for the 'hipsters' and 'yuppies' to have to go outside of there little question everything self gratifying world to look for coffee.

Maybe it's time to bring Sophie back with the Busy Bee. Any know where she or her family is???

I hate hipsters and yuppies

maybe it's time for people to buy a a real cafe con leche aka latte from pancho's on California or Marianaos on Milwaukee or La Unica in Rogers Park if it's not too far out of the yuppie/hipster saftey border.

Sounds good nimrod.

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