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The 2012 NATO Chicago Summit brings world leaders to Chicago May 20-21

Who owns the drone? What the Pentagon says about sighting over Chicago suburbs

WASHINGTON--Defense Department spokesman George Little was asked at the Thursday Pentagon briefing about a drone sighted over the Chicago suburbs in advance of the weekend Chicago NATO Summit at McCormick Place. Little said the U.S. military is helping with summit security.

Q: George, what would the U.S. say to NATO partners who might
consider the last phase of the campaign in Afghanistan as looking
ahead to perhaps grabbing a peace dividend from the end of the
campaign in Afghanistan and start cutting defense programs again, as
they have done in the past? And is the drone -- surveillance drone
that's currently buzzing around Chicago a military one or belongs to
the mayor of Chicago?

MR. LITTLE: The -- well, I don't know about the particular
aircraft you're referencing. But the U.S. military is providing a
support role through NORTHCOM to support security for the summit. The
-- and that's in accordance with American law.

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