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The 2012 NATO Chicago Summit brings world leaders to Chicago May 20-21

Chicago the capital of Illinois? So says NATO.

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In a video released yesterday by NATO, Chicago is erroneously referred to as the capital of Illinois. Say what?

It seems NATO may also stand for Not All That Observant.

A video released ahead of the upcoming North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit in Chicago gets a few things wrong: the capital of Illinois, where President Barack Obama grew up, and the founder of the Chicago Tribune.

The narrator of the five-minute video says Chicago is the capital city. It's actually Springfield. The video says Obama grew up in Chicago, but the president spent his childhood in Hawaii and Indonesia. He moved to Chicago as an adult.

The narrator also says the Chicago Tribune was founded by Colonel Robert McCormick, for whom the McCormick Place convention center is named and where the summit is being held. Three other men founded the newspaper.

The video has since been corrected.

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