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Madonna @ United Center: Flash and flattery

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Earlier this week, Madonna caused a minimal stir by sniping at Lady Gaga, referencing her during a concert and adding, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

Wednesday night at Chicago's United Center, the first of two concerts there this week, Madonna again slipped the chorus of Gaga's "Born This Way" into the bridge of her own "Express Yourself" -- it's a seamless match, for sure -- but let it go without comment. Well, almost. She shouted a bit from "She's Not Me" at the end.

It seems like pretty catty paranoia from the indisputable queen of pop, as if the Material Girl -- a 1 percenter if ever there were -- has adopted the Republicans' new slogan ("We built it!") and its false sense of rugged individualism. Madonna broke ground for women in pop during the '80s and easily can justify her worldwide love, but much of her success is a pastiche quilt, a smart synthesis of the best of the best. Wednesday's show only lengthened the long list of film and music artists she herself flatters by imitation.

In fact, the opening of her two-hour concert -- full of the usual impressive showmanship, heavy hoofing, mish-mash religious symbolism and garish exhibitionism -- finds the Gen-X megastar, now 54, retooling gruesome scenes as if acting in a Quentin Tarantino film. (Or is it ex-husband Guy Ritchie's?) Kicking through a church window and brandishing a machine gun, Madonna and her legion of dancers careen through several violent set pieces, including pointing prop weapons into the crowd several times then blowing away various assailants -- their blood splattering across the three-story video screens -- while singing, "I wanna see him die / over and over and over and over ..." ("Gang Bang").

Her typical cheap shock tactics aside, it's not exactly a comfortable thing to watch at the end of this particular summer in Chicago.

In a previous statement, Madge has described this "MDNA" tour, supporting her new album (widely lambasted, though I didn't hate it), as "the journey of a soul from darkness to light," as well as "part spectacle and sometimes intimate performance art." The Broadway-level production does eventually lighten up, though it's mostly artless and nearly all spectacle. Robed monks quickly turn into shirtless hotties ("Girl Gone Wild"), cheerleaders and little drummer boys prance about ("Give Me All Your Luvin'"), there's the requisite cross-dressing and hand jive ("Vogue"), and the whole thing ends in a "Tron"-meets-Tetris, feel-good dance party ("Celebration").

The finest moments, though, are in the middle -- without all the hoopla. She sings "Turn Up the Radio" alone at a mike on the catwalk strumming a guitar, nothing else. "Open Your Heart" becomes a rhythmic Basque arrangement, with the full ensemble of dancers casually hanging like real people instead of choreographed cogs. (Here she's also joined by her 11-year-old son, Rocco Ritchie, busting moves and grinning from ear to ear.) Next, "Holiday" actually feels like one, relaxed and spontaneous.

It's a refreshing, natural few moments, and it gives Madonna a chance to squeeze in some yammering about Oprah (she was last in United Center early last year for the TV host's big farewell) and delivering an impromptu homily about self-empowerment and treating "one another with dignity and respect."

Performer, heal thyself. Your legacy is secure, and it would be cemented for a whole new generation -- Wednesday's crowd was, well, my age -- if you took Gaga under your wing instead of clawing at her all the time. Go teach her a thing or two. Girl needs it.

Note: Those with tickets for the Thursday night show (and babysitters at home) should be aware the posted show time is 8 p.m., but on Wednesday (and at most other shows on the tour) Madonna didn't start until 10:20 p.m. (DJ Paul Oakenfold fills an hour of this time spinning records. Zzzzzzz.)

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Don't waste your money on this concert as I did last night. Her showing up over two hours late is absurd and for what? Someone who was off key on the majority of her songs and then sniped at the audience for not singing back to her. Well, that's what happens when you keep people waiting Madonna. The show was the most disjointed I've ever seen with her spending 15 minutes singing about guns, death and bloody brains.And, she did a fair amount of whining about having to provide shoes for four kids. Hey, I think the $180 I spent will buy at least one pair for your brats. The queen is dead; long live the new queen.....Lady Gaga, who at least starts her concert on time.


This is so far the worst, most inaccurate, lame review I have read to date. Born this way is obviously a rip off of express yourself and everyone knows it. When she sings she's not me - that is another madonna song from her previous cd. It is not madonnas job to take anyone under her wing. If this is the first inkling that the mdna tour has guns, violence and a humorous reference to the fact that gaga has made a career out of blatantly copying madonnas act, you probably weren't the right person to attend this tour that has been going on for more than 6 months and written about over and over and over and over - and may I add by much more well informed, better writers. Madonna continues to perform for her FANS. this will be one of the highest grossing tours of all time because we continue to want more. She hardly needs the cash. You should probably spend your own money on watching gaga smoke pot and wiggle around on stage instead. The suntimes needs a different reviewer working for them

It is not right that she performed so late. All the money people pay to see her ..does she think that all the concert goers don't have lives and have nothing better to do than sit there for almost 2-1/2 hrs to see her show. My knee is still hurting from being cramped up between the chairs in front of me with no leg room. i purchased tickets for wifes bday present.

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