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Pitchfork Music Festival 2012: The index

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-- Pitchfork 2012 sampler Spotify playlist
-- This year's must-see picks

-- The Electromusical Energy Visualizer
-- Friday rain and 'Embrace the mud!'
-- New P4k features

-- @chicagosmusic
• Hipsters be damned: Vampire Weekend is swell. I mean, peachy. Damn: neato? ‪#p4k
• Just now realizing: I have no concept of what Union Park looks like without a festival sitting in it. ‪#p4k‬ ‪
• Man, some people get really angry when they discover that the "Free Kittens" box does not indeed contain kittens. ‪#p4k
• Ty Segall fan responds: "He should do some Molly Hatchett now. He could probably rock some Molly Hatchett." ‪#p4k
• It's OK. You didn't leave ‪#p4k‬ early last night. You 'retired retroactively.' ‪#mittfork
• Grimes ... is what I's covered in. ‪#p4k


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