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Bobby Brown: New single not about Whitney Houston

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It's not about Whitney.

Fans have been scratching their heads over Bobby Brown's latest single, "Don't Let Me Die," the harbinger to his first solo album in 14 years due next week.

The song, a plain lamenting ballad, begins with Brown -- former husband of Whitney Houston, who died in February -- singing, "Been 'bout a month since you been gone / I guess it's pretty clear that you ain't coming home." The video features some funereal imagery, and the song ends with a long exhale and the sound of a heart monitor.

Some have wondered: Is Brown pimping our Whitney grief?

"No," Brown says in a new interview with "Access Hollywood." "That song was written over seven to eight months ... before her passing. ... The song is actually just about any type of relationship you get into where you never want to see that person that you care for ever leave you. Like, the line 'Don't let me die' is 'Don't leave me alone,' because I'm afraid to live without that person."

Brown admits the subject of the song is Alicia Etheridge, his manager and fiancée, who he says left him one month after an argument. The couple has been engaged for two years and is scheduled to marry next month in Hawaii.

"I got a few calls for me to change the line," Brown says. "It's just a powerful song, and unfortunately Whitney passed before the song was released. ... Of course, everybody misses Whitney, but the song is not about her."

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yes it is bobby its okay its the greif talking.

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