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Chet Haze: Tom Hanks' son unveils aspiring rap career at Northwestern Univ.

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Chester Hanks is known by many names. His friends call him Chet. The media calls him "the son of actor Tom Hanks." Today, he's officially christened as Chet Haze.

Yes, that's his rap name, now revealed on a track making its rounds online -- a song celebrating the wild party life at (wha?) Northwestern University.

The track, "White and Purple," a remix of Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow," celebrates the wild nights students spend smoking pot in Evanston:

I'm livin' college life
Homie, tell the world it's mine ...
White kicks, purple kush
This is college:
hittin' blunts after hittin' books

"Any kids really living the college life can relate to it," Hanks, 21, said in an interview today with the NU student newspaper. "I don't think it's something that should cause anybody to be angry or offend anyone."

The younger Hanks is a sophomore theater major at NU, due to graduate in 2013, where he says he likes to "chill" at the Pi Kappa Alpha frat house.

Before anyone goes tsk-tsk-ing him, however, remember that prior to maturing into one of America's most respected and level-headed actors, Tom Hanks was introduced to the popular culture by saving his own privates as a cross-dresser and a hardcore party animal. "I'm not my dad. I am my own person," Chet Hanks claims, but maybe the rapper doesn't fall that far from the Forrest, after all.

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Oh great, another white guy who was born the wrong color. Unreal. God help us all.

That was a racist statement if i ever heard one!

hip hop is the voice of the people. no matter of race color creed. not very original, but its not anyones right to say "another white guy born the wrong color". this is 2011.

Eww. I smell a racist.

Are we in 2001 or what?

Good for the kid - he's trying to "find himself" and in college of all places! At least his dad hasn't been landing him awful acting jobs ala Will Smith.

Do not hate this is good a person sing about been in college not killing or calling women out therer name u go boy!!!!!!!! am't mad at you

With all of the cool names to pick from why did they decide to name him Chester?

They could have named him Henry so he would be Hank Hanks!

Well at least he didn't take he rap name Purple Haze!

i think Chet's got talent, and a future....but i hope he'll get beyond "blunts" and build his career on something more socially constructive.

Another rich wanna-be thug. He's probably the baddest kid in Beverly Hills. And yes, he was born the wrong color.

i have a feeling this is a case of 'my dad, mom and brother are successful so why not mooch a bit'. i'm not sure that college life has changed in the six years i've been out but i think Chester should go back to the books and leave the blunts for the professionals. maybe he should tour with Joaquin Phoenix or something.

@Steve - are we to assume that since he is born white he should be playing a guitar? Living Colour were an African American rock group and i don't think anyone told them to drop the guitar and start rapping. read a book.

HaHA!! Another Malibu's Most Wanted!!! LMAO! Ohhhhhhh kids got guts tho, every once in a while its nice to see someone trying to break a barrier. many high influences, but does he have what it takes????? Good Luck!!

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