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Rock Hall inductees include Neil Diamond, Tom Waits, Leon Russell and more

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced its next class of inductees, and your reaction might be, "Sweet Caroline!" They are:

The Alice Cooper Band
Neil Diamond
Dr. John
Darlene Love
Tom Waits

Cooper and Diamond were both shoo-ins eventually -- and they knew it, shrugging and telling the AP how little they actually thought of the matter. "I thought about it occasionally, but I kind of figured they'd get around to me at some point," Diamond said. Cooper added: "You know it crosses your mind, but then you think of all the guys who aren't in there, some of them before you, and you go, 'Wow.' ... You realize that it's a waiting game. I don't think you sit around holding your breath on it."

Cooper then took more credit for bringing stage antics to rock: "There was no spectacle in rock 'n' roll, and I think what we did was we kind of brought theater to rock 'n' roll. It was sort of Cirque du Soleil before Cirque du Soleil." Preposterous. Anyone who thinks rock 'n' roll theater and spectacle began with Alice Cooper needs to look up Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis on YouTube right now. Cooper wasn't the first bloke with eye makeup, he just added snakes.

Love is known for her work with the Blossoms and the Crystals, 1960s girl groups in Phil Spector's stable. She's been nominated for the hall three times before.

Elton John's collaboration album helped secure Leon Russell entry to the hall, as well. The Oklahoma-born piano man will receive the musical excellence award, which used to be the sideman category. Before Russell recorded on his own, he was a respected and sought-after session player, working with numerous stars from George Harrison and Ringo Starr to Eric Clapton and the Rolling Stones, even Frank Sinatra.

Executives Jac Holzman and Art Rupe will be given the Ahmet Ertegun Awards.

Dr. John's New Orleans-style piano and Tom Waits' mondo-creative music are nice additions. But as usual, several notable figures and bands did not make the cut (the Rock Hall inducts five acts each year who got their start at least 25 years previously). The Beastie Boys were finally eligible this year and were snubbed, as were Bon Jovi, LL Cool J and the J. Geils Band.Voters had the wisdom not to select Donna Summer, though Laura Nyro -- depending on how we define the "rock" of this hall of fame -- needs to be that wild card entry some year soon.

And still no Chicago. We're going to have to get vocal.

Last year's class of inductees included ABBA, Genesis, Jimmy Cliff, the Hollies and the Stooges.

The new inductees will be feted in March, and the ceremony will be shown on the Fuse cable network.

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How do the Beastie Boys even come close to qualifying- they were a joke act.

Bon Jovi just plain stinks- pop rock at its worst

The Beastie Boys are a joke act? You must be under the age of 20. WHY DON'T YOU GET A FEW OF THEIR ALBUMS - THEY MADE MORE THAN ONE. Do some reasearch and see just how active they've been!

No J Geils. Not a mention of Cheap Trick, Neil Diamond!! yuck

Actually it appeared that Alice Cooper was never going to get in. This was his first nomination in 16 years of eligibility, and he has a career that should not have been ignored for this long. Cooper was #3 on the Rock section of and easily could have been ranked #1.

Ahh, finally I see where Marilyn Manson and GWAR got their stage spectacles from: Jerry Lee Lewis. The parallels are obvious. Thank you Mr. Conner.

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