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Who should be the next Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees?

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame today announced its next slate of nominees for its enshrinement. It's another list that swings wildly between the obvious and the real head-scratchers.

And the nominees are ...

  • "shock" rocker Alice Cooper

  • rap group the Beastie Boys

  • stadium rockers Bon Jovi

  • disco purveyors Chic ("Le Freak")

  • Neil Diamond

  • flower-child folkie Donovan

  • New Orleans funk-pianoman Dr. John

  • Boston's bluesy J. Geils Band

  • rapper LL Cool J

  • Blossoms singer Darlene Love

  • Singer-songwriter Laura Nyro

  • Disco queen Donna Summer

  • Soul legend Joe Tex

  • The inimitable Tom Waits

  • Singer-songwriter Chuck Willis ("C.C. Rider")

A ballot now goes to more than 500 voters. The winning inductees will be announced at the end of December, then feted at a ceremony in March.

The window of eligibility -- a performer must have debuted at least 25 years ago -- has now slipped forward to 1985, into the heart of Generation X. The Beastie Boys would, in so many ways, represent, and they'd better be a shoo-in. LL Cool J is really the only other formidable '80s act here; the J. Geils Band had its MTV hits in that decade but reaches back further into Boston's blues scene. It's maybe a little crazy that the Smiths have been eligible for two years now and not received a nod, though maybe Morrissey's recent racist comments aren't helping that cause.

The list of bands eligible for consideration and so far NOT chosen is long and now includes Camper Van Beethoven, Dinosaur Jr., the Happy Mondays, the Flaming Lips, Nick Cave, Robyn Hitchcock, INXS, the Cars, Dire Straits, Joy Division, the Buzzcocks, Wire, Big Star, Brian Eno, the 13th Floor Elevators, T. Rex, Rush, Leon Russell, Richard Thompson, on and on, even (c'mon!) Spinal Tap.

Last year's class of inductees included ABBA, Genesis, Jimmy Cliff, the Hollies and the Stooges.

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Until Rush (and others like them) can get in this whole thing is a shame. Herb Albert, Neil Diamond. Donovan. Ahead of Rush. Rush can't even get nominated. Until some real Rock groups get some consideration this whole thing stinks!!!!

OK, I can agree with Alice Cooper and Bon Jovi. I can even agree with the J. Geils Band. But come on...It's supposed to be the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Donna Summer? Chic? LL Cool J? Give me a break. Maybe if it was the Disco or the Crappy Music Hall of Fame, then maybe. Once again, the progressive rock trio from North of the border, RUSH has been left out. A band who has the third highest album sales behind only the Beatles and the Rolling Stones for the most consecutive gold or platinum studio albums by a rock band. Once again, the "supposed" Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has failed to acknowledge them. This is even more surprising considering the fact that the R&R HOF is located in Cleveland, the city where RUSH "made its mark" in the U.S. due to the airplay of their "Working Man" on WMMS, a radio station in Cleveland.

Although many of my beloved bands and performers are in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, I believe it is the biggest crock this side of Chicago politics. There are worthy candidates this year, but there are also some big exclusions:

KISS-I'm not the biggest fan, but the way they have marketed themselves deserves it right there.

Rush-How this trio isn't in there is beyond contempt.

Heart-Ann and Nancy Wilson have inspired so many women to become rockers.

Nick Lowe-Even Elvis Costello in his induction speech said Lowe should be in. Producer (The Pretenders-HOF), songwriter (What's So HOF'er Costello) and performer. The man should be in.

The Moody Blues-Not a critics darling, but a fan's darling for sure. The Mellotron! Some acts are in with one or two hits. The Moodies only have Nights In White Satin, Ride My See-Saw, Question, The Story In Your Eyes, I'm Just A Singer, The Voice, Tuesday Afternoon, In Your Wildest Dreams and Steppin' In A Slide Zone, among others.

The Eurythmics-Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart brought something viable to the table in the '80's with their sound and her voice.

Cheap Trick-If only for Live At Budokan. Catchy pop hooks and amazing vocals by Robin Zander.

I know there are more that have been missed, but these are among my top picks that should be included. If Heart did sneak in, then I missed it and am sorry for posting that here.

Alice Cooper finally nominated! About time! And how is Neil Diamond not in already? Although, the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is a big joke, anyways.
And the list of other eligible bands shown in this article is totally skewed towards this writer's (and most other music critic's) hipster music preferences. The Smiths? Camper Van Beethoven? Dinosaur Jr. ? The Happy Mondays? The Flaming Lips? Robyn Hitchcock? Joy Division etc, etc.? Really? REALLY?? I agree with Rush, T. Rex and The Cars, but the Dire Straits and INXS seem to marginal choices at best. And the Buzzcocks were a very good power pop/punk band, but I'm not sure they are worthy. There are definitely better eligible punk bands out there (The Damned, Black Flag, Misfits)
However, the biggest glaring omission in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame continues to be Kiss. "Rock And Roll All Nite"? They should be inducted on the merits of that one song alone! ABBA and Madonna are in and Donna Summer is nominated...but Kiss is not? RI-DIC-U-LOUS! And instead of the unrealistic hipster choices of other eligible artists, which really seem to me to be the musical equivalent of former Major league baseball pitcher, Jim Deshaies campaigning to get at least one, albeit undeserved MLB Hall Of Fame vote; how about some other realistic and deserving eligible choices? Real rock bands like Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Scorpions, Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, UFO, and Iron Maiden are all several years into eligibility...and are all better choices for nominations than Bon Jovi, who are probably the only other nominee that I'm close to being in agreement with. But then again, maybe the critically-acclaimed-hipster/disco/hip-hop choices make more sense based on some of the relative crapola that's already in the Rock Hall. Stinkin' Wilco will probably get inducted before any of the deserving bands that I've mentioned.

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