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Second Rush show nixed by weather, will reschedule

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Chicago fans of Rush couldn't catch a break Wednesday night. On their way to the band's second concert at the Charter One Pavilion on Northerly Island (the first show was Monday night, and it was good), some fans were slowed by more lane closures on S. Lake Shore Drive, the result of additional pavement buckling problems (even though the lanes were reopened earlier in the week). After that headache, le deluge. Once at the venue, fans endured a downpour within the hour before showtime -- and then came the announcement from the stage that due to more bad weather on the way, the show would be postponed.

A statement late last night from the concert promoter, Live Nation, says: "Details on a rescheduled date will be available shortly. Tickets holders are asked to keep their ticket to the July 7 show as that ticket will be honored at the rescheduled date. Any questions can be directed to TicketMaster customer service at (800) 653-8000."

The concern of many grumpy fans today -- at least the ones calling and e-mailing here -- is that they can't very well hold on to their ticket (the one that reads, "Rain or Shine") because it was destroyed or is a wad of soggy pulp as a result of the soaking. Live Nation today simply says to call that customer service number above; sometimes a new ticket can be produced.

Sun-Times music reviewer Bobby Reed was there and reports: "When I got to the Charter One entrance gate, it was raining so hard that the youthful ticket-taker had a difficult time getting her electronic scanner to read my hard ticket. After trying a couple of times, she just gave up and decided to tear the ticket and give me the stub. ... The ticket stub is very warped and soggy, and some of the text has worn off, but it clearly is a ticket for Rush on July 7, and the seat location is definitely legible. Whew. To their credit, security personnel at the venue were handing out free rain ponchos last night."

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I called Ticketmaster and they may hold new tickets at will call for the rescheduled show. Why they can't send a link allowing a reprint is unfathomable. My ticket is unreadable as I didn't get a poncho going into the venue. Can you imagine how long the freaking line will be at will call for the rescheduled show?

And I don't want a refund. I was lucky enough to buy a fourth row center seat for face value. I'm not canceling so you can resell it to a broker.

the rain stopped 15 minutes after leaving and was clear the rest of the night. Tickets said rain or shine, and they LIED to us. I saw them 30+ times and this will be my LAST show. I will also download everything, instead of paying for it like I normally do. I am also pissed, cause I wore that rain poncho on 3 busses home.....

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