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The return of Scotland Yard Gospel Choir

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Bono cracked his back in rehearsals, had emergency surgery, wound up having to postpone a world tour. This week, singer Leona Lewis plunged from the stage, narrowly avoiding serious injury when a hydraulic lift malfunctioned. Last fall, six members of Chicago's own Scotland Yard Gospel Choir was scattered across an interstate highway in a frightening car crash.

For not offering any health benefits, this music business is pretty dangerous.

After months of slow healing, the band is ready to play again: They've scheduled a show -- their first since the accident -- June 19 at Subterranean, 2011 W. North, with Very Truly Yours and Wells-Next-the-Sea. Tickets are an easy $10 here.

sygc.jpgThe multi-member band released its second album, "... And the Horse You Rode in On," on Sept. 15, and was en route to support it with a show in Cincinnati when a tire blew on the band's van Sept. 24 on I-65 in Indiana. The van flipped and rolled five to eight times, injuring all six musicians. For a while, band leader Elia Einhorn thought he'd lose some of his friends and bandmates.

I spoke with Elia this afternoon: The band is on the mend and taking it slowly, but they're ready to finally play the CD release show they never got to last fall. (The original Subterranean booking in October was turned into a benefit concert for the band.)

"You know, on our records our songs are usually at a more medium tempo, but our live show is like a punk show -- everything's going 200 miles-per-hour," Einhorn said from home. "We're taking it a lot slower now. We're not at that gallop pace. ... We were worried that with this much time away from the instruments and a lot of physical damage that it would affect the way we sound. But honestly I don't think anyone will be able to tell a difference."

More on this show coming soon ...

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