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It's a Ticketmaster/Live Nation world now (and we should just be happy to live in it)

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Seems about right. I just bought tickets to see Pearl Jam in Indianapolis. Face value of the ticket was $22 for lawn. Added fees were $17, or 77% of the face value of the ticket. I still don't understand how this merger was approved...


Live Nation and Ticketmaster respectively were great and amazing companies... not to mention fair and reasonably priced. I think you're being a bit harsh on them.

How much are they supposed to charge? Free? This is a for profit company after all...

I'm KIDDING. Just giving you a hard time.

Seriously though, I appreciate you keeping us up to date on this stuff. I hate the merger and I agree with Ian, I have no idea why this merger was approved. I live down in Athens, GA and there were SO MANY shows at Lakewood Amphitheater that were nowhere near selling out... maybe that is their strategy, charge enough so that they will break even by selling a minimum number of tickets?

Who knows?


How is it that nobody has picked up & run with what should be the new name of the company - MasterNation - so much fun you could have with that moniker...

Just don't go!

As a promoter, Live Nation wants the high fees since it will drive the overall ticket price up, thus compelling artists to perform at a lower guarantee. While Live Nation receives the "kick-back" from the TM fees, it will not lose money on some of its lower performing shows.

However, the artist can dictate what those TM fees will be, but choses not to because then they will not get their proper market value guarantee from the promoter. In addition the artist can share in the "kick-back" from TM so they maximize their reveune.

Where there's a chicken, there's an egg...

Hey, here's what you do. Stop buying the tickets.

I am so amazed that this does not only extend to concerts, but also theatrical shows. I just saw the touring company of the Broadway musical Avenue Q in Phoenix at the ASU Gammage theater, they have Ticket Master for tickets online. Yes they charged me fees everywhere, and I chose not to print out my online tickets because they were going to charge me an online ticket processing fee for me printing out the tickets on my printer, using the ink I bought, using the paper I bought. I would love to know what processing they did.

I have no problem with the merger

The article makes it clear why
Let them keep adding all those insane fees and the public will say no to the tickets

Now the weak public will demand government control which will make it worse down the road

A free market dictates a companies policies

A government regulation allows behind the back trickery

I also hate the "ticketless paper" system to stop the free market "scalpers"


But the public wont boycott buying the tickets. The public wont say no. They will buy the U2 tickets and it will sell out. Your right the public needs to boycott but they wont. If they would how come they haven't started?

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