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Demo2DeRo: The Ragtones

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As bands' boasts of an unlikely combination of influences go, I haven't heard a wilder one than the way guitarist-vocalist Chris Oakes described the Ragtones: as a combination of Tom Waits, the White Stripes and Nine Inch Nails. (Forget about "one of these things is not like the others"; none of them are!) Yet if the Chicago trio doesn't quite pull off that unholy marriage, it's easy to see what he was getting at: The band boasts a timeless, amorphous rootsiness at the same time that it feels thoroughly modern and sometimes downright alien.

Initially formed to provide the backdrop for a fashion show, the response to that one-off live show was so encouraging that the group decided to keep going, and it's been playing out regularly since early last year. The Ragtones--which are completed by keyboardist Jeremy Tromburg and drummer Mike Mazzola--are about to release a 10-song album aptly entitled "The Ragtones Time Travel Extravaganza." A generous sampling of their songs is streaming online at, and the band will perform at Double Door, 1572 N. Milwaukee, on Monday, March 22.

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Why no coverage of Ray Davies, no mention Friday, no review, I know it was a busy music w/e but a rock icon comes into town. Your competitor treated him the same way.
Great show, enjoye the 88 as warm-up + encore with Ray at the end.
Frustrated Fan Maz

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