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Lady Gaga, Green Day, Soundgarden, the Strokes and Arcade Fire to headline Lollapalooza?

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The generally reliable if increasingly snarky music news site the Daily Swarm is citing "multiple industry sources" in reporting that avant-pop dance diva Lady Gaga, punk-pop band turned bombastic stadium rockers Green Day and reunited alternative rockers Soundgarden will be three of the six main-stage headliners when Lollapalooza 2010 rolls into Grant Park on Aug. 6 to 8.

The story doesn't really have any more details than that, though it does note that this will not be Lady G's first Lolla appearance -- "A much less famous Gaga appeared as a brunette in 2007 with a side-stage, daylight time slot, dressed in knee-high fishnets and a disco ball bikini" -- and the site has the pictures to prove it.

Update: Lollapalooza spokeswoman Shelby Meade had no comment.

And another update: My competitor at the Chicago Tribune, Greg Kot, has added two more headliners to the list of acts likely to play Lollapalooza 2010 -- Arcade Fire and the Strokes -- as well as several other up-and-coming names that may take the smaller stages: Yeasayer, the xx, Dirty Projectors, Cut Copy and Hot Chip. He also cites industry sources.

The Sun-Times has been unable to confirm that Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, Jay Reatard and Jeff Buckley also will appear on the bill.

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Jay Reatard passed away recently, so, I guess, we can assume he won't be there.

Hey, Mike. No crap Jay died. Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley are also dead. You obviously missed Jim's joke.

Uh... I don't get it... The Sun-Times has been unable to confirm that Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, Jay Reatard and Jeff Buckley also will appear on the bill.... All those guys are dead.

So is that funny or witty?


Are you joking? All those guys have passed away...

Love that last line. You failed to mention Kurt Cobain though.


well, all four of those dudes are dead, so i'm guessing you're hunch may be right that jay won't be playing.

mikeweezy got Zoomed.

It's easy to forgive DeBlow's "jokes" - he's humorless and sad, like his reviews.

Oh, if you could only change the world Jim, so that record companies didn't exist, and ALL musicians lived hand-to-mouth, not just the ones you like.


How do you keep it so "Real" all of the time?


Wow, I can't believe this line up. Just as we suspected. Has beens and repeat acts. What is wrong with these organizers? There is so much good music in this world. So many better, deserving acts.

Lady GaGa at Lolla? WTF? Is this a teen fest now? Sound Garden? They we're cool like 15-20 years ago when they played the first time.

I've been a fan and attendant since 1991's 1st Lolla line up. Back when it truly was a unique festival. Somewhere you could go to see amazing acts and up and sick up and comers.

I will not waste my time and money this year. Too bad, I love music, festivals and people. This will be the first year I've missed since the 1996 Metallica defamation. Chris Cornell sold out long ago and I guess so has Lollapalooza.

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