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Demo2DeRo: The Ugly

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A combination of Misfits-style horror-punk, Slayer-intense thrash-metal and a bit of Rev. Horton Heat psychobilly sounds like an unholy mixture designed to appeal to only the most twisted and self-punishing of palates--the musical equivalent of Elvis' favorite peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich. But the suburban Chicago trio the Ugly proves to be a delicious and addictive treat.

The group has been kicking around in various guises since early in the new millennium--it's already released one D.I.Y. album and EP, with another long-player in the works--but it seems to have really developed its identity a few years ago when drummer-vocalist the Void and guitarist Gideon linked up with electric standup bassist Robo, whose rhythmic bottom is even more massive than his daunting physical presence.

The Ugly says it's looking for a drummer to free the Void up to take center stage, but if you ask me, it's perfect just as it is: Add one more ingredient to that peanut butter, banana and bacon trinity, and you might be courting disaster. Witness the tunes streaming on the band's MySpace page,, or better yet, catch the trio live at Exit, 1315 W. North Ave., on Feb. 7.

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