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Chris Brown, "Graffiti" (Jive) [1 STAR out of 4]

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Sometimes, great art is made by reprehensible human beings--or at least by people who've done reprehensible things. This is a dilemma every critic faces at some point: Can you separate the art from the artist and his misdeeds? And should you?

For this critic, a key factor is whether the artist is attempting to make art from the acts for which he's been vilified. If the artist is talking about them, it's beholden upon the critic to address them, too. So Chris Brown is the only one to blame for reviews of his third studio album noting that he pleaded guilty last August to felony assault of his former girlfriend Rihanna--a crime for which he was sentenced to five years' probation, six months of community labor and a year of domestic violence counseling.

Before that now-infamous incident, Brown was the hottest rising star in R&B, splitting the difference between the musical approaches of Usher and R. Kelly, and exuding a vulnerable sweetness that made him seem huggable even during his lustiest moments. Setting aside the recent scandal for a moment, "Graffiti" is a troublesome effort solely on its musical merits: Attempting to expand his reach beyond the core R&B fan base, Brown and a top-dollar team of producers including Swizz Beatz and Polow Da Don veer wildly from the singer's strengths to dabble in half-hearted, contrived and autotune-drenched experiments with mechanical dancehall ("I Can Transform Ya"), electronic dance-pop ("So Cold," "I.Y.A.") and overwrought, Muse-style pomp-rock ("I'll Go").

But there are even bigger problems with the lyrics.

Self-serving references to the "difficulties" the 20-year-old singer has endured since the much-publicized end of his relationship with Rihanna flit through several tracks on "Graffiti." But the key song is "Famous Girl," which claims a prominent position right in the middle of the 13-track disc, and which should become infamous as one of the most offensive excuses for domestic violence ever recorded.

The song argues that Rihanna is famous for breaking hearts and that she cheated on Brown, even as the singer proudly boasts that he's a heartbreaker, too, and that he cheated on her as well. "I thought I found the right woman/There were other guys who thought the same thing/Like them, you let me down," Brown sings to his ex. "Sorry I bust[ed] the windows out [of] your car/I might have cheated in the beginning/I was wrong for writing 'Disturbia.'" (Brown was credited as a co-writer of that Rihanna hit.)

When this is the best that Brown can do to explain his actions, it's harder than ever to understand or forgive them--or listen to the other themes that dominate the album, that we should all admire him because he's so darn rich and so darn sexy. If Rihanna's new disc "Rated R" displayed deep reservoirs previously untapped in her earlier discs, "Graffiti" shows a shallow and soulless Brown well hidden until now.

Sometimes, great art is made by reprehensible human beings, and squaring the two is enormously difficult. Thankfully, that problem isn't nearly as thorny when reprehensible human beings make art that is thoroughly mediocre and at times just garbage.

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bias people, chris album is hot, you are not judging the album what you judging is chris brown himself. but it is ok, watch the album sell. i will come back at this post and laugh at u and ur wicked mind. chris brown fans buy the album not the critics, and we love love love the album, already pre-ordered it and will buy it in stores too when it comes out fake a** critic.

horrible, biased review. out of those that have reviewed the album, they all said it was a good work of art (mtv, fans alike.) rihanna cd was so good that she flopped lol. when cb outsells her 1st week totals in his 1st week, the media will have nothing else to hate on. so get the hate out while you can i guess.

what are you talking about his whole album is great. if you don't like him say that but his music is good. i give him 4 out of 4

Your whole article was so biased. There was no problem for me to tell you're no fan of Chris Brown because when I listened to Lucky Me and Falling Down, I hear a youg man with a BIG soul. He sings with his heart on those. Not shallow at all. I can admit some of the songs are not the best but who in this new age makes a full CD of perfect songs? Chris's CD should be 3 out of 4.
PS I'm not a fan of CB but listened to the record because of the uproar the media has given about Chris Brown. You guys are actually turning some of his haters to fans because of how bad the media has ripped him apart.

Thats your judgement. Domestic violence is not right in anyway and shouldn't be allowed. I will rather wait till I hear Brown's version of events on that night, that is if he'll talk about them. You have added meanings to the lyrics because thats what your mind's set to do. If I say perhaps Brown's just trying to say what they were arguing about that night seems the obvious to me and more acceptable than the twist you are putting to it.

The bottom line is, he has said sorry, been sentenced, undergoing domestic violence councelling. Please dude, give him another chance and if he throws it away again then we all know he wasn't serious after all.

I listened to the album and I thought it was pretty good. I really think the Famous Girl is about their 2 year relationship not that one night. He has already said SORRY hundred times and is not making excuses for his actions. I think your article is garbage. I going to buy his album on Dec 08.

I am buying one album for every ridiculous biased review that comes out. What is so deep about being stupid in love, being left with photographs and regretting the break up of the relationship. Or rather, what is so different about what Brown is saying here? Nothing, excepts he does it better. How is he excusing domestic violence. They had a two year relationship beyond what happened in February so he's expressing his feelings about everything that happened in the relationship, including the cheating and insecurity she has referenced in her interviews. You can't possibly be this dense on purpose.

suck on di** you f*king hater. If Chris came out with this last year you'll be writing a different tone.


This is the most stupidest s--- I have ever read. Who do you think you are NY Tymes, PLEASE. Chris has apologize numerous time for his actions, he cannot go back and relived the moment, but like he said he can learn from it. Chris has not disrespect Rihanna in anyway. Whenever he's ask about the situation he says " out of respect for her he rather not talk about it". No one made her ass get on national tv and put on a big act. If she really wanted to help young girls, she could spoken about the situation without getting into details, she did this out of pure hate. How can she help young girls when in every interview she's talking about she want SEX! That's why her album didn't sell big. She was simply trying to be low down. Even though I don't agree with what Chris did, I can tell he is very remorseful and sorry for his actions. Rihanna made her whole damn album disses Chris, Hell he's allowed to have one song about her. He admitted he still love and care for her. Chris is taken responsibility for his action and he's becoming a better man. To bad I can't say the same for you. Yall tried yall best to keep him down. But what's make Chris a real man is that he realize the wrong that he done, but he will not let one mistake hold him back from his dreams. And for any young people out there who happen to make a bad decision that doesn't mean you have to give up on life or your dreams, learn from you mistake and keep on pushing forward. This is what you need to be writing, word of encouragement to help keep our youth stay focus. Instead you write bullshit like this that makes no damn sense at all. Where you in the damn studio when Chris was writing this song, so how in the hell do you know who it's about. Just shut the the Hell up, yall people get on my nerves, you all are so damn negative, try being positive sometimes, you never know you may change someone's life. You are trying to hard to dislike this brother, but what is there to dislike? He has talent whether you like it or not. Can your ass get on stage in sing, dance, act,flip, have millions of female streaming your name, I think not. This album is jumping!!! whether you like it or not, the album will sell bigg. GET OFF THE HATER-RAID! LORD FORGIVE ME FOR THE CURSING,BUT SOME PEOPLE JUST NEED TO HEAR THE TRUTH.

are you deaf or just judgmental? this album is great so get off ur stupid high horse and give the boy props for having talent. talent is obviously something you DON'T have with this lame article. everyone's gon laugh in ur face when his album goes platinum.

omg enough already with all this crap it happened a year ago move onnnn

Jim i don't think this album is an attempt for Chris Brown to explain his actions i think it's his effort to move on with his life and get back to what he's famous for in the first place. And in "Famous Girl", he's reflecting on a relationship, it's not a diss or argument he's being real about his perspective of a relationship just like Rihanna did in "Stupid in Love". This album makes mention of the incident nor in my opinion excuses for his actions. Bottom line Chris Brown has apologized and accepted responsibility for his actions so theres nothing more he can do but try to move on with his life accepting the fact that some will never forgive him or understand. I personally enjoyed the album and wish both him and Rihanna the best because they are both still very young with a lot of life and learning ahead of them.

Very well-written review!

This review is ridiculous. I couldn't even read it all. Whoever this damn critic is needs to put aside what happened in Chris's personal life and focus only on the music--which is amazing. If you give this album 1/4 you must have given every other album this year somewhere in the negatives. This is absolutely ridiculous. His music has nothing to do with his personal life. Just because the lyrics reference his relationship doesn't give you the right to judge him as a person.

dum ass reviewer iv only heard a few of the tracks and they already sound sick! i can only imagine the album being a hit!
...just another hater...

Surprisingly, I think the album is actually really good!

Been routing for them both (Chris and Rihanna) and have been eager to hear both parties express themselves. Unfortunately, all of the drama surrounding RiRi, all awards won and sympathy given, I was EXTREMELY disappointed with the delivery of this particular album.

Rihanna 'Robyn' Fenty had the highest advantage at this point and still managed to get me very irate. Apart from the 3 songs that I enjoyed (not written by herself) the album (Rated R) that she was said to have "all hands on" was written for her (The Dream, Ester Dean). So the one or two songs that she did write by herself, (which by the way did not express enough and did not show any maturity within her vocal range) did not express to me how much she had grown or any of her experiences, it just showed what people/writers (The Dream) thought she felt which was angry and boastful of course. But I feel that she was unable to vary her range and adapt to her feelings because she was basically 'redoing' a demo that was either written for her or a demo that she simply liked and wanted for her album. I am not happy with the overall turnout of this album.

She's become such a house hold name that talent doesn't even come into it! If Rihanna was to walk into a public bathroom with no shoes it wouldn't matter because she is a victim. We scorned and terrorised Lindsey, Britney, Paris and many others for not wearing underwear, we were spiteful to other celebs for ACCIDENTLY showing their breasts due to a wardrobe malfunction but when RiRi doe's these things just for the sake "wanting to do it" or just simply trying something new, we all thinks she is growing stronger as the year draws to a close! And why? Because she is a victim!

Whereas, Chris Brown, has shown his talent for his singing and has a good vocal range on this album, is slated and Not for the dislike of his song writing skills or his vocal errors but for the dislike of him. In order to be a critic you need to have and understand the meaning of Unconditional Positive Regard otherwise your judgement is just as corrupted as the next person. What he did was wrong but and should not go unpunished but do not deny that he is a good singer and the songs on this album (Graffiti) show that he has matured vocally.

'I Can Transform Ya' was a bit of a dive for him and might have been more appropriate on the 2nd album (Forever) but all of that aside, all together this album is very good. As for the song 'Famous Girl' I do believe that he might have allowed his emotions get the better of him which is why I do believe that this album was rushed.

In my personal opinion, Rihanna's timing on the release was very good but I would have liked to hear her more on her album 'Rated R' other than everyone else’s influence and input and Chris could have waited a little longer and before he released his album 'Graffiti'. There's too much room for improvement but not for mistakes! That’s my motto!

*note: Please excuse my spelling, I’m British and we do have a different way of spelling!

I am most definitely buying Chris Brown's album. As a matte of fact, I think I'll buy it through his website for the extra bonus tracks that will not be included on the CD due to be released on December 8th. This entire article is BS. NY times is twisting his words around ONCE again just like all these other media/public haters. Get over it! He has apologized more times than you can imagine. He's been convicted and he's doing what he needs to do to correct his wrongs. Leave him alone already d@mn!!!

Just amazing what some of you losers are saying on this forum. The critic was totally right and even fair minded in his comments. What you losers are really saying is that you support s--- music made by s--- so called artists using s--- ideas that are now selling only moderately to s--- people like you. Live in the black gutter and die there fools.


ahhhh i cant wait till it comes out:)

What kind of review is that. You ppl reviewed one song on the whole cd. What is he suppose to sing about. I'm not saying what he did was right but if he did a song about what he did to rihanna nobody would listen to the cd. He deserves a second chance. R Kelly got a second chance and in my eyes he did a lot worse then what chris did just saying.
Breezy Fan 4eva!!!

I actually listened to the album, and I like it. It's different from his other albums, but it does show progression. I think you gave it one star based on the incident and not the album. I know to stay away from your bias reviews.

Reaper you might want to get some help for that hate that you have for a certain race of people. Even if you are black (like myself) I have met black people who don't like other blacks. However I think before Chris or anyone else dies in a what did you say "black gutter" you probably will be first, with your broke ass. However the review is just an opinon. Doesn't support anything except that once again this is a blog that can't make any money unless they put people down who have some. However just so you know white people support Chris just as much as black people so lets not make this about race because that is a war that we don't need to start again.

Leave Chris alone, the album is great, people make mistakes all the time and are forgiven. What happened wasn't right, I agree with that. But God gives chances over and over. So what's the problem.
Oh yeah Reaper, get a life because it's evident by your statement that you don't have one.

thats the most bias review i have ever read in my LIFE!..look at all the comments people have left saying this is a really good album..rihanna went crazy on Chris hittin him scratchin at his eyes & shit ..& yet she's allowed write songs about him ? need to SIT YOUR ASS DOWN just like rihanna & stop bein such a HATER!..get over it ,,seriously! know this album is the shit..& if it was the incident never happened..this would be a completely different review..everyone makes mistakes & chris shouldnt be defined as a person on one mistake he made..go on a diet..fat bastard!

Graffiti is a very nice cd, I have ordered 6 for all of my nieces for Christmas but they want it as soon as it arrive. The song Lucky Me is beautiful and to this critic, Your a$$ need Jesus.....You only make Chris Brown stronger!

The lyrics to "Famous Girl" were out of control. Forget that the album is a winner, read the lyrics. He may have said he was sorry at one point, but that boy is still pointing the finger.

So the Chris Brown fan club logged on with force huh? Do you really think people cannot see that this is an organized effort to attack any critic who tells the truth about this CD? LMAO!! You all aren't fooling anyone. Gimme a break. So what is the name of the organization? Organzation Breezy Push? lol What an embarrassment.

How do you know Famous Girl is about Rihanna? Did he tell you that? I am so sick of people as yourself thinking that every song either of them sings is about the other. Get a life! I think you need to build a bridge and get over this mess. This happened at the end of last winter and here it is a new winter and you all are still harping on it. Talk about something worth while. You are just one critic and one critic only. I am quite sure the CD will be nice because Chris is a talented artist not that I can say that for Rihanna. I mean to me she is just a pretty face which has the majority of people mesmorized not taking away from the fact her mentor is Jay Z. All I see her being good for is walking around getting attention from the paparazzi for her skimpy outfits they call fashion. I think your article is very biased based off of the incident that took place and it is not fair. Chris is showing off more of his vocal ranges in Crawl so I know the album has to be good. If you are going to write reviews you need to learn to seperate the actual talent or work from the personal life. Tiger Woods is excellent at golf and I wont judge his talent because he cheats on his wife, it isnt fair. I can say the same for Michael Jordon, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille Oneal and a host of others. Just like you may be good at something but you may have some skeletons in your closet. We would be wrong to judge you based off those. I think you need to go back to the table and remove yourself from the situation and give an honest, fair review.

Stop hating and move on! It's been almost a year ago. We weren't there that night so we can't blame it on him... The song Famous Girl by Ryan Leslie is so bout his relationships with Cassie. Two dudes with their broken hearts.

You guys only say its biased because of the events. You guys wanna read a real article read the one from Rolling Stones a true critic on music, they gave the album 2 1/2 stars. They said it was nothing special but a new twist on his style of music. They said the same love ballads like 2008 Forever cant be looked at in the same way. I say it isn't biased, when Michael Jackson was accused for being a rapist, his album came out got great review and was nominated album of the year. When T.I. was pleaded guilty for possession of firearms he came out with the album Paper Trail talking about the issue and it got him great review with an album. All im saying is just because an album has a list full of potential #1 singles and radio hits(which it does) that doesn't mean that it is a great album. But I say if you like the album reviews like this shouldn't even hold a caliber to you. See it clearly that i heard the album already and liked a 3 or 4 songs from it. He's stuff is very catchy but it doesn't mean its the greatest thing i ever heard. All im saying is if Metacritic, Chicago Tribune, and New York Times says that the album isn't any good, what are you gonna say now.

woah it seems that everyone is getting at chris brown for what he did like but because everyone feels sorry for Rihanna they bypass the messages SHE's putting in her songs

Russian Roulette is a song glorifying suicide but then she's like if a girl stayed with a man and he beat her so much she wouldnt be okay with that but she's okay with her hearing that someone commited suicide cause of her song? Like c'mon. I'm pretty sure you wouldnt be saying anything if he released this album a year ago

Bad review, its kinda messed up that you involved his personal life with his body of music, the album is great, for future references, try to review albums outside of someones personal lives!

wow you stupid asshole...i was just reading your review for dave matthews band album and you didnt review it at all...just dave matthews band and how much you hated them...i looked to the side of the page and i see something that says stop hating on chris brown...and of course you manage to do the same thing and have an unprofessional biased

Chris dated Naomi Campbell junior another psychotic Island girl with a horrible temper and hand problems. She humiliated him and smacked him up throughout the entire relationship and he knew what it was so he should have took that ass whopping she was giving him like a real man walked away & never ever ever looked back. Chris needs counseling about why he was attracted to someone so abusive & what led up to him losing control like that & date women in the future that bring out the best in him.
From Rihanna's mouth he had never ever hit her b4 that date. He probably didn't even know he could get so angry. It was his first time and I'm sure his last. He doesn't have people coming out the woodwork saying this is who he is. He doesn't have people from his team nor are any members of Rihanna's camp leaking to the press that this incident represented who Chris really is. Stop trying to make him the face of domestic violence this is not that situation.

Couldn't agree more with you Jim, I heard his song Crawl, and the leaked "so Cold" and also changed man, and I was all but prepared to give Chris Brown a chance at redeeming himself , I just hear the album and after listening to famous Girl, that pretty much took him 10 steps back and made him seem Callous, and then when he proceeded to Lucky Me woe is the lif of the famous, I was laughing, then falling dowwn with the weight of the world. I don't think he will be recovering from this, one wonders who his pr team are and if he even has oe, cause this is a career ending album.

i love chris brown even thou this happend

IT MAKES ME SICK how many people are defending him. Wow. Taki says, "He probably didn't even know he could get so angry."

Wow, these comments sections prove how ignorant and horrible dumb people can be. It's terrifying really.

Maybe if he had killed or raped Rihanna, he could also sell the rights to a hot movie version and also do the soundtrack for this lynch mob.

shut up mate

u ass r u mad hes beta den u eva will be rihanna deserved it shes a bloomin satanist i hpe she dies chris brown is hot nd hes album wil sell u jst watch i mean cut hm a break hes a young guy nd hes sorri nd all u haters go to hell i luv hm hes sick at singin please back hm people nd buy his singles u knw he is sexy n great.

you ass are you mad he is better then you ever will be rihanna deserved it she is a satanist i hope she dies chris brown is hot and he's album wil sell u just watch i mean cut him a break he's a young guy nd he's sorri and all u haters go to hell i love him he's sick at singing please back him people and buy his singles you knw he is a great singer.

The only reason why so many people are defending him is because they know the truth about Rihanna. She beats his ass, and yet he gets all the backlash. AND HE TAKES IT. its weird how people can sit up here and BASH on him for what he did, and forget that he was getting the S--- beat outta him while he was driving. double standards, i swear. if a female was hitting you while you were driving, i'm pretty sure you would do the same. so stop acting like your a saint and that you would have done it different, cause if you were famous, your ass would be in the news too, while your girlfriends running around like the victim she's not. hate on what i say i really dont give a s---.

Don't even go there about the review being unbiased. We all know if nothing had happened, this would have been rated at least two stars. Granted, do I believe what he did was right? No, not in the least. A man should walk away from a woman, and never hit one. But he has apologized and asked for forgiveness. If she forgave him, that should be good enough.

How long do we punish someone before they are redeemed in our eyes? I agree with BreezyBaby, R. Kelly got a second chance, and what he did was MUCH more disgusting and atrocious than Chris Brown. Chris has not shown a pattern of domestic violence; Kelly has shown a pattern of child molestation. Chris Brown's not singing and writing about how great Jesus is then going home and beating women; Kelly sits and sings how Jesus saved him. Not only that, R. Kelly had a freaking tape of him molesting a girl! I think Chris Brown is in the music industry what Michael Vick was in the NFL; an example who is vilified for bad decisions and lack of judgement while others slide under the radar.

That said, Famous Girl would not have been taken so bad if they have just broken off their relationship, and is questionable under the circumstances being on the Graffiti album; however, since there is no way to know when the song was actually written, we can't say what intentions the song had.

All in all, it is a shame what happened, first being Rihanna getting hurt and Chris hurting her, second, a really good album being tanked becuase of a young man's past demons, and third, a mediocre album at best being pushed up because of what happened.

" I say it isn't biased, when Michael Jackson was accused for being a rapist, his album came out got great review and was nominated album of the year. When T.I. was pleaded guilty for possession of firearms he came out with the album Paper Trail talking about the issue and it got him great review with an album."

We're talking about THIS review sweety. Those reviews were written by different people not the same person who wrote this article. Review your thesis and correct you points. Ok? thanks!

Chris Brown already went to court went to trail and paid his dues. So what now? ya'll gonna spend ya'll whole live ranting because of that? What does that do for you at the end of the day to know you hurt a human life? Does that get you off at the end of the day? "Oh yeah I SURELY showed Chris Brown today." Is that something you tell your friends? Your Kids? Move on, live life. So what he made a mistake GROW UP. I'm still buying his album because you know why? People really need to move on with there lives because he has a chance to be happy just like we all do.

Wow!! I think you should really loose your Job at this, straight up Bias. Whoever the Boss is Higher Me.

Chris Brown's New Album Graffiti is a cross between Some of his older Material and Michael Jackson's Bad record. The tone of this album is more experimental between the Guitar Sounds of "Falling Down", The basic pop Drum Beats of "Famous Girl" and a sure to be R&B hit "Take My Time". Another Song one of my favorite's on the CD "I'LL Go" Has a nice Mainstream pop sound to it. I don't really fall for the mainstream stuff but this guitar, Piano, Drums Song is straight FIRE!

It Does have its downs, not necessarily a bad song but not what you would expect, maybe need to grow on you. Songs like:

"I.Y.A" will take you back to an 80 type feeling and want to go out to a Disco or something lol, but overall it is a good song. "Pass Out" will take you into ounce again another Techno Type Song by Chris Brown, not my forte! "Wait" ok now you got Chris Brown and Trey Songz on the same song, I know what your thinking that song is gonna be song of the year right? no far from instead of singing to a soft melody they speed it up and make a club banger and throw The Game in on it. It will bang in the clubs by the way.

Overall this CD is Good and you can tell how he is growing in his music. I say more of a 3 Out of 4 Stars is about right for this Album. O and By The Way He will Sell.

@ Robert. I applaud men who despise domestic violence and violence against woman period. We need more men like this in the world. However I am not with the people who think Rihanna deserved to be hit whether or not she was beating him up. He should have just run away. Testosterone versus Estrogen is never a fair or equal fight. I think that you and many other people are trying him based on the history of men that abuse women and not trying him for the crime he committed. It was his first act of violence towards a woman and it was in the midst of a fight. Rihanna is no punk and while their are hoards of woman who allow men to hit them there is this other group especially popular amongst black women and island woman that are the perpetrators of violence against the man. We know this and live this. We can look at Chris Brown and see he's a punk and a cheat but not a serial woman beater.

Some women are not victims. He should have taken the tiger woods route and run when confronted about his affair with the woman who sent the text message and taken his lumps like a man. At 19 he was not experienced enough in relationships and was probably was being degraded and berated during the assault and again he should not have hit her back. I think he has more than learned his lesson at this point and people like yourself who may not have seen what the other side is like with aggressive dominating female counterparts cannot separate the two and don't even understand that this other side exist. You are equating him to the kind of guys that are monsters who control and abuse their so's.

I have many friends and relatives that are female who hit their significant others with video tapes, slaps, keys etc and have driven the nicest guys to wanting to hit. Woman like this don't ever really expect the man to fight back because it would not be a fair fight. They don't feel the man is hurt or afraid of because they have hand problems sometimes. I would never ever give Chris Brown a pass if I thought he was that dude.

This review is spot-on! The album is garbage and I wouldn't even use it to wipe my arse. Chris Brown is dead.



When MJ died, Thriller became the highest selling album of all time, despite the allegations. This is ludicrous and bias. This publication has lost all credibility for me and I am going to make it my personal mission to make sure that no one in my circle ever has to read anything this ludicrous ever again.

We let people like Woody Allen or Roman Polanski get by, but CB is getting hit. I don't condone what he did, but the kid fucked up. Keep that in mind. He is just a dumb kid who messed up and should have know better. He has payed his dues, made his peace with God, and sought counciling. Bashing his album (which is really solid by the way) doesn't help him grow past this incident to become a role model for young men to not fall into domestic violence. All it will do is hinder him. We need to judge him as an artist, and leave the judgement of his person up to God.

you gave his cd 1 star cause you think ONE song is a sorry excuse for domestic violence. THAT is a sorry excuse for a review.

@ Robert, @ Taki, I'm against domestic violence as well and im not condoning to Chris did, but yall should really forgive for what he did. I mean I did why cant yall? and to Jamie, STFU. RIhanna is dead. S---, her album didnt sell as much either.

I mean god leee poeple stop f---in cryin. You have your poeple that like the album and the poeple that dont like it. ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. god, poeple take s--- so close to heart that they get all worked up over nothing. You say this review is biased, F---THIS REVIEW and go look at another one. Continue to buy the album, I pre ordered it. I heard the leak online. Liked the album. His album is just a sign that Chris Brown needs a break from all this. He really does. GIVE BOTH CHRIS BROWN AND RIHANNA A F---IN BREAK!!!! find something better to do with your lives!!!

LOL at the Chris Brown streetteam descending on negative reviews like a bunch of ninjas.

This review would only be "biased" if Chris Brown beat Jim Derogatis's wife or did something to him personally. But Dero has no conflict of interest here and is just telling it like it is. This an album where the artist clearly acknowledges the controversy surrounding him but uses the opportunity to dodge responsibility and take advantage of his immature and mindlessly devoted fans. Brown's relationship to Rhianna matters in the context of the album. Rhianna's album is worth mentioning as they're both examples of artists trying to deal with personal troubles in their work. Everyone wants to give Brown the benefit of the doubt because "he's just a kid." Sorry, but he's 20 years old, and if he can't take the heat then there's clearly nothing beneath his flashy exterior.

But go ahead and tell me I'm a biased hater in whatever awful form of English you all seem content using.

Biased, how come your reviewing this before its even released anyway? This is just a review about how much you hate Chris Brown.

F--- me this is the most retarded review I've ever come across.

terrible review... stop sharting in your jorts jimdero.....

I don't get it. This happened almost a year ago, and we are still on this situation. Yes, I am a Chris Brown fan and always will be. Because from day one I enjoyed him because of his talent and not his actions. What he did was very wrong, and there is no excuse for it. This world and our society is based solely off of opinions. It's hard but we do have to face the fact that everyone is not going to feel the same as others do. What I don't understand is that we don't take into account that were are human beings. I am unbiased when it comes to this situation, but I do have my own thoughts and ideas, as well as others. Does it seem as if Rihanna is putting up an act?? Who knows. Same thing goes for Chris as well. We just have to face the simple fact that it's best to forgive but don't exactly forget. I am not trying to compare Chris Brown to Michael Jackson in anyway shape or form to anger anyone, but the incidents that have occurred between these two phenomenal artists seems the same. Michael (God rest his soul)was accused of child molestation on top of many other things and we shunned him for it. But what did we do in the end....We welcomed back the late King of Pop in with open arms. We took into the account that he has made prolific music that makes us scream, dance and shout. I am only 19 years old and he was a great influence in my life. As for Chris Brown, I feel as if he provides the same qualities for my generation. The thoughts on Chris have been very negative lately and I feel for him. I feel for Rihanna as well because this is something she is going to have to live with for the rest of her life just as much as him. I just wish that all of us would just come together to face the music and not the man. He is learning and so is she. I wish both of them the best in their careers, because they are both good artists and it would suck if what made them who they are today would go down the drain because of the situation that took place.

Peace & Love Everybody,

Ohh lol. I do own Rihanna's album and I have listened to Chris'. I will be purchasing his as well. They both sound pretty good to me. But this is only an opinion coming from a young man. I'm still growing too so don't hurt me to much for what I've said haha.

I think was a great, well written review.

This album is garbage, nothing more and nothing less.

I'm glad to see there are quite a few balanced comments here regarding the "incident" and regarding the problems with this review. It is wrong to review the album based on some holier-than-thou judgements of Chris Brown's behavior, and over-analysis of motives behind the lyrics. Its disgusting to me that you (and others) CATAGORIZE him as a "reprehensible human being" for losing his temper (badly) in a fight with his aggressive girlfriend.

That said, I can't see how your deeply negative opinion of ChrisBrown-the-person would NOT get in the way of your doing a fair review. Further, I don't have much respect for white middle-age(male)critics reviewing black urban music. Its two worlds. Hey, I don't pay much attention to music reviews anyway - ya like what ya like - its ALL just personal taste. I love Chris Brown's music, you can say you don't. End of story. No need for analysis.

And for Breezy - I don't think what he did makes him a "reprehensible human being." From all else I know (from following him on-line for a long time) I think he is a good, sweet, and humble young man, very aware now of his imperfections. And God yes, let the kid feel sorry for himself - half the world has now labeled him a jerk (usually they don't go far as "reprehensible"). How the hell would YOU feel??

everyone needs to get a life...stop picking on him...he made a dope album...stop knocking him for what he did he did his time and trying to move on...this is sooo f%$^ stupid

i dont see the point on giving him a 1 out of 4

thats b#$#@$ s@#$ to the fullest

you cant ell me that none of thoses songs a toe tapping material...

no matter how much you hate him,,u have to find at least 8 out of the 20 songs you abosolute love

i personal love a 20 :)

Hahahah it's funny. See he talked about the song Famous Girl and said it was what it was and didnt reveal anything. I listened to the CD and while some things are questionable I really like his new approach. Nobody knows who the song is about, and he might've wrote it to get this exact response. People cant learn to forgive nowadays...This review is biased in my opinion because it doesnt talk about his style of anything, just accusations about him blaming it on Rihanna because of course that's what everyone wants to think, had these events not happened and Graffiti was realeased with the same songs I bet this CD would get a MUCH higher rating. I dont think CB's fanclub had just piled up here, I think people can just tell good music when they hear it, and critics are always saying bad stuff about things I like anyway. Someone said MJ and TI had fellonies and had great reviews...well, MJ was ACCUSED and TI just had weapons. Chris Brown was charged with assault. It's different. I hate how ignorant and horrible people are for still not forgiving him or giving him a chance. He's clearly frustrated, and asks what does he have to do to win his public back? Yet people still spit back in his face. John Lennon was a woman beater, did anyone bash him? Call him names? Give him biased reviews? No. I dont think they did. Forgive and Forget people. It's in the Bible. You guys say it as if he randomly decided to beat her up. Don't you guys think it was provoked? At all? Just leave him alone. If you're too blind to forgive, just leave him alone.

Wow haha, it's so funny how the media picks up on these things.


this would get 0 news in an arab country.


You sound like a complete media TOOL! I am enjoying Graffiti even as I respond to your disgusting non-professional assessment of 1 of 2009/2010's best CD's! I have never seen you so-called adults go after a kid as you have Chris Brown. This kid had 1 fight with 1 person he did not KILL anyone or RAPE a man, woman or child so move the hell on already. This fake love & concern that you feminists and metrosexual males are displaying is simply nausiating! And have you listened to the words to "Famous Girl"? He says that she and he were both famous for breaking hearts not just her. Wow a music critic huh? Well critic before you cut and paste a review from some other jackass maybe you should be professional and listen to the CD yourself!

If you want to whine and complain about abuse against woman lets try going after the careers of a few adult males like: Eminem, beat wife Kim Mathews & drop a critically aclaimed CD 2009. Charlie Sheen beat privous wife & just pulled a knife on wife on X-mas day 2009 has yet to miss a day of 2 1/2 men. Rob Lowe had an orgy with a 16 yr old girl but didn't he look handsome giving the award to Alec Baldwin a few month ago. Toby Keith has beaten men, women & children yet is country music's man of the year 2009, Tom Sizemore just had a 2nd abusive fight w/his wife. Tommy Lee beat Pamala Anderson 22 times no one ever refused to review a Motley Crew CD & didn't he look well on MTV cribs Dec 09 show? How about Sean Penn who beat 2 wives 1 being Madonna; how about that Goden Globe Award 2009 for his role in "Milk". Sean Connary was honored in 2009 with a Life Time Achievement Award although he has beaten several women. Steven Segal beat the hell out of wife Kelly Lebrock on a film set but is now staring on an A&E TV series! Let's not forget my favorite, Mickey Rourke the 2009 Oscar Winner for Best Male. We all know he beat his lovely Wife Carrie Otis for 2 1/2 yrs. I find it interesting that known of you adults can find the time to assail the careers of these adult males. You ppl are SICKENING!

lmao! classic review.

This is some stupid shit!!! the person who wrote this review was obviously just thinking about chris browns issues in the last year not reviewing the album @ all. YES he might be referring to rihanna in some of the songs but if that helps him move on with her career then so be! So many fans have been supporting him and all his music because it is AMAZING we all know what he did was wrong but its not always about what the artist did in the past its what he is doing in the present. he is preforming amazing concert, charities and TRIBUTES!!!! So really we all need to live in the present and repect the artist that are making amazing music CHRIS BROWN!!!!!!

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