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Demo2DeRo: Jesse Palter & the Alter Ego

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It's hard to ignore a pitch like, "Think pop like Coca-Cola, think raw fun like Ecstasy, think catchy like a lacrosse stick," if only because you want to counter, "No way this band is going to sound like that much fun!" But sure enough, Jesse Palter & the Alter Ego deliver on those promises with a strong four-song EP currently streaming on the Web at and

Vocalist Jesse Palter and multi-instrumentalist Sam Barsh began their collaboration in 2006. Both had enviable reputations in the jazz world--Palter was named "Outstanding Jazz Vocalist" for three years in a row at the Detroit Music Awards before moving to Chicago, while Barsh has played with names such as Cassandra Wilson, Bobby McFerrin and the Brand New Heavies--but the goal of the Alter Ego was to bring their considerable chops to the often simplistic genre of dance-pop, creating irresistible hooks and undeniable grooves that are as smart and sophisticated as they are silly good-time fun.

In other words, Lady Gaga, watch out! (The band recently played Martyr's; watch its Web sites for other upcoming gigs.)

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wow. thanks for introducing me to jesse palter! she has the total package. these songs will not be leaving my rotation for a lonnngggg time.

I love Jesse! The next big thing for sure!!!!

WOW!!! THANKS FOR THE INTRODUCTION! This is a band I will surely watch and listen for! They are right on!

Jesse Palter is a phenomenal performer. Jesse and the Alter Ego make fantastic music. Don't miss them live.

Love Jesse's music! Great voice, fun songs, cool vibe.

Could listen to their music all day long. Jesse's voice is unforgetable and Sam Barsh on the key board is remarkable.

Jesse and Sam are two great artists, each with their own repetoire and style. I strongly recommend checking out the stuff they've done independently. Then listen to their collaboration as Jesse Palter and the Alter Ego and you will get to enjoy a great mix of jazz and pop. Sam excells at exuberant, catchy jazz riffs and Jesse can belt out a standard like nobody's business. Surf their respective won't be sorry!!

these two are truly amazing...had the opportunity seeing them several weeks ago.

Fantastic groove! These two are THE next big thing.

Doesn't get any better than this. The look, the sound, the vibe - and it has a much more HONEST quality than lady gaga. Great review and great music. Thanks for the introduction.

Jesse is the veritable ish.

Sometimes when 2 strong performers get together, they seem like they both want center stage. With Barsh and Palter, they blend together perfectly, giving and taking to each other's skills. The end result is a group even stronger than its already strong parts. I love the sound!

Seen Jessie and Sam a few times. No offense Sam, Jesse is cuter. She is the real deal. Hopefully her break will come sooner rather than later, but rest assured, if she hangs in their, she will make it. Great voice, great presentation. Sam oozes with talent. these are people to watch and say, " I knew them when".

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