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Bon Jovi at Soldier Field, July 30

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Coming on the heels of U2's announcement of a return engagement to the giant toilet bowl on Lake Michigan that once was this city's grand and noble Soldier Field, New Jersey hair-hoppers gone country-popsters Bon Jovi have announced that they, too, will play the venue next summer, on July 30, under the auspices of the second biggest national concert promoters, AEG Live.

(The Austin, TX, promoters behind Lollapalooza, C3 Presents, won a deal with the city to bring more entertainment to Soldier Field more than a year ago, but they have as yet done nothing with it. That, however, is another story.)

Bon Jovi tickets go on sale Monday, Nov. 16, at 10 a.m. through, (312) 559-1212. Regular ticket prices were not announced. There also are VIP and Fan Club packages available starting at 9 p.m. tonight through

So, you ask, isn't it odd for next year's big summer concerts to be coming on sale before Chicago has even seen the first snow of this season? What's up with that?

Well, you buy your ticket and you pay your money now (plus egregious Ticketmaster service fees, of course), and your hard-earned cash sits for 9 months in the bank accounts of the promoters, the bands and the ticket sellers, accruing interest that might otherwise have gone into your bank account.

Better Jon Bon Jovi and Bono eke out a few more dollars than their fans keep that money, right? Because they really need it for the mortgages on their third or fourth vacation homes, no doubt.

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I've been scratching my head about the weird many months gap between sales and show for U2, and I'm surprised your take on that didn't occur to me. Thanks.

Bon Jovi performing in a toilet bowl.

Sounds about right.


Bon Jovi is also set to play Detroit at the Palace of Auburn Hills on 3/17/10.
Tickets go on sale November 9th at 10am and are available at
Hope that helps some of the Bon Jovi fan's out there itching to see him before the summer.


Look out for C3 Chicago, these rich boys (little men with little mens syndrome) sold out their own town austin and have got their eye on Chicago. All they wanted Soldiers Fields for was the olympics. Now that it isn't happening, nothing with go down there but s--- shows like bj.

I've been a huge Bon Jovi fan all of my life. I got lucky enough to see them on their "Have a Nice Day Tour". I just took a listen to the gangs new single "We Weren't Born To Follow". I immediately fell in love with it. If you haven't already heard the song check it out on youtube. I've already got my ticket to see Bon Jovi and friends at the Palace in Detroit. Who's coming with me!

Ticketmaster's phone number is 800-745-3000, not 312-559-1212.

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