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Not much info for concertgoers heading to U2 this weekend

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In response to numerous emails from readers about how the general admission system will work when U2 performs at Soldier Field Saturday and Sunday for the start of its North American tour, I asked the local office of national concert promoters Live Nation about the details so fans can be better prepared when they arrive at the venue. Their response:

Doors -- 5:00 pm; [openers] Snow Patrol -- 7:00 pm. This is all the info the tour is releasing.

Oh, well; we'll find out when we get there. Thanks, Bono!

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Stop whining Rogatis,you big baby...floor tickets were only $55..people will find out when they get there and thats enough info or most...commonm sense says get there early and when the doors open at 5pm you'll be near the stage

I saw them in the General Admission section at the Philips Arena in Atlanta on the last tour. If it's anything like that, all I can say is to get there as early as you can! There was a regulation of some sort mandating that fans couldn't line up any earlier than 9am... but, when I got there a little after 10, there were tents on the sidewalk, and a few people simply passed out in sleeping bags, presumably from the previous night (I went to the second night). Two gals at the front of the line had a marker, and were writing whatever number-place you were in line on your hand. My best friend and I were numbers 117 and 118, if I recall right...

So, again, all I can suggest is to get there early! I managed to be but two people back from the b-side ramp--the ellipse, or whatever the hell they called it---on the left side! The LONG wait in the cold (this was mid-November) was WELL worth it! Tailgating all day with fellow U2 fans!

there was some information posted on U2's web site - it said its first come first serve with respect to the inner circle also contacted the venue via email- no camping out , lineup for GA starts at 7:00 am...near Gate 0 (south end of stadium) although i heard a few overzealous people were lining up already and established a numbering system- ridciulous.

Mr. DeRogatis,

Spare us your snide "thanks Bono" remarks.

It is a band, and is not run by Bono. He is just one member of the band. In fact, he did not start it.

Your frequent attempts to always find something to bash Bono about, are becoming tiresome, and they make you come across like some disgruntled, Mom's basement dwelling, dweeb.

It would be wise not to cross St. Bono.

Hi all,

Now that the two fantastic shows have come and gone, can anyone pass on the info about how the GA line worked at Chicago? Is there a lottery in North America for the 360 Tour like there was for Vertigo?!

Thanks much!
Enjoy the Show!

-- Paul

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