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Major bummer: Ida Maria cancels Metro gig

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Contrary to my column in the Sun-Times today -- posted on this blog earlier -- Ida Maria will not perform at Metro Saturday night, according to promoters Jam Productions.

The Norwegian punk-rocker was headlining the Perez Hilton Tour, a rather pathetic hypefest pegged to the oddly-coiffed, gutter-minded Internet gossip's alleged ability to pick "hot new pop acts," and according to Idolator, which usually has very good insight into these sorts of things, Ida Maria was disgusted by poor attendance at the Boston show, had a mini-meltdown onstage and then pulled out of the tour. (Read all about it -- and see the video -- here.)

If the singer and songwriter proved anything onstage at Lollapalooza here last month, it's that she is not a woman to be trifled with, so I wouldn't expect she'd take much crap from Perez or anyone else. The truly dreadful Natalie Portman's Shaved Head has been tapped to replace Ida Maria on the Hilton bill, and it will appear with Ladyhawke, Semi Precious Weapons and Sliimy tomorrow night [Saturday] at 7:30 p.m.

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It seems she just wants to be a star. She won't work hard for 250 fans; it's not worth her effort (she probably doesn't enjoy playing music, just being the center of attention -- if the audience is big enough). Forget her. There are lots of talented people who play for the joy of it & are thrilled by any size crowd.

Boston said she was aweful on stage and having a hard time singing. Then she didn't show up at all in New York... I have requested a refund from Such a bummer!! Iggy Pop has recorded some verses where he replaces Ida Maria on Oh My God and released the track. His scream at the end in combination with her scream is really cool!! She played the Bottom Lounge earlier this year...not a big place. Maybe it is a rock n roll "illness."

Bringing on NPSH = major win for those lucky enough to attend. If you want soap opera follow Ida outta here. If you want music that makes you dance and have fun, spend some quality time with NPSH. I saw them in Chicago when they first started out and they blew me away with their live show and powerful sound. Sure Perez is a media whore but the queen knows how to throw a party.

she cancelled bottom lounge, never played

I'ts easy to take shots at Perez, but everyone else suspects it was Maria taking too many shots internally. Pros don't walk off stages just because they had words with the producer. She's been having probs elsewhere on the tour.. too bad, but they are most likely her own..MEANWHILE.. Chicago gets NPSH again! We loved them last time.. Don't miss this one!

Jim, you're not relevant anymore. Kids like NPSH. Don't inflict your bitterness on what you write. Your time has come and gone, let the kids dig what they dig. No over 50 rock snob like yourself is going to a Perez Hilton show anyway.

...actually, almost no one is paying to see these shows. Venues are giving tickets away, Chicago included. I deleted the email with my unsolicited free ticket offer before coming here. I'm not commenting on the relevancy of the acts, just stating a fact. I'm also not taking shots at Perez because it's easy, but because he's clearly out of his league in trying to promote talent. I find his skewering of deserving pop culture targets amusing. He's good at it. It's cowardly to make fun of artists/promoters for terrible ticket sales and ignore his own similar failure.

I went to the betsy johnson fashion show for nyc fashion week. Ida Maria was the guest band playing while the models danced in the non traditional fashion show. A couple of people i know told ida how great she was but she was less then enthused that they came up to her. I think shes just pissed that shes a fugly fat girl in real life then her album cover shows her off as. the next night we went to ladyhawke and ida maria at the fillmore irving plaza where she had cancelled. Little Boots and Kat Deluna were more entertaining then ida even if shes talented.

Living in the Present wrote:
Kids like NPSH. Don't inflict your bitterness on what you write. Your time has come and gone, let the kids dig what they dig.

Over my lifetime, the "kids" have liked New Kids on the Block, the Backstreet Boys, Limp Bizkit, and Miley Cyrus. None of them have had any palpable talent to speak of, yet the kids have dug them.

My point is, who gives a damn what the kids like? Everyone is welcome to like what they want. But the fact that "Kids like NPSH" doesn't add anything to the fact that their music still sucks to, shall we say, the more refined ear.

Does that make me a music snob? Maybe. But I'm much more interested in a band I actually find good rather than a band that I can't stand but kids like. I'll stick with my own ear rather than Perez Hilton's.

i never saw Ida live but she is fantastic. whatever that video was in Boston who knows what was going on. she could have had the hollywood flue on friday--maybe it was a lousy deal for her or maybe she was too buzzed. in any case, we'll find out sometime. but one thing's for sure. Natalie Portman's Shaved Head was absolutely fantastic! They were tired after a breakdown on the road, and ida canceling made it a half empty house. but they won everybody over and then some. it was a very strong show from all the bands that night even without ida, but the Shaved Head went that extra mile. i was impressed and i can be more cynical than, jim they were definately NOT dreadful. when's the last time you saw them?

vyto b wrote:
Natalie Portman's Shaved Head was absolutely fantastic! They were tired after a breakdown on the road, and ida canceling made it a half empty house.

Hey, Vyto, I'm glad you enjoyed them. I'm not a fan, but if they made you a fan, more power to you and to them.

But let's clear up one big misconception here. Ida Maria might be steadily gaining steam, but she's not exactly mainstream, or even a big name on the indie circuit. It's not because of her cancellation that the show was half-empty. Nobody cares about this tour because Perez Hilton has done an absolutely horrendous job promoting and organizing it. In fact, the most publicity this tour has gotten was because of Ida Maria's cancellation.

So let's not get crazy here. Sure, it would've been great if Ida had played, and she might've turned on a few new fans. But the idea that it's because of her cancellation that the show wasn't even half-full is absurd.

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